July 21, 2015

July 21, 2015

On Tuesday’s Mark Levin Show: There’s so much destructive activity going on in this country under the guise of compassion. We have illegal immigrants coming to America from all over the world and we have no idea what their motives are because they aren’t being processed or assimilated. Sanctuary city policies resonate to the criminal element of illegal aliens, protecting them from the law while promoting illegal activity. Donald Trump resonated with so many because he was able to get a message out in a few minutes that many have been trying to get out for years. Also, once liberty is lost it’s hard to get back, and it’s future generations that suffer the most. Most of the Republicans running for president would allow the destructive policies of the left to continue and destroy the future of our children. America’s status as a great nation isn’t being threatened by any foreign power, but from within. We must defend this nation and its institutions, customs, and traditions. We need to take the stand and make the effort today; this is the new civil rights movement. Later, Mark speaks with David Daleiden from the Center for Medical Progress about the corruption of Planned Parenthood. Finally, Mark is joined by Sen. Rand Paul to discuss his tax plan.


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