November 10, 2017

November 10, 2017

On Friday’s Mark Levin show, Senators passed legislation that they have mandatory sexual harassment training. There must be an epidemic for Seantors to push this resolution so that they can control themselves. We have people working in the Senate who feel unsafe and uncomfortable, yet we have most Senators coming out and trashing Roy Moore. We don’t need lectures from the inside the beltway crowd who have to pass a measure against themselves. In addition, the Washington Post tells us a that Roy Moore accuser, Leigh Corfman, is a Republican who voted for President Trump. However, they didn’t tell us that Deborah Wesson Gibson is a Democrat who worked as a sign-language interpreter for Hillary Clinton. Why don’t they tell us about Gibson? The Post is trying to show that everyone is politically pure of heart. The Post knew that Gibson was a Democrat activist, yet they go out of their way by omission to ignore information on her. The timing of the Post report and the ignoring of Gibson’s party affiliation is incredible. Later, Bob Corker said he will hold a hearing that examines presidential authority to use nuclear weapons. He should hold a hearing about Iran’s capabilities to use nukes instead. Corker is a thin skinned and dangerous politician. Trump is the Commander and Chief and has the power to make that decision.

Klobuchar-Grassley Legislation Passes, Sexual Harassment Training Becomes Mandatory in U.S. Senate

The Hill
Romney: Roy Moore ‘is unfit for office and should step aside’

The Hill
GOP Senate committee will no longer fundraise for Roy Moore

One of Roy Moore’s accusers worked as interpreter for Hillary Clinton campaign

NBC News
L.A. County District Attorney Forms Task Force for Hollywood’s Sexual Misconduct

CNN’s Cuomo: ‘If True’ ‘Bothers Me,’ ‘Their Accusation Is Proof, Right?’

Washington Times
Corker to hold hearing on Trump’s ability to use nuclear weapons

LA Times
Senate plan to scrap income and property tax deductions would be a blow to Californians

PJ Media
Air Force Pilot Shortage Grows to Nearly 2,000; Force Tension ‘Significant’

NASA discovers mantle plume almost as hot as Yellowstone super volcano that’s melting Antarctica from below

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