January 5, 2021

January 5, 2021

On Tuesday’s Mark Levin Show, The country is crumbling because the neo-Marxists and statists have been relentlessly attacking our Constitutional system for over a decade. The vast majority of Republicans in Congress are affixing their seal of approval to this lawlessness. Surrender is not an option; we have future generations of our families and men and women in uniform that are counting on America. The media, the democrats, and establishment Republicans want every American to roll over and accept this. Each American must reject this new ‘squad’ of radicals and become their own Paul Revere. Then, the framers rejected the judiciary having a role in the selection of the President of the United States and precisely opted for what they outlined in Article II, Section I granting all authority over the selection of the electors for the President to each state’s legislature. This was done specifically to prevent state executive or the courts from being involved in the selection of the electors for the presidency. Later, the lawyers representing the Republicans in the Pennsylvania state legislature are the same lawyers representing Mitch McConnell via the National Republican Senatorial Committee. The national Republican establishment is diabolical and wants all GOP votes but not the voters’ input. This is one very deep swamp.


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I will be on Hannity nine 20 p.m. Eastern Time tonight on Fox. I hope you’ll watch. Meanwhile, there’s an hour left and voting in the state of Georgia. We are watching our country crumble before us, not because of you or we the people. Not because we have a defective constitution. Or that the institutions they created were defective. It’s because of the neo-Marxists, the status, the progressives, whatever you want to call them. And the fact that they have been relentlessly attacking this system for over a century. And they attacked the election of Donald Trump, they attacked the re-election, they went into the states, they undermined our constitutional system. And now we have Republicans, the vast majority of Republicans in the Senate who are going to give their personal imprimatur, their stamp of approval. Total lawlessness and so many respects will live in a post constitutional society. I want to encourage strongly anybody listening to me in Georgia. That if we can’t win to Republicans in the state of Georgia. Then we are hanging. By the tips of our fingernails. We must not surrender. We have children, we have grandchildren. We have ancestors who showed us the way. We have men and women in uniform all over the world putting their lives on the line, leaving their families, leaving their businesses and their jobs. To defend what’s left of this republic and all we’re asking the people of Georgia to do for your state and for the United States. And for the sake. Every successive generation. It’s tough out. In the 15 minutes that you have left the vote, if you’re in your car and you can hear me. If you’re at home about to have dinner. If you’re in an office and you’re thinking about leaving. Get to your precinct and get there fast, please. You have to be the Paul Revere’s. You have to be the Thomas Paine’s. You’re the last line of defense in this election cycle and future election cycles. And the Democrats who are running for these seats are not even your typical Democrats. They are. So hard core, so left wing. That they are the AOC. The Omar, the Taliban and the others. But in the United States Senate. Turn off the news on TV, turn them off. Turn off the so-called newsmen who are basically pundits. Who despise us and who lied to us day in and day out, turn them off. Tune in somebody you can trust somebody. Who reinforces your values and your belief systems and the traditions in this country, somebody who believes in the Constitution and the rule of law? You need not listen any longer. To these frauds dressed up as journalists. I’m quite serious about this. It’s amazing here. How Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley and a handful of others, United States senators who are Republicans. And the Patriots in the House, Republicans who wish to stand up to this tyranny. Are smeared. And I don’t just mean by Democrats and I don’t just mean by the usual media. Frauds, I mean, by The Wall Street Journal, I mean by National Review. I mean, by The New York Post. I mean, by a relative handful. Media outlets with relatively small circulation, but nonetheless. Who speak, not for you and me. Who do not embrace our founding, who do not embrace our capitalist system, they embrace the establishment. The status quo Republicanism, that’s why so many of them have been never trumpet’s. They talk a good game, but when the rubber hits the road. Whether it’s the Tea Party. Whether it’s the Trump revolution or whether it’s this election, not only can they not be counted on, but they can be counted on. They join our adversaries, indeed, to join our enemies. They roll over. And they insist that the rest of us roll over, too. Well, I’ll tell you what, when I look my kids in the eyes and I look at my grandkids in the eyes, I don’t much give a damn what The Wall Street Journal editorial page has to say. I don’t much give a damn what Mitch McConnell has to say here, Adam Kinzinger, any of the rest of them. That’s the establishment they’ve put us in this position. And the reason why we almost took the house and the reason why we have right now 50 Republican senators has nothing to do with the Republican Senatorial Committee or the National Republican House Campaign Committee, it’s because they rode Donald Trump’s coattails. And they weren’t running in the inner cities, in the metropolitan areas where most of the graft and fraud took place. So they benefited from a massive outcome, a massive turnout of Republicans. And they lead the president to hang out to dry, but even worse. They lie about what’s in the Constitution. George Will is back. He voted for Biden. He’s worse than ever. So we’re counting on the people of Georgia. We’re counting on you to vote, we’ll talk about what’s taking place tomorrow and the next day, but right now we can’t focus on Georgia’s election machines, our election procedures and so forth. Just get out and vote. Get out and vote. And then. Comes January 6th. Now, the media, the Democrats and the vast majority of the Republicans. Many of whom. I have no idea what they’re talking about, but it’s of no consequence. They’re telling you that what’s to take place on January 6th is nothing more than ministerial. That it’s nothing more than a sham. That the Congress is to sit there and count the electors sent to them by the states, without question. Because Tim McClintock, Tom McClintock told my friend Larry O’Connor an e-mail, it says, Shall they shall count? We have no alternative. A more imbecilic statement I’ve never heard. Well, that’s not true, there’s many imbecilic statements. The issue is whether the electors have been lawfully certified, lawfully certified. Do you think the framers of the Constitution and the framers of the 12th Amendment sat there and said, you know what, Congress has no choice but to count the electors, even if there’s fraud, even if even if some court orders it, even if some legislature violated the constitution, that’s just too damn bad. They’re supposed to sit there like a bunch of zombies, not exercise any judgment whatsoever, because God forbid, if they do, that will create a precedent and now Congress will select our president. That’s not. What’s with the fear mongering? If you have a faithless elector, Congress not required to count that elector. If the state legislature, as I said the other day, any state legislature had passed a law and said. No black person could be an elector. And they send that slate of electors. To the United States Congress, would they be compelled to vote for that slate of electors? Well, Mark, we have civil rights laws. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. You just told us they have no choice whatsoever. If California, the state legislature decides that only Democrats can be elected as never Republicans because after all, they have a super duper majority in the Assembly. And in their state Senate. Is that what the framers intended? Of course not. You have to be brain dead to draw such conclusions, they expect you to read the Constitution in the context of how it was written at the time it was written. I don’t need self-appointed scholars, quote unquote, telling us what the Constitution says. Now when we come back. I went through Madison’s notes today. He was not the only one who took notes at the constitutional convention, but he took by far the most thorough and comprehensive notes. And his notes were released 50 years after. The end of the constitutional convention, as he had. Directed. In his will. And those notes are extremely thorough, it’s the closest thing we have to a transcript of what took place. And when we come back. As I read his notes today. Something that I doubt any United States senator has done, something I doubt any member of the House has done something I know no member of the media have done. I want to alert you to something. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 2

On the issue of selecting a president. This is one of the most hotly debated issues at the constitutional convention. While the convention began in May and ended in mid September, this issue came up. Repeatedly from June to September, 1787. And it’s fascinating to read this. And what’s remarkable, as I read it always in the back of my mind, I know that Democrats could care less because they dismiss them all as slaveholders. They embrace the 16 19 project and they reject the founding progressivism, rejects the founding. Now, the framers at the Constitutional Convention, they specifically rejected the direct election by the people. Of a president. They specifically rejected listen to this, the selection of a president by the chief executives of every state, the governors. They rejected a judicial role. In the selection of a president. So they rejected direct elections. They rejected more relevant to us today. The executive in the state, and they rejected the judiciary having a role in the selection of the president. And they specifically decided. Which became Article two, Section one, clause two. That only and exclusively the legislature of each state would direct how the electors were selected. And they voted on that language on September six, 1787, ratified by the state conventions. And yet. What happened in Pennsylvania and Georgia, Michigan and Wisconsin, among other states, but these are the four key battleground states, what happened in Pennsylvania, the executive and the judiciary selected the electors by changing the election laws. In Michigan, the secretary of state, part of the executive change the election laws. In Wisconsin, the secretary of state, as well as local officials and even boards of elections. Changed the election laws. And in Georgia, as you well know, the secretary of state, part of the executive. He changed the election laws to. As applies to signatures. In his capitulation to state Stacey Abrams and that lawsuit, and there’s more, but that’s enough for summary so for battleground states. Four battleground states specifically violated the Constitution. Specifically contravened. All the hard work that was done at the constitutional convention to again specifically prevent state executives state or what would become federal courts. From determining how electors would be selected. And yet in those four states. The election laws were altered significantly. It doesn’t matter if the outcome would have been different, the Democrats certainly thought it would be. That’s why they pressed for it, litigated for it. It doesn’t matter if one ballot was fraudulently voted and we know that many, many were. Now, why is this relevant? Why is this relevant, because I heard Tim Scott, I read Tim Scott today say senator from South Carolina, I read the Constitution is really nothing I can do about any of this. Now, I want to circle back to what he said. And I want you to know I’ve tried maybe I have failed to read every statement on social media and elsewhere by every one of these Republican senators, and as best I can tell, if I’m off one or two, I apologize in advance. Not one of them has made the argument about the unconstitutional election processes and therefore, lawless electors. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 3

You know, these political pundits who are splashed all over TV with their whiteboards and they’re this and that and so forth, and these pollsters and all, they really ought to be some kind of an accounting, how accurate or inaccurate they are each time. Just for transparency purposes now, Tim Scott. Tweeted out, As I read the Constitution, There is no constitutionally viable means for Congress to overturn an election wherein the states have certified and sent their electors. Jim Imhoff says to challenge state certification, given how specific the Constitution is, will be a violation of my oath of office, that is not something I’m willing to do. Jerry Moran, Kansas, I am a conservative Republican, therefore I must strictly adhere to the United States Constitution to vote to reject the state certified electoral votes will be to act outside the bounds of the Constitution, which I will not do. Don’t they all sound similar, Mr. Producer? So they’ve taken the position that under the federal constitution, under the 12th Amendment, they are to quote, open all the certificates and then vote. And count them. OK, open all the certificates. And the votes shall then be counted. And they say that’s upholding the Constitution of the United States. So for Tim Scott. And Jim Imhoff and Jerry Moran. If a state. An election law that said that no Hispanic can be an elector. They would have no option but to vote for that. But it’s even worse than that in some sense from a constitutional perspective, because we know flat out that in four states they violated the Constitution. And so bizarrely, these three and others argue we have to uphold our constitutional duty by counting them. We have no other choice. That’s bull crap, and they know it. And they know it. It’s irrational. Electors have to be lawfully certified. And they’re certified by the very governor who violates the federal constitution, they’re certified by the very secretaries of state. Who violated the federal constitution and these Republicans sit back and say, look, they were certified. What do you want me to do? The 12th Amendment limits me. We got to open them. And then we have to count the vote. Back to Madison’s notes, do you think a single one of the framers of the Constitution sitting in Philadelphia would have said that’s the. Correct view. When they worked for months. To specifically exclude what Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan and Wisconsin did, do you think they would say Congress can’t act? It is assumed as a matter of basic reasoning and rationality. Whether you’re reading the Constitution or whether you’re reading a mortgage. That the parties involved in the process are acting lawfully. Did the framers have to spell that out in the Constitution, only if state legislatures or excuse me, only if the certificates certifying the electors are constitutional, then we will count them. That would be stupid when you read Madison. So they weren’t stupid then? They were brilliant men. They just assumed. That the manner in which the electors would be selected would comply with the federal constitution. You know the key word. The key word that Aristotle talks about and Cicero. John Adams. Thomas Jefferson. All the great thinkers, great men going way back. To the ancients. The key word that they used. Was Virtu. Percha. That no system of government can long survive, no participatory system of government. Without virtue, you can’t have liberty, without virtue. You can’t have Republicanism without virtue. You can’t have a constitution without virtue because the institutions are fine. The documents are fine. But if people are going to find ways to destroy them. While pretending to uphold them. That’s a lack of virtue. And when we look at this in context. This election that’s going on in Georgia, how crucial it is. The Democrat Party has already announced. It wants nothing to do with the Constitution. It wants nothing to do with separation of powers and if anything could be said to be the core of what the United States Constitution is, separation of powers, it goes as far back as Locke. Really. Montesquieu, spell it out. Separation of powers, y separation of powers. To protect you. The Democrats don’t want separation of powers, the Democrats want power. That packing the court crossed Schumer’s lips and he wasn’t condemned by his own party, by the media, by academia and so forth, demonstrates to you. That that is a party that is a movement that embraces totalitarianism and tyranny. Meanwhile, Republicans like Tim Scott, Jim Imhoff and Jerry Moran, and they’re not the only ones dancing on the head of a pin. Well, I’d say ciao. You’re supposed to if you’re an originalist, which they’re not. To read the words. Of the Constitution, not out of context. But as the framers intended, or the framers of the 12th Amendment intended, they never intended for Congress to rubber stamp. Electors that were chosen in an unconstitutional process that specifically cut out the only body that’s named in the Constitution, the state legislatures. This is why none of the statements I read from a single Republican senator mentions this, this is why The Wall Street Journal editorial page doesn’t mention this. This is why newsrooms across the country, including on my favorite cable network, doesn’t mention it because to mention it. Destroys the narrative. And then the question is, even from people who claim to be dressing this from a constitutional legal perspective, what are you going to do, throw millions of votes? There’s a lot of options. But you just disenfranchised people in other states. Who state governments complied with the federal constitution. What about them? That was the purpose of the Texas lawsuit. And virtually every legal analyst. Former federal prosecutors and professors said that was a dead lawsuit, why? Well, because the court’s not going to step in. So let me get this straight. A lawsuit is dead because the courts not going to step in and you know that in advance, that may be true. But here again, the originalists. We’re originalists, they’re pseudo originalists. But one state sues another. The Supreme Court has original jurisdiction, in other words, that state has standing. In the United States Supreme Court, in the United States Supreme Court rejected the standing argument of the state of Texas. It’s shocking, quite frankly. So you can see the lawlessness taking place. You can see how we’re. Unmoored from the Constitution, you can see how the establishment Republicans. And some pseudo conservatives, among others, are brandishing the Constitution, waving it around, hey, you know, I’m a conservative Republican and I simply will not. I will not reject the electors and the decisions made in the States. But what if they’re unconstitutional? Who am I to judge? Who am I to judge, it says I shall count. But that’s not what they mean. We know that to be the case. You’re not an originalist. You’re a fraud and a phony. That’s what’s going on here. I don’t know how to fix this. I do believe in convention of states, I think that’s very, very important. I think we should get behind that now more than ever. I’ll give you an example, part of the problems and this is in the weeds now, the law firm and the lawyer that represented the Republicans in the state legislature. Pennsylvania is associated with the National Republican Senatorial Committee. That’s Mitch McConnell’s group uses that group as his own personal campaign piggy bank to try and elect Reno’s. Who will support him, not the constitution, him. That’s how he holds on to power. We’ve never had a Republican leader who’s reached into states to try and affect the primaries and the outcome of the elections, but that’s what McConnell does. So his lawyer was representing the Republicans in the state legislature, Pennsylvania, I spoke with the president pro tem or the president. The of the Senate. In October, a Republican, an older gentleman, been there a long time, I could tell he was a RINO and I said, you guys need to immediately pass a resolution. Holding that the decisions of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania are null and void. Oh, you’re going to get Rolt. I spoke to his lawyer. A guy who comes off Capitol Hill, a guy who wasn’t very impressive in the least very arrogant little punk. And he said, well, you know, in this state, you can pass a resolution, but it’s not effective unless the governor signs it. That state law that I’m not talking about state law, I’m talking about the federal constitution. And the state legislature has the final say. They don’t need. The consent of the governor. Quite the contrary. And he mopped away and went away. And nothing happened. The Republican Party of Pennsylvania brought the lawsuit, not the state legislature. Even though they they objected to what was taking place. That same law firm and that same lawyer is now the number one lawyer in the state of Georgia. For the National Republican Senatorial Committee representing them and Mitch McConnell. The same lawyer. As I understand it. As I was told. The Republican establishment, ladies and gentlemen. It’s a very, very. Diabolical group. They want your votes. They do not want your input. They want your votes, they do not want your input. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 4

I read George Will’s piece in The Washington Post, Whorley crews and their Senate cohorts of the Constitution’s most dangerous domestic enemies, and this man is utterly unhinged to the point of almost. Well, insanity. This piece, this it’s full of venom, platitudes, nothing serious about it, of course, he comes to the great Mitch McConnell’s defense because McConnell leaks to him all the time. When you read the Wall Street Journal piece the other day, same thing. They’re not serious pieces at all. They want you to accept your fate, ladies and gentlemen, while writing and pretending they don’t, and that’s what’s happening with a majority of the Republicans in the Senate as well. Just accept your fate, constitution was violated in these states. That’s the way it is. We can’t do a damn thing about it. Is that how Democrats conduct themselves, the party of tyranny? The party of tyranny. No, they don’t conduct themselves that way, so we don’t have an effective party to fight and defend us, certainly not without the leadership of Donald Trump, no question about it. I am so sick of the coverage of these elections like the Georgia election. It’s all about the surface, the superficial. We have evil, diabolical actors. We have forces in play in this country that seek to destroy what you and I revere. That’s what’s at stake in Georgia. That’s what’s at stake now in every election going forward. And we have a corrupt media and really stupid people in the media. And we have a Republican Party without a core. You have a leader, quote unquote, of the Republicans who leads because he influences the primaries all over the country. And then one by one, he makes sure that his his lapdogs issue their almost identical tweets and statements. And then they have the unhinged among them, like SACE and Romney. Who are out there trashing individuals who are trying to stand up for this republic. What the hell is sassed done for this country? Does anybody know what that was Romney done from this country, selected governor of Massachusetts, senator from Utah, yet to be quite the quite the accomplished chameleon to be elected governor of Massachusetts and a senator from Utah. And that’s exactly what he is. He’s not defending the Constitution, none of these guys are, and if you dare to step out like a Harley in a cruise and these others, it’ll be attacked like you’re some kind of a kook, how dare you raise objections? How dare you want a commission to look into voter fraud? How dare you share the view? Of tens of millions of fellow Americans who, you know, are all crackpots and nuts. Now, you don’t understand, ladies and gentlemen, we’ve had more mail in voting than any time, any time close more absentee ballots, more paper flying around from one place to another without signature requirements, without postal date requirements, with extended voting periods, with early voting periods flying all around. And we have far less fraud than we ever had, in fact, where’s your evidence of fraud and when you present it? Well, that’s not enough to change the election. These are the people who are supposed to be concerned about the Constitution of the Republic. They’re a joke. They are pathetic. They are Vichy Republicans. That’s exactly what they are. They’re certainly not constitutionalists. I’ll be right back.