February 22, 2021

February 22, 2021

On Monday’s Mark Levin Show, President Joe Biden is addressing the nation because coronavirus deaths are reported to have surpassed the half-million mark. A virus from communist China that’s unleashed in America was not our choice, but for many Democrats, abortion is their choice. Donald Trump has consequently been one of the strongest pro-life presidents in history. Biden is celebrating a 100 million vaccine milestone based on Trump’s Operation Warp Speed success. Biden only cares about his legacy; he wants to be more radical than FDR and Obama with his massive spending and overreaching executive orders. Then, the US Supreme Court refused to intervene in several cases today; the Pennsylvania election lawsuit and a question on whether the government can access a former president’s taxes. Justices Clarence Thomas, Sam Alito, and Neil Gorsuch are the only members of the Court that have upheld the Constitution. Later, the Democrats are trying to steal this country; change the citizenry and voting base by opening the borders, they’ll do anything for power. Democrats want a one-party country just like they created a one-party state in California. That’s why they’ve filled the latest coronavirus bill with all sorts of pork from student loan debt relief to public health surveillance.


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Obviously, the surgery went well. It’s a boy, Mr. Producer. No, no, I’m just kidding. I have a very bad deviated septum, I’ve had it for decades and decades. And I was having trouble breathing and you can still hear I still have these things in my nose for the recovery, but nonetheless. My wife, my family was getting on me. And so I finally jumped in, you know, I set up the surgery many weeks ago. So that’s what it was about. That’s all about heart surgery, nothing of that sort. But I want to thank you all. I want to jump in on this. I’ll do the best I can. To address this in a way that I think is pertinent and appropriate. OK, Joe Biden is giving a talk right now. Reading off a teleprompter, which is fine, because we’ve now exceeded 500,000 deaths from the coronavirus. I want to put a little footnote on that, I don’t know that it’s 500,000, 400,000, 570,000 or 300, 12,000, and really nobody else does either, because our government, the CDC and others. Have been very ambiguous, at least early on, about how to. How to count? And then it’s the import hospitals and others to put the information in. But let’s say it’s 500,000. What’s interesting to me is we don’t see these charts and graphs on TV anymore, and I’ve talked about this, about 15 percent of those who’ve died have died since Joe Biden was president of the United States. Now, why do I bring that up to assign blame? No, but he did he did that to the prior administration. He politicized this and exploited it as much as he possibly could right into the Oval Office. I’m bringing that up because a pandemic is a pandemic and it doesn’t know partying, it doesn’t know politics, it doesn’t know ideology. And so was appalling. What the media and the Democrat Party and Joe Biden tried to do. Prior to him being sworn in as president, the United States and I noticed nobody does it, they him. And there’s an excellent piece by an excellent writer, Matt Margolis, at PJ Media I want to get to in a minute, but before I do. That number of 500,000. I heard the media say this earlier today and I heard Joe Biden just say it, that’s more dead than a World War One, World War two and the Vietnam War combined. Over 30 million babies have been aborted in this country, well over 30 million. That’s genocide, the likes of which the world has never seen. And I don’t care what the liberals say or some Supreme Court lawyers have to say or anybody else has to say, those are human beings. They’re not reptiles. They’re not foul. Those are human beings. Those are babies. And people can deceive themselves into believing there’s something else, but they’re not. Follow the science. Those are human beings. And so I just have to say, Joe Biden was almost. Religious in his lectures early on about coping, and we have to fight things together, and I get it. But I don’t see the moral distinction. When you’re talking about human life. And when you’re talking about tens of millions of human beings. Who aborted? The overwhelming, vast majority of whom would have been born healthy. And yet our Supreme Court. Our Congress and this president. Governors throughout this country and state legislatures throughout this country. Not only accommodate it, they insist that we all pay for. I’m willing to have this moral discussion with a Joe Biden or a Nancy Pelosi, both of whom are Catholic, or Chuck Schumer who is Jewish, I’d be more than happy to have this discussion about morality and life and death more than happy. A pandemic is one thing. A virus unleashed into this country as a result of what the communist Chinese did. That’s one thing, and we fight it as best we can. But abortion is a completely different issue. That’s not a viral pandemic. And this president. Is an active supporter of a radical policy that would require all of us to pay for these abortions, whether we morally object or not. There’s no vaccines for abortions. Our prior president, Donald Trump. Opposed abortion. He came to this. Not out of politics. Not out of positioning himself, he came on. Because of his belief system evolved over time. In fact, you could say he was the number one anti-abortion or pro-life president we’ve had, and that’s true. And he fought the pandemic to tooth and nail. The reason we have a vaccine to distribute at all is because of what occurred in his administration. And there’s an interesting. That even in the current administration bind, they don’t talk about warp speed with a third vaccine or a fourth vaccine, if it happens, it happens. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t. That’s quite a different attitude that the Biden administration has now. The Trump administration had, isn’t it? Very different attitude. We don’t get daily or even weekly press conferences telling us. We’re pushing hard the next vaccine operation, this, we’re working with this, we’re working with that Johnson and Johnson may have won, some of the others may have won and so forth. Fine. But they just leave it to the bureaucrats in these various departments, the so-called scientists and medical experts, the fortune and fortune types with these different responsibilities, and if they come up with one and work with the private sector, great. If they don’t, they don’t. We haven’t heard a single thing that is the equivalent of operation warp speed. We could use another vaccine or two. And then you see the Associated Press. The biggest propaganda operation on the face of the earth because of its reach, a wire service. And you wake up this morning and they’re celebrating Joe Biden, he’s going to hit 100 million vaccines in 100 days, they may even do more. But nothing’s been changed. The assembly lines are making the vaccines that we’re making them when Donald Trump was president until he left office or the same assembly lines. And then you build efficiencies, you can expand. You learn other techniques. To move it from point A to point B to preserve the vaccines under very cold temperatures and so forth, this is the natural course of things. A Biden administration hasn’t done anything special, hasn’t done anything unique, it hasn’t done anything. It seems to me under any kind of pressure timeline. And it’s been all over the map on this issue. And so I’m more than happy to have the moral discussion about this, I’m more than happy to talk about numbers and all the rest of it. These are human beings. And the other thing I notice. Is that this White House has been utterly and completely silent. When it comes to some of the behavior by some of the governors, politicians in resulting in some of these deaths. Biden is yet to say a word about Andrew Cuomo. Look at his cover. Now there’s a criminal investigation, nothing he has said nothing about six Democrat governors in six of the biggest states. That insisted and forced individuals with covid positive results in nursing homes and assisted living facilities, nothing, not a word. And when we come back, I want to tell you. But so far, the best I can tell what Joe Biden has done. His attack, his predecessor. If they done something terrifically new about production, about new vaccines, about new distribution, how come there’s nothing in front of us, nothing tangible to read or feel or talk about? There’s nothing. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 2

Matt Margolis, PJ Media. More proof Biden’s attacks on Trump’s vaccine distribution plan are based on lies. Earlier this week, Joe Biden falsely claimed the President Trump failed to order enough quote unquote. covid-19 vaccines was the latest in a series of attacks from the Biden administration criticizing the vaccine distribution plan or lack of one left by the Trump administration. It’s amazing to me. Two vaccines developed. In eight months. Really seven months, you know, we’ve never done that before. The average time for a vaccine is over five years. It just amazes me that the president, Donald Trump, is criticized as if he didn’t care, he didn’t do anything. He knew in the end that Fauci was wrong. He knew in the end that wearing masks or paper hats or sneakers or or hiding under the table for the rest of your life wasn’t going to fix or resolve anything, was going to make matters worse. So he took the whip to the bureaucracy, which is one of the reasons for pushing the other. Didn’t like him. And he insisted and demanded that they work like never before. Not that they cut health corners, but they cut bureaucratic corners, that they get off their asses and work overtime to get things done. No. Nine to five. And that they work with the private sector. The best companies in the world, and that’s exactly what was achieved, and then these two companies announced days after the election that they have vaccines. Now, you know, in the bureaucracy knew we had vaccines, you know, these companies knew we had vaccines, but they waited. They waited. And then you had Joe Biden throughout the summer and Kamala Harris downplaying the idea of a vaccine. I interviewed the president. That’s President Trump in September. I said, what do you make of all these attacks and so forth? Says because they know we’re going to have them and they don’t want to you know, they don’t want it to negatively affect their electoral chances. And that’s exactly what happened. They exploited it. And they’re still trying to make you believe. But for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and some invisible new bureaucrats and staff. But for them, we wouldn’t be on the glide path we’re on now, it’s a lie. Kamala Harris said there was no national strategy or plan for vaccines, we were leaving it to the states and local leaders to try and figure it out in so many ways, we’re starting from scratch on something that’s been raging for almost an entire year. That’s what she said in an interview with a left wing site, Axios, the other week. Even Fauci had to dismiss the claim. He said, We’re certainly not starting from scratch. We’re coming in with fresh ideas, but also some ideas that were not bad ideas with the previous administration you can’t say was absolutely not usable at all. It’s taking what’s going on, but amplifying it in a big way, he added. And I don’t know even know why we care at fault, he says, since he wasn’t even in charge of the project, quite frankly. But the Biden administration is still using the same vaccine distribution models developed by Operation Warp Speed under President Trump. I want to repeat this so even the AP, MSNBC, CNN, The New York Times, The Washington Post and all the other liars and frauds. Understand what I’m saying? The Biden administration is still using the same vaccine distribution model developed by Operation Warp Speed under President Trump. Because Trump had the professionals handle this. The military, HHS, the scientists. It’s more or less the plan that we put together, frankly, that’s happening and maybe there are improvements and that’s really great some acceleration. But clearly we didn’t go from no plan to a plan and from no vaccine to a vaccine. Dr. Munsif Sulloway, the former head of the Operation Wharfs Beat, told Fox News last week. He also said he was surprised the Biden administration is gloating about a vaccine distribution plan that isn’t their own. Biden always the plagiarist, huh? The data also proves that attacks from the Biden administration are unfounded. According to a graph generated by newsie vaccine production and distribution under Biden has not accelerated, but rather follow the same trajectory as it was under Trump followed the same trajectory that it was under Trump, as I just explained, whether you’re building computers or iPhones or cars or whatever. Once the assembly lines in place, once the knowledge is in place, the production begins to pick up, pick up, pick up and then you have cost savings on top of everything. Joe Biden’s Department of Defense also doesn’t dispute that the distribution plan is the same as it was under Trump. In fact, General Gus Perna, who led the effort under Trump, is still there in the same exact capacity. Centralized distribution is being managed by the CDC through an existing contract to deliver vaccines and supply kits. We continue the mission to accelerate the development, manufacturing and delivery of safe and effective vaccines and therapies. And General Pernick continues in his role overseeing this effort, Pernice spokeswoman Lara Oke told Newsie. So Joe Biden has said he wants to unify the country rather than give President Trump the credit he deserves, is actually trying to take credit for the vaccine and a distribution plan. He has absolutely nothing to do with. Matt Margolis. PJ Media, you got that Washington Post, The New York Times, you got that CNN and MSNBC, you got that all the rest of the crap media, all you have to do is dig into it. You’ll find the same information again. This is why we don’t get press conferences from Biden or others telling us all the new fandangos kind of activities they’re involved in. They aren’t. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 3

Do my best here. Drip, drip, drip. I want to talk to you about a subject that I’ve spent really much of my life studying, and that’s the Supreme Court of the United States. The first book I wrote was called Men in Black. And in that book, you’ll notice that the foreword was written by Rush Limbaugh. And that book came out in 2005. It was the number one selling book on the Supreme Court, other than the Brethren, which was gossipy book about what clerks have been telling this particular reporter about the justices and so forth. That was not my book. I said at the time, you know, when people rely on the court, they’re relying on people. The many ways are highly political and highly partisan. Some of them are able to control themselves and they have a philosophical approach to interpreting the Constitution that comports with their obligation to uphold it and defend it, but most are not. And you can see much of that in the history of the court. There are three justices today. Who comported themselves with great honor. Who have respect for the rule of law and respect for you, just three out of this out of the nine. In those three. The great Clarence Thomas, thank God for Clarence Thomas, the great Sam Alito, who has been absolutely exceptional. And Neil Gorsuch, who’s either really, really good or not. But not Kavanagh and not Coney. And what am I talking about here? This is how Reuters puts it. U.S. Supreme Court formally pulls the plug on election related cases. The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday brought a formal end to eight lingering disputes pursued by former President Donald Trump and his allies related to the election. The justices turned away appeals by the Republican Party of Pennsylvania and Republican members of the state legislature of a ruling by Pennsylvania’s top court ordering officials to count mail in ballots that were postmarked by Election Day and received up to three days later. They did more than that. They eliminated the signature requirement and other requirements. Three of the nine members on the court, six conservative justices. Well, that is a lie. And they’ll continue to do that in the media because it serves their narrative. Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito and Neil Gorsuch dissented from the decision not to hear the Pennsylvania case. The high court, as expected, also rejected two Trump appeals challenging Biden’s victories in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, based on claims that the rules for mail in ballots in the two election battleground states were invalid. The court also turned away separate cases brought by Trump allies in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia, Arizona, all states won by Biden. And then they say Trump made false claims and so forth. Well, how do they know Trump made false claims? The court won’t hear it, this court won’t hear him either. Why do the media report this way? Anyway, on the Pennsylvania case. On the Pennsylvania case. Happen to be familiar with both of them, the one to me that was the strongest of the cases was the one that was a straight up challenge under Article two, Section one, clause two of the Constitution. Which is very simple. That is that the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, the attorney general of Pennsylvania and the secretary of state of Pennsylvania, have absolutely no authority to substantively change election laws in the state yet. That’s precisely what they did. Now, that’s not the way it’s explained by Reuters or AP or any other news organizations. But that’s exactly what they did. Now, you have three justices who wanted to hear that case, six who did not. So what happens next cycle, which is exactly the point of the dissent. We’re going to be right back here again because this wasn’t resolved, and I can guarantee you that the leader of this of this sort of rogue effort. Is the chief justice of the United States, John Roberts. But the fact that Coney and Kavanagh joined with Roberts and the leftists on the court, appalling. What is the use of the Supreme Court, it gets involved in every damn thing imaginable, every cultural issue has to be run by the Supreme Court, whether it’s abortion or prayer, whether it’s nativity scenes. Whether it’s marriage, every single cultural issue is run by the Supreme Court, why all they are lawyers? Why do they control what happens in every state, in every town and in every public square? But here we have something that occurred under the federal constitution where the framers could not have been clear, the state legislators, even John Roberts, should be able to read that. But six of them, including Kavanagh and Coney, they great cabin on the great Coney. Decided. Not to get involved. Shame on them. They have helped. To pour fuel on the fire of the division in this country by failing to uphold the United States Constitution and drawing a line that’s their damn job, not to interfere in all these other matters. Now, the second Pennsylvania case. Which is straightforward, black and white, simple as can be. The Pennsylvania state legislature, Republican. And the Democrat governor. Conspired to violate their own constitution. Now, you might say, what’s it have to do with the federal government, nothing, except it involves the selection of electors who choose the president and vice president of the United States. So it has everything to do with the federal constitution. It’s not a federalism issue. In other words, state legislatures are free to conduct themselves as they wish within the civil rights requirements and so forth. But they’re not free to violate their own constitution. In order to create a situation where you have tainted electors being counted in Washington, D.C. on the day those electors are counted. So they disenfranchise the people in Pennsylvania. By not actually amending the Constitution, by effectively passing a statue in lieu of an amendment that allowed for mail in voting, and they felt pressure to do it because of the pandemic. We’re destroying our country based on this pandemic. You understand the left is running right through it. That was a simple up and down case. And the state Supreme Court of Pennsylvania with a variety of outrageous tricks, wouldn’t even hear it. The appellate court in Pennsylvania, this appellate judge, she was fantastic and courageous. She said, yes, I’m going to hear this case. Because the plaintiffs in this case make a very serious argument that our state constitution was violated and that it taints and has an effect on the federal constitutional process. She was shut down in 72 hours by a partisan elected state supreme court shut down and then they shut down the petitioners. They made it impossible for the petitioners to even have their day in the state Supreme Court, and now they don’t get their day in the federal Supreme Court. So there’s your court system, ladies and gentlemen. What a crock. What a joke. Good job, John Roberts. Those were the two most important cases. Because they specifically addressed the federal constitutional system, which was violated in Pennsylvania, which was violated in Wisconsin, which was violated in Georgia, which was violated in Michigan and frankly was violated in Arizona. And so now what? And so now guess what, ladies and gentlemen, the Democrats are going to feel that they can do whatever the hell they want in these states and they’re going to go back into these states. And they’re going to push an agenda even further to make it absolutely impossible to win the state’s. In other words, your United States Supreme Court. We wrote the federal Constitution of the United States by not acting. Because it allowed these rogue actors, all Democrats. Except in the one instance in Pennsylvania with the Republican legislature, allow them to change the language effectively, practically in terms of implementation under the federal constitution. Your federal constitution was changed in the last election. I don’t give a damn what The New York Times, The Washington Post opinion this, this, that I don’t care what any of them say, I’m not even addressing fraud. I’m addressing a crooked system, systematic violations of our constitutional system. And there they are, six of the nine justices sitting on their asses doing not a damn thing about it because they’re afraid of what will be said about them in the editorial pages of The New York Times and The Washington Post. Cowards, absolute cowards. There is a justice Coney, there is a justice Kavanagh, you have fought like hell for them and then they spit on you. But the justices did have the votes. Well, I should say the opposite. The justices took another pass today. They think it’s OK for a local Democrat prosecutor to get the tax returns of a Republican president, whether he’s in office or out of office now, what kind of door does that open? What kind of an idiot do you have to be to not understand the precedent that that creates any pretext for investigating a president now by some slob out of some city or town or county? Any pretext that they can. Pulled together to make it seem like a legitimate investigation. Will now be a basis for a president having to provide his tax returns. Just because Democrats in the media demand the tax returns of somebody, I open the Constitution, it’s not in there. There’s no requirement. Matter of fact, let me suggest this to you. You know, in the Constitution was originally written and adopted, there was no damn income tax. There was no Internal Revenue Service. So now some jerk elected district attorney in Manhattan, Vance Jr., whose dad was an idiot to. A clown, a secretary of state who resigned under Carter, of all people. Now, he says that we shall continue on, continue on. They tried the emoluments clause, they’ve tried everything they can against Trump. But now here’s what I believe. I believe all the financial records of every Supreme Court justice should be revealed. That we need to have transparency, that branch of government is cloistered and hidden behind very thick marble walls, which, by the way, has chiseled above the door, Jesus and Moses, the Ten Commandments, you know, all the things we’re not allowed to have. That’s what they walk under every day in order to get to their office. No hypocrisy there. So we need transparency. We need to know all about their financial relationships, family members, because, after all, they have the final word, quote unquote, on the Constitution. Just ask them, they’ll tell you that. And we need Nancy Pelosi’s tax records and her husband. Why just Donald Trump? Why just Donald Trump? I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 4

What is the point of the Supreme Court? I don’t even know. It’s just appalling what this court has done and now now that it you know, people say, well, it hasn’t ruled well, it ruled in a way now that clearly sides with the Democrat Party and their lawyers. Clearly undermines the constitutional construct that was put together in Philadelphia and adopted by the conventions in the states, it says state legislatures, state legislatures. And if the Supreme Court can’t even discern that term in the Constitution, what the hell good is it? Tomorrow, Men in Black, how the Supreme Court is destroying America. Well, look at it. It’s been wrong on so many immigration issues, so many regulatory issues, so many tax issues. It upheld the Great Society and the New Deal and all these other things. It has advanced a radical approach to gender. I mean, so here we have a straight constitutional question and it becomes controversial, why? Because it might cost the Democrats well, why is that controversial? Do the right thing. You know, Breyer Sotomayor. What’s the other one, Kagan, those three? They marched together on these controversial issues and they never break ranks. They never break ranks. It’s like the Democrats in Congress, they never break ranks. The Republicans are all over the place. So the way to look at this today is that basically. John Roberts, a disastrous chief justice, Michael Luttig should have been the chief justice. Kavanagh, who you bled for and argued for and prayed for. Coney, who the president moved heaven and earth to make sure she get on the court, not for him, but to uphold the Constitution, all three of them. Let down the country today. All three of them. All three of them let down the country today. They’re so worried about positioning themselves and positioning the court, that’s why I said it’s become a political entity. In so many ways. But we’re not getting justice in the Supreme Court, and that is a huge problem for a society when the court doesn’t uphold the Constitution, even when it’s black and white, even when you really have to do somersaults in order to come up with a different conclusion. The court is doing severe damage not just to its integrity, the integrity of the electoral system, but the integrity of the Constitution. A disgraceful day. I’ll be right back.