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The president is CORRECT

The president is CORRECT. These governors need to protect the citizens, cities, churches, neighborhoods, and shops in their states. That is their #1 responsibility. And many of them have failed miserably. And the people pay the steep price. The president’s direct admonition to them is right. He should be saluted for his blunt talk and demands of them. But, of course, the media propagandists are troubled or whatever, and attack him more than they attack the rioters, looters, and arsonists. Meanwhile, the national Democrats are AWOL. They’ve turned their backs on lawful, innocent citizens in this communities. Appalling. Obama issued a statement denouncing the violence and encouraging peaceful protests, and yet he urges people to vote. To vote? Who the hell does he think runs these cities and states — Democrats. Most of them are under one-party Democrat rule. And last time I checked, he and Biden ran the federal government for 8 years. They take no responsibility for any of their inattention to the African-American communities, their opposition to school choice and enterprise zones, and the failure of their progressive policies.