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May 13, 2020

May 13, 2020

On Wednesday’s Mark Levin Show, Joe Biden is Corrupt. Whether it’s due to dealings with his son in Ukraine or his brother in China. When asked what he knew, Biden pretended he knew nothing of the January 5, 2017 meeting regarding the unmasking and investigation of Michael Flynn. Judge Emmett Sullivan has taken a step too far in partisanship threatening to hold Flynn in criminal contempt. These amicus briefs make the case for a backdoor prosecution from the bench. Then, despite the lies from the media, the truth is getting out, that Barack Obama, Biden and others misused law enforcement to spy on Trump and then to fraudulently try and remove him from office. The same day that Biden requested that Flynn be ‘unmasked’ Flynn’s name was leaked to columnist David Ignatius of the Washington Post. Biden is one of 16 individuals from the Obama Administration that requested that Flynn’s identity be unmasked from routine surveillance by the NSA. The number of people is unprecedented and it all started with their backdoor surveillance of Trump campaign staffer Carter Page which violated due process. When these attempts to derail Trump failed they sent James Comey in to threaten him with the phony dossier. That failed, so then came special counsel Robert Mueller to set the stage for their next attempt at unseating Trump — impeachment. Later, America sat and watched tyranny unfold during the Obama administration, and the Democrat party and the media followed suit, fascistically. Similarly, blue state governors want to shut down the economy to defeat Trump.


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Biden and other Obama officials received ‘unmasking’ information on Michael Flynn, declassified records show

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Judge in Flynn case eyeing possible contempt charge for perjury

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Flynn judge just appointed Clinton judge to argue AGAINST dropping case against Flynn [UPDATE: THERE’S MORE]

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