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March 25, 2020

March 25, 2020

On Wednesday’s Mark Levin Show, Money is important but it’s not going to kill the coronavirus. This stimulus bill has the potential to create lasting problems in our economy. Businesses have been unfairly shut down by the government so the government must re-compensate them. However, incentivizing a workforce that relies on the government for four months rather than the free market comes dangerously close to complete socialism. Then, this is a serious illness despite the fascistic fake news reports designed to malign this program. The media is using the public’s fear to cover for Democrats who are exploiting this pandemic. Sneaking in unemployment benefits that cover 100% of someone’s salary for up to 4 months will incentivize more furloughs. Later, spending $6 trillion on various stimulus packages is nothing to brag about and nothing we should want to do except in the most emergent circumstances. Our focus should be on pausing the hiring of foreign employees and work visas. Afterward, many are upset with the stimulus bill because government spending has never been a real solution. That said this bill is to help distressed Americans that were impacted as the result of the government closing down businesses and effectively halting jobs to combat the coronavirus.


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