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May 13, 2019

May 13, 2019

On Monday’s Mark Levin Show, Rep Rashida Tlaib is back in the public eye for making anti-Semitic comments suggesting a “one-state solution” and saying she gets a “calming feeling” when she reflects on the “tragedy of the Holocaust” and likened it to the “Palestinians losing their land and lives.” Flaunting her historical inaccuracy she also falsely claimed that Palestine gave a safe haven to Jews following the Holocaust. Tlaib should be expelled from the House for her poisonous hatred. Then, Rep Lee Zeldin took exception to Speaker Pelosi inviting a controversial Imam to give the opening prayer in the House. Later, RINO’s like Joe Scarborough are just there to parrot the Democrats ideology. NBC and CNN are tied for reporting the most negative coverage of Trump. Some reporters do admirable work but they are so few and far between. After, we support free trade but, not with the enemy like China. Iran has killed American soldiers, builds bombs, and is a sworn enemy of the US; then why would we have free trade with Iran? Lastly, Mark invites 60 minutes to interview him in his new book and challenges Jeff Zucker and Anderson Cooper to a debate. We must use free speech to take the press.


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Here’s why Rashida Tlaib’s latest remarks about the Holocaust are so offensive, and it’s NOT what some have been saying…

The Nazis, with the help of an Arab cleric, used Islamic extremists as a tool

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Rep. Lee Zeldin says Pelosi showed ‘bad judgment’ allowing anti-Israel imam to deliver House prayer

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Supreme Court rules iPhone users can sue Apple over App Store prices

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Obama judge mandates Spanish-language ballots, marketing, and assistance in Florida elections

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