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August 28, 2019

August 28, 2019

On Wednesday’s Mark Levin show, The media isn’t destroying themselves, the media has already destroyed itself. When you have journalists that are supposed to be objective and they take a firm political position against a candidate and then the President of the United States to sabotage his campaign in concert with partisans in the government, the media is already dead. When you have no way to police the media because libel laws no longer apply to public figures, as a result of the U.S Supreme Court case: the New York Times vs. Sullivan, our press is no longer vibrant and free. When you have Lawrence O’Donnell from MSNBC claiming to have confidential bank loan documents from the sitting President of the United States with connections to Russian oligarchs, and then claiming he made an error in judgment, our press is no longer vibrant and free. How does this serve the public? Remember, a free press was created to objectively and truthfully inform the American People. Then, the Inspector General’s report is scheduled to be released as soon as this week. The report is expected to reveal the nefarious nature of the investigators that targeted Trump in the collusion narrative. Later, the media should be all over Joe Biden’s brother and son for their questionable business dealings and the media has been noticeably absent. Lastly, Michael Pillsbury, author of “The Hundred-year Marathon: China’s Secret Strategy to Replace America As the Global Superpower” calls in to discuss President Trump’s China policy.


Washington Free Beacon
NBC News Can’t Confirm O’Donnell’s Bombshell Trump-Russia Report

Fox News
White House slams MSNBC for unverified report, says left-wing outlets have ‘weaponized’ the media

Washington Examiner
Poll: Public backs criticism of journalists, Trump’s attacks ‘appropriate’

Washington Examiner
Justice Department inspector general has done separate report on James Comey

Execs claim Biden’s brother offered Biden’s help promoting business venture

Washington Examiner
Former New York Fed president says central bankers should interfere with the 2020 election to oust Trump

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