July 24, 2020

July 24, 2020

On Friday’s Mark Levin Show, the media is pushing polling but doesn’t realize that citizens across America see this election as a battle for the soul of America, for one’s way of life, and the future of families across the country. Those that hate America expect Americans to sit still while a virus is politicized, history is erased, and a cognitively-impaired candidate runs for office. All of America’s enemies are rooting for the Democrats. If Republicans lose the Senate or worse the White House, the republic will be irreparably harmed. Then, President Reagan’s inaugural speech reminds us that a price has been paid for our freedom. Reagan reminds Americans that no arsenal can beat the resolve of free people and that peace is the citizen’s highest aspiration. America is still the America that fought and won wars in the name of liberty, and Americans will be damned before they surrender to a bunch of Marxists. Later, former Westchester County Executive and State Senate candidate, Rob Astorino, joins the show to explain how the Democrats are pursuing the nationalization of local zoning boards and housing decisions by suing suburban towns with civil rights lawsuits. This will allow the left to take over local schools, parks, streets, and transportation; choices that individual communities currently make on their own. Their goal is to eliminate single-family homes in exchange for multi-unit dwellings and public housing. Afterward, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio chooses BLM over any other cause. Meanwhile, Dr. Anthont Fauci doesn’t wear a mask or social distance while he attended the baseball game in New York. Plus, House Republicans have called for the name of the Democrat Party to be canceled due to its racist origins.


A Note to Readers

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