Unfortunately, even at a time like this, when the American people are dealing with a pandemic the likes of which we’ve never seen, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer are constantly trying to divide the nation and mislead the public with outrageous and absurd statements. So, I must briefly respond:

The president has led a national effort involving public and private sector experts, scientists, medical professionals, pharmaceutical companies, labs, private corporations, and public health institutions – that is, the best and the brightest throughout the country from all areas of our society — in a massive, coordinated response to what is a once-in-a-century pandemic. Without going through every step, he immediately stopped travel from the source of the virus, China, to reduce the spread of the virus in our country; soon thereafter, he followed up with travel limits from the European Union countries as well, since the virus was spreading quickly there. He empaneled a top-level blue-ribbon task force, led by the vice president, to get as much information as possible and provide as much information as possible to every level and part of the private sector and governmental entities and the public. As soon as they had good information and solid advice to give the public, they did.

The president held scores of meetings with private sector and government experts, with governors and mayors, and many others, to determine what was needed, how to help fill gaps in care, increase resources, increase the provision of medical equipment such as ventilators, respirators, masks and other PPEs, hospital beds, etc., to assist governors who were unprepared for the pandemic. He ordered the reallocation of military assets, so temporary medical facilities and thousands of beds, serviced by thousands of military personnel, would be available to assist throughout the country. As you know, he even moved our two medical Navy ships to New York and Los Angeles.

In addition, President Trump met with top experts in and out of government, as well as technology, pharmaceutical and laboratory executives, to come up with new, fast, and accurate tests to determine who had the virus and how best to treat them. Now, we are testing millions and millions of people, where before we had no useful tests. The president pressed for expedited research and production of therapies and vaccines – a process that usually takes a very long time, but will be truncated in dealing with this virus. I cut red-tape and regulations to expedite the entire process and increase efficiencies. And when necessary, he triggered the defense production act to quickly turn around assembly lines that were either idle or producing other goods to help address shortages of medical supplies.

Now, this is obviously a short explanation. But it’s necessary given the dishonest rhetoric of the Democrats, who are exploiting this pandemic for political gain.

What have the Democrats done under the leadership of Biden, Pelosi, and Schumer? They’ve done nothing. In fact, the House Democrats went home. Biden hid in his basement, from where he issues press releases drafted by his staff.

Biden has said he would nationalize private industries. Which industries would he nationalize, which federal bureaucracy would run these industries, who are the bureaucrats who’d be in charge, and to what end? The federal bureaucracy has no expertise undertaking production and running assembly lines. This is the problem when, as with Biden, you have absolutely no real-world experience and have spent over 44 years as a Washington politician.

Biden says the federal government should mandate that every person wear a mask. Of course, Biden doesn’t mention how he intends to circumvent the Constitution to enforce his dictate. And will he arrest people and send them to prison if they don’t comply? Or just fine them? Since his party seeks to defund police departments throughout the country, you have to wonder how Biden intends to accomplish his unconstitutional edict. And what will Biden do if people resist?

Of course, the president has been encouraging people to wear masks, as has everyone in his administration, for months. So, too, have governors and mayor and health experts. And now we actually have enough masks for everyone to wear them. Biden was vice president for 8 years. And he left the feds with virtually no masks for the general public’s use.

As best I can tell, this is Biden’s prescription for defeating the virus. The truth is, despite decades in Washington, Biden, Pelosi, and Schumer did absolutely nothing to prepare our country for a pandemic of this kind. There was no effective planning, no effective oversight, no effective legislation, no effective budgeting, and no effective educating of the public. President Trump arrived in Washington a few short years ago, and since the outbreak of the pandemic, his administration had to build the entire response from the bottom up – without any help from Biden, Pelosi or Schumer. In fact, all they did and still do is attack, attack, and attack. Even now, they cannot and will not unite against this plague.

Meanwhile, as governors decide to open their economies, with some opening them at a different speed then others, and with President Trump’s strong encouragement and even pressure, the economy is clearly rebounding. Today’s jobs reports is extremely strong. Nearly 5 million jobs created, a historic record! But Biden cannot decide what he believes. He runs campaign ads saying out of one side of his mouth that he economy is opening too quickly, and, out of the other side of his mouth, that the Trump administration is responsible for the increased unemployment due to the economy opening slowly. Clearly, if Biden had his way, the economy would be closed, there would be tens of millions more unemployed, tens of thousands more businesses shutdown, and tens of millions more Americans unemployed. At the same time, Biden would be making little or no progress in fighting the virus because of the mindboggling dislocations and inefficiencies he would have created from nationalizing industries neither he, his staff, nor bureaucrats can run, and his early opposition to stopping travel from China would have caused the virus to spread in our country even faster and more broadly. Thus, we’d have the worst of all worlds — a dead economy and more dead fellow citizens.

Even on those rare occasions when Biden can speak in complete sentences, he reveals himself as a complete disaster — par for his nearly 50-year career as a Washington insider.