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September 3, 2019

September 3, 2019

On Tuesday’s Mark Levin Show, All of the 2020 Democrat candidates that trash the Constitution and Bill of Rights should visit the National Archives and see them in person. Those offering free this and free that are using the hook of tyrants to lure people away from liberty needed to personally witness our founding documents. However, the left teaches that we are to hate our founding, the NY Times lies and says that the country was founded in 1619 on the basis of slavery. We now have a major political party, the Democrats, that have as their purpose to fundamentally transform America by ignoring and eliminating the Bill of Rights and our founding overall. Their latest quest is to abandon the Second Amendment in the name of compassion, but destroying our liberties is not the answer. Increasing punishment for violent criminals illegally using guns might be a start. Then, choosing to live in hurricane-prone areas is your responsibility, not the state, or federal government’s. Joe Bastardi calls in to give us the latest update on Hurricane Dorian. Later, Debra Messing wants to blacklist actors supporting President Trump’s Beverly Hills fundraiser. Afterward, an update on the wounded Police officer that confronted and stopped the Odessa Texas shooter.


Right Scoop
Desperate Beto promises gun confiscation if elected president

Daily Caller
Joe Biden Proposes Banning ‘Magazines That Can Hold Multiple Bullets’

Conservative Review
7 ways for conservatives to counter gun control with criminal control

American Thinker
CNN falsely pushes claims that ‘climate crisis is making hurricanes more dangerous’

CBS News
Debra Messing demands attendee list for Beverly Hills Trump fundraiser, president hits back

Washington Examiner
Book: Kavanaugh accuser’s attack ‘motivated’ by defending Roe v. Wade

Washington Examiner
Shameful: Trump Labor appointee forced to resign after Bloomberg portrays sarcastic Facebook post as anti-Semitic

CBS News
Another Possible Anti-Semitic Bias Attack Investigated In Brooklyn

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