April 2, 2020

April 2, 2020

On Thursday’s Mark Levin show, The government can’t replace the free market. It’s been tried in Venezuela and other places and it doesn’t work. Not everyone can stay home if they did there would be no food on our tables, no medications in our pharmacies, and no supplies in our hospitals. Grocery chains, e-commerce, and home delivery services are thriving, but small banks, restaurants, bars and many small businesses have been ordered to shut down by the governors of their states. The federal government must place equal focus on the economy as it has in the healthcare sector. By giving the Federal Reserve the ability to loan four trillion dollars as needed — this, in effect, gives the Fed control over the nation’s capital market. We must open up the economy because the federal government can’t use deficit spending to boost the economy. Then, individual state governors must re-open the economy and consider all employees to be essential (just like most government workers). Later, Democrats want to investigate President Trump’s handling of the Coronavirus. After, former US Senator Jim DeMint calls in to warn that we will not have the country that we want if we continue doing what the left wants.


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