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From Fiona Hill’s opening statement

From Fiona Hill’s opening statement:

“A fictionally narrative that has been perpetrated and propagated by the Russia security services themselves …” and goes on to say that “some on this Committee [Rs] have been advancing this“ and “I would ask that you not promote politically-driven falsehoods that so clearly advance Russian interests.”

This morning, the media found this compelling. That said, it was Politico that broke the story of Ukrainian government interference in the 2016 election with a follow-up story in the New York Times. But the media, including now Politico and the New York Times, insist that the story has been disproven — without any investigative effort whatsoever. And now, they will cling to the testimony of a Bolton protege — Bolton who, of course, they used to have contempt for.

Meanwhile, the media pushed the fraudulent Russia collusion scam for years and helped cover-up evidence of the role of the Clinton campaign, DNC, Obama FBI and CIA, among others, in the scam. Indeed, the media led the way in the scam.