July 15, 2015

July 15, 2015

On Wednesday’s Mark Levin Show: It’s amazing how Democrats nuke up terrorist regimes, first with President Bill Clinton with North Korea and now with President Obama and Iran. Iran’s military is no match for America’s but Obama is making Iran look powerful because he refuses to stand up to them. President Reagan negotiated with the Soviets because they already had nukes, not to give them more, and even walked away from the negotiating table. He would have never cut a deal with a third-world terrorist regime spreading terrorism, which is exactly what Obama has done. If the Senate had real Republican leadership, it would’ve treated any agreement with Iran as a treaty. Just because Obama says it’s not a treaty doesn’t mean the Senate has to capitulate. We cannot leave it up to one man to decide the fate of our nation; that’s not how the Constitution is supposed to work. Also, Mark talks to Gov. Scott Walker about his run for president in 2016. Finally, a shocking video has been released showing a top official of Planned Parenthood casually discussing the shipment of aborted fetus parts. There must be a full criminal investigation into what is going on!


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