Anarchy, destruction, lawlessness.

THIS is the “block party” the Seattle mayor is referring to (see link). Anarchy, destruction, lawlessness. And it is very important to underscore that this is happening under a Democrat mayor, a Democrat governor, and without any condemnation from national Democrat Party leaders, including Joe Biden. I see the same thing is beginning to take place in Nashville under the Democrat mayor. The Republican governor has said he won’t allow it, but I’ve seen nothing from him thus far to suggest otherwise. I hope I am wrong. Furthermore, the Democrat Party-media are enjoying all the chaos and “peaceful protests,” as they continue to fan the flames of hate and anarchy from the comfort of their own basements in well-to-do neighborhoods in and around Washington, DC and New York City; regurgitate the Democrat Party-line; and, look for a way to pin it all on President Trump. Their immediate imperative is to defeat Trump, who they’ve been hunting for several years, elect Biden, sweep the Democrats into the Senate, and hold the House. This way THEIR party will rule supreme, without any checks and balances, and they will have a clear path to imposing their will on the country and tens of millions of us.