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June 12, 2019

June 12, 2019

On Wednesday’s Mark Levin show, Democratic socialism is a fraud! Socialism is about the government having central control and has nothing to do with democracy. The left has to dress up socialism to make it palatable so they hide the truth of the food shortages and loss of freedom that come with socialism. Democratic socialists like Sen Bernie Sander talk a good game about Scandinavia, Nicaragua, and Moscow but has never once moved out of the capitalist United States. Sanders has only benefitted from capitalism despite being critical of it. Capitalism is the freest form of wealth distribution ever. The voluntary transfer of money based on one’s free will not a government mandate. People are rewarded by the free market for producing goods or services that are in demand. When the government takes away one’s wealth to redistribute it to another they aren’t creating wealth, they’re simply taking it and transferring it. Later, Don Lemon claims that CNN is not anti-Trump because one their reporters pressed Nancy Pelosi when she said she didn’t favor impeaching Trump. The real tough questions that Pelosi must be asked are how she came to be worth $100 million dollars while serving in Congress or why she uses fences around her property. Lemon and Jim Acosta don’t deal in facts, they deal in hyperbole. Afterward, Secretary Of State Mike Pompeo calls in to discuss the President’s recent victory on immigration policy with Mexico, in large part due to the threat of tariffs. Pompeo also said that China presents substantial challenges to the US.


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