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June 29, 2020

June 29, 2020

On Monday’s Mark Levin Show, Big cities, big corporations, and Hollywood are controlled mostly by the Democrats. If there is systemic racism in America it’s at this level where the Democrats have all the control. Then, the biggest fraud of them all is wealthy left-wing individuals both white and black. These hypocrites don’t even live in the very communities that they claim to care so much about. Why not? Is it because they are racist? No! It’s because these neighborhoods are crime-infested and have failing schools. Athletes want to live in gated communities and wear social statements on their uniforms, which is a right that comes from the very Constitution that protects their right to protest. Afterward, renowned Economist, Dr. Thomas Sowell, joins the show to discuss his new book “Charter Schools and Their Enemies.” Sowell highlights the roadblocks preventing low-income minority students from accessing educational equality.


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NBA players will be allowed to put social justice statements on the back of their jerseys, per report

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Supreme Court strikes down Louisiana abortion restrictions

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Ken Burns: Our monuments are representations of myth, not fact

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Nancy Pelosi forgets George Floyd’s name while telling reporters she’s honoring his name

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