November 21, 2017

November 21, 2017

Fox News / Getty Images / Spencer Platt

On Tuesday’s Mark Levin show, Life, Liberty, and Levin has a February 2018 start date on the Fox News channel hosted by Mark Levin. The hour-long program will feature in-depth and long-form interviews and powerful debate style with consequential guests covering history, philosophy, and economics. Of course, Politico takes this opportunity to pigeon hole Mark as someone who always supports President Trump’s ideas, which is not true. The writer, Jason Schwartz obviously has never listened to this show and has the facts wrong. The reporter just interviews and speaks with people who don’t know Mark or listen to him. The media seem to have it backwards because they believe in cults of personality. After that, John Conyers has been in Congress for almost half a century and is accused of sexual harassment. People are saying they didn’t know or hear of any sexual harassment or affairs by him. This is the code of silence in Congress because there’s no way that people in Congress didn’t know about Conyers. Democrats are just pushing this off to the House Ethics committee where the issue will sit, because they hope people will forget about it over time. Conyers has one allegation after another and does not even flat out deny it. If anyones points to any Democrat misdeed they will just point to Roy Moore or Trump. What would the media do without Roy Moore? They are focused on one state and one senate seat because that is all they got. Meanwhile they are defending Al Franken, Conyers, and Charlie Rose. Finally, Democrats are trying to make a public point of reckoning with Bill Clinton so they can attack Trump. Why have Democrats never had a reckoning over Ted Kennedy? The media has covered up Chappaquiddick for decades and they build him up like he is a larger-than-life figure.


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