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On George Kent and Bill Taylor

Neither of these witnesses ever had a direct conversation with the president about Ukraine, but they’re more than happy to testify to what others supposedly thought, what others supposedly said, their policy preferences, the president’s “irregular” channel, etc. This might be ok for a Brookings Institute seminar, but is an abuse of process by the House Democrats and Schiff to use this pathetic and monotonous process to try to take out the president. I have never seen anything so preposterous. And this staged idiocy is the best the Democrats can do, even though it occurs AFTER the Democrats have been plotting for two months and have controlled the entire process.

So offended were Kent and Taylor by the president (his policies, decisions, surrogates, etc., etc.) that at NO TIME did either request a direct meeting with him (at least they’ve never said so). But so concerned about the Bidens’ quid pro quo was another State Department bureaucrat that he tried to meet with then-Vice President Biden but was prevented. The latter individual is not and will not be a witness during this sham hearing.

Frankly, Kent and Taylor are blowhards who believe they should set foreign policy, not the elected president. Their LONG opening statements certainly make that clear. They have desperately tried to serve Schiff’s narrative, but they failed. Now, Schiff and his slip-and-fall staff lawyer will proceed with leading questions.