March 19, 2015

March 19, 2015

On Thursday’s Mark Levin Show: We’re in a post-Constitutional period and it’s unraveling very quickly into something ugly. We’ve now reached the point where President Obama has sought to bypass the courts. He is essentially looking for every opportunity, every gap in the system to seize power and impose his will. It’s difficult for the courts to contain this imperial president who’s off to the races, especially since the Judicial branch has accommodated the imperial nature of the Executive branch since the New Deal. Congress can’t act fast enough either because it has two bodies that require a majority vote, or a supermajority in the case of the Senate, which is near impossible without suspending the Filibuster. Lawmaking has moved from Congress to the President, who makes more laws through regulatory agencies than the Legislative branch could ever hope to. Also, Obama is supporting mandatory voting because he believes it will help Democrat party and grow government. Obama forgot to mention that there’s mandatory voting in North Korea too. Later, James Baker III is now advising Jeb Bush on foreign policy in his presidential effort, at Jeb’s invitation. Just like Obama, Baker hates Israel and criticized the Senators who signed the letter to Iran. Why would Jeb bring this man into his campaign?


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