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February 17, 2020

February 17, 2020

On Monday’s Mark Levin Show, Judge Amy Berman Jackson should act as a judge instead of a special pleader for four rogue federal prosecutors seeking a steep prison sentence for Roger Stone, a long-time friend of the President of the United States. Even though Mark is not a fan of Stone, it doesn’t change the fact that Stone is getting screwed by a liberal activist in a black robe. Four line prosecutors blackmailed an interim U.S Attorney in order to pursue the charges they wanted and the heightened charges for his case. While Bill Barr was surprised by the unusually long sentencing recommendation by the four prosecutors he’s pointed out that his actions to review the case occurred well before President Trump tweeted his disdain for the case. What would the left do without a billionaire to fund their activism? After all, it was one of the eBay founders from “Protect Democracy” that funded a letter citing 1,100 former DOJ employees. Later, the American Oligarch, Mike Bloomberg has taken aim at farmers saying that it doesn’t take much brains to plant seeds in the ground. Bloomberg has already spent hundreds of millions of dollars on his campaign and hasn’t once stepped on the debate stage, this is all to protect his massive investment in China with his good friend Xi Jinping. Afterward, the Democrats are in love with their programs like police-state health care, in love with their big-government bureaucracies, but they’re not in love with you — this is a truly a sick party.


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