September 11, 2020

September 11, 2020

On Friday’s Mark Levin Show, On the anniversary of the 2001 9/11 attacks, America mourns the loss of innocents and first responders who were murdered by foreign enemies. For months America has witnessed how police and law enforcement have been demonized and character-assassinated by enemies from within. Then, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani joins the show to remind listeners of what New York was like on September 11th. Giuliani warned that America must focus on law and order and embrace the police in order to move forward into a safe and healthy future. Later, professional athletes are disrespecting the country with their ‘moment of unity’ against America. This is the country that broke Hitler, Mussolini, and Yamamoto. Americans are awake and they will not give up because there is not another constitutional republic that upholds a free market system that empowers humanity more than the United States. Afterward, wildfires are consuming western states because they don’t properly clear the underbrush. Finally, Congressional candidate Sean Parnell calls in to discuss his crucial race in Pennsylvania.


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Rough transcript of Hour 1

Hour 1 Segment 1

The entire first hour of this show. We’ll be in memory of 9/11, the great men and women perished. People went to work who perished. And their families. In this nation, I’ve been saying for months now. For months now. That those police officers. Those first responders. Who’ve been smeared character assassinated. Attacked in the streets, brutalized, whose budgets have been cut. Those are our first responders. I’ve been saying for months now. That the treatment our first responders by a TFA, by Black Lives Matter. And I’ll say it by these Democrat mayors and the Democratic governors in the Biden campaign has been disgusting. Absolutely nauseating. By basketball players and football players, baseball players and hockey players. Shame on you. Shame on you. It’s important to remember what took place on 9/11. That enemy still exists. And now we have an enemy from within. That damages our country and our cities and again, law enforcement. And they have found a political party. They’ve now expose themselves fully and completely. Now I speak the truth here. Unvarnished. And there’s a party that is now taking the side. The writers in a party that. He’s taken the side of law enforcement in the first responders said simple. Now, I want to remind people, particularly young people. Who bought into the Marxist professors, Marxist media types? Bernie Sanders, other Marxists trashing this country? They need to be reminded about what took place on 9/11. And so it is. That is exactly what we’re going to do. It’s always hard every year to listen to this. And that’s why it’s important. Who knows about 50 years in 100 years from now? I just know those people who have done enormous damage to this country over the last several months. They’ve contributed nothing to this country. Nothing. They’ve taken from this country. As they try to destroy it from within. It’s not going to happen. They won’t succeed. Why? Because we saw the response to 9/11. We even saw the response to the football game last night, which I’ll get into the second hour. The bottom of this hour, we’ll have the great former mayor of New York City, Rudy Giuliani. Giuliani on the program. Let’s begin. Mr. Producer, with Cut 21, please, cut 21, go. Go on to the companies in the area. We have a number of Florida is on fire. It looks like the plane was aiming towards the building where the second plane hit the water tower. The tower, they set up a fire. You’re not going to simply say that somebody forcefully. I try to go on this way to collapse. We are close to how wonderful they are and how we are all alone. The second goal in 2000, which we had no contact with anybody at this time, they cut 21 fire department for a week. Where’s the fire? Yeah, I mean, I don’t think it’s more of a family service. All right. We’re committed now. We’re coming upto get you this come out from outside the windows. All right. We’re on the way. Well, on the way out. All right. Just keep the windows open and you can open up windows. Anticipate it’s going to be a while because of the fire going on downstairs. Open the windows unless we break. OK, just sit tight. Just take one away. Hurry. World Trade Center on the seventh floor. Holy smoke. Okay. Please try to keep calm. We’ll send somebody up there immediately. Everyone’s been trying to do all. Okay. Okay. See you breathing. Okay. Just relax and try to stay calm and try to keep both trying to get back to you as soon as you can. You have a difficult breathing, right? I’m gonna be there for the by the private. Okay. All right. I’m away that I’m right here. You want to be the lion or not be on the line with you? You don’t have to talk, OK? Many people were having to make a decision. Were they going to burn to death or would they jump to their death? Many people had to make that decision. In fact, there are so many people jumping that day that there were people on the ground who were dying because they were hit by the bodies that were falling from the sky. Then, of course, there was American Airlines Flight 77. It was hijacked and flown into the Pentagon and the captain was Chick Burlingame. Debra Burlingame being a dear, dear friend of mine. So he was killed in the cockpit when they took over the plane. He was fighting for his life and he’s fighting for the life of his passengers. You can only imagine how that. Brutality must have taken place. Got 19, no American 77 year departure frequency will be one to five zero fast runway 3 0 4 5 0 0 0 square feet the way 0 79. I 77 spots in a contact, I maintain 5000, 5000. So got to know one another. Americans 77 says it wants to settle on 3 point to seven. I no idea what is going on. American 77 climate. I maintain my level 2 9 0 0 0, sir. American 77 turned 20 degrees right back a bit from American 77. Rather maintained by Level 3 5 0. So that is your final. American 77 I maintained my level 3 5 0 0 0. American 77 could direct the service down the road from an American. American 77 and A. American 77, American Eddie. American, 77, American, any radio check out here at. American 77, American Radio Check. Harry Reid. This is. Because this is headed American 77, I don’t know what appetite I’m trying to get a hearing on how for a hearing you turn it took a turn to the south and now I’m. I don’t know what opportunities add or what he’s doing. Now he’s head towards round at the thirty five. Well just let me know. OK, I’ll try to get a hold of thanks. When we come back, the great Rudy Giuliani. I’ll be right back

Hour 1 Segment 2

You know, it’s a pleasure to have Rudy Giuliani on this program, I think I can call you friend now, Rudy, can I call you friend now? I hope so. I have a great admirer, Mark. Oh, and likewise, Ian, you are you are terrific, by the way. I can think of nobody better to talk to today than you. You’ve lived through this. You led your city through this. You see what your city is going through today. What are you what are your thoughts? Well, I mean, this is this was a very difficult September 11 because of what you just that. And I’d like to just reflect on September 11 and about the horrible attack by these Islamic terrorists on us. And then the brave, brave response of my police officers and firefighters and Port Authority and how they uplifted America and how we all came together. And we fought back as one people. But I can’t do that, you know, given what we’re living through right now. When that put that same police department that was running in those buildings, not asking if somebody was black or white or gay or whatever. I mean, they weren’t asking for diversity. No assigned people. They went to see if they’re being attacked viciously as racist. They’re not the racists. The people attacking them are the reasons. And I can’t I have to admit that I’ve lost the police department of New York City. They had four uncles who were police officers, and I had one who was a firefighter. So I grew up as an admirer. And one of the greatest things about being mayor of New York City was being the commander in chief of Boston and just see them attack like this and to know how good they are, how professional they are and how many babies they saved and children they set and how many of those are minorities and how many they’ve delivered to see them attack like this is terrible. And then when you reflect on it and you realize that the threat of Islamic terrorism is still very, very real there, there they are planning tocome and kill us again when we send signals like we’re going to defund the police or we do to fund the police. But I don’t think these idiots have any idea how they embolden terrorists. They took eight years to come back, Mark. You know, they hit us in 93. They took eight years to come back. You don’t think they are planning to comeback again? You know they are. And they look at me, they’re looking at what Biden is saying and how weak it is. And it’s almost like an invitation, just like it’s an invitation to commit crime in American cities when the Democrat mayors basically say you don’t get arrested. And if you do get arrested, a Soros elected D.A. will set you free. Terrible, terrible situation. You let Rudy on city the worst. You. You sound very different to me today. You’re very, very upset. I know you’re very, very upset about the universe and you’re very, very upset about what’s happening to your city in your police force. I can hear it in your voice. I am very upset what happened in your life. My police department and I’m very upset. What’s happening to this country? I see. I see this. I see this violence out of control. I see that these these mayors and these and these district district attorneys, basically, I mean, they don’t put anybody in jail. The district attorney in St. Louis. I just came back examples and turned out 60 percent of the cases presented to her by the police, 60 percent. And then she only won 20 percent of the remaining cases and she was elected with two million dollars from George Soros. And why would George Soros want to elect a D.A. in St. Lewis other than to destroy the criminal justice system? This is this is how this was going on. Mark is organized. This plan is a plan to it these days were elected over the last three to four years. The D.A. in Chicago, the district attorney in San Francisco, the district attorney of Philadelphia, they’re just returning in Atlanta. They’re just trying to incent Lewis all elected by George Soros. All of them basically have turned down 20, 30, 40 percent of the cases the police went and the crime rate had gone up like crazy. And we have to reverse this. We’ve got to stop it now because it will go on for 20 years. We don’t know, Rudy. The people listening this program in New York City, the be in New York state all over the country. They turned me on9/11. And many of them are turning to you now. What do you want to tell them? What I want to tell them is pay attention to this election. The people of New York City and pay attention. And they’re just reflexively elected de Blasio twice. And he’s destroying the city. They didn’t pay attention to the fact that he went to Cuba on his honeymoon, that he went and helped the Sandinistas. And that he was so far left, he can’t possibly. Governor City. So pay attention to this election. I think the future of our country hangs in the balance. And I know it’s not even a longer about Trump and Biden. It’s about whether we’re going to preserve our way of life. So don’t take anything for granted. And make sure you make the choice. You don’t get rolled by the press and the public’s hands. What kind of country they want to live in, isn’t it? It is. It is. And I see what I mean. New York City. You could say they did it to itself. They elected a completely and incompetent man with a philosophy that is destructive socialist philosophy that is completely destructive and wants to keep poor people poor. So you can dominate. Have you? Are you sure you read David Horowitz’s book? It’s about the con job of the Democratic Party has done on the black community. And it’s time to break that. We break that. And then we’ve got an America that’s really going to soar, because the fact is they keep people in welfare and independence so that they can they can have their vote. They can just depend on it. And if we can break that, we’re going to end up with a country that that does even better than it was doing before the pandemic. You know, we’re not you’re not going off as a Trump. Whatever you think of Donald Trump. He is a genius at economic recovery and economic growth. What he did in the first two to three years is virtually unparalleled in American history. I mean, all of a sudden, the best employment for minorities, the lowest unemployment, the highest wages here. You’re a Republican president comes along. The Democrats own that vote and the Republican president delivers for them in away nobody ever has before. They should take a look at that. I mean, I’ve always said this innate is part of how I got elected. I used to go to the poor communities of New York City and say welfare is not the way out of poverty. Welfare is the way of being locked into poverty. If I can help you get a job, I can get you out of poverty. And I moved 600,000 people off welfare in eight years. I think it was even a greater accomplishment than what I did with crime. But nobody. The liberal press will pay attention to that because it shows that conservative solutions like working hard and work ethic is really the only way out of poverty, not dependency on the government. It’s almost easier, and I don’t mean it’s good. It’s horrific. 1 I won’t say easily. It’s all it’s almost more. Well, let me put it this way. Jefferson, Lincoln, Reagan, they all said if the country’s going to fall, it’s going to fall from within. He saw how we rallied on 9/11, how we went after the enemy. This president took out ISIS and so forth. Yet we have this enemy from within that hates the country. It’s much more complicated, isn’t it? HILL Itis much more complicated. And it’s hard to believe that these people hate America. But you look at what happened at the baseball game last night, those those spoiled millionaire athletes stay in the dugout or say in the locker room of the national anthem is being played. These people are being paid, you know, five million dollars, six million dollars, 10 billion dollars to play a game. In America, there’s no place in the world that’s going to happen to them. I mean, what country? What country does they prefer over America? And they dishonor our national anthem. And they’re protesting against men and women who make 75, 80, eighty five thousand dollars and put their life on the line. Sure. I mean, like if there’s a there a hold up or somebody invades my apartment and I am going to call a baseball player or a cop if I call the baseball player has sent his agent over and we have to negotiate with a good friend. I mean, these guys are all about money. They would even go play unless they got enough money. They’re spoiled brats. And then another group of them come from outside the United States. I mean, they should be kissing the ground of America every day like my grandfather did. We don’t teach that anymore. Mark know public schools have stopped being the places they’re trained American citizens. The public school system began with the concept of training citizens, good citizens of America. Can you imagine if I went and said that should be the purpose of the public schools? That assimilation, Rudy? No assimilation, of course. And it goes back to the 1840 1850. We started that. And that’s why that’s why you said the Pledge of Allegiance. And that’s why you learn civics in public school, the public schools of America. Really? What about the parochial schools? But the public schools of America really trained American citizens. They train the generation that fought in the Second World War, the First World War. They trained you to love this country. And if you going to love any country, this is the country to love. I mean, look who has lost millions, millions of young men getting liberty for other countries, liberating other country. No nation in history. The world’s ever done that. How many how many how many lives did we leave in Europe during the Second World War to liberate Europe? And then how many lives to be there? Did we lose to liberate Eastern Europe from from communism? Ultimately, we did it without without losing. How many lives did we lose? And rightly, we fought the scourge of slavery. Yes. And they want to take down the statue of the president who did that, Abraham Lincoln and the general who won the war because his wife owned slaves. He was anti slavery, his wife’s family owned flesh. And they want to rip down Grant’s statue and they want to rip down Lincoln Lincoln statue, because some of the things he wrote about race didn’t seem to comport with what we think today. Meanwhile, the man died fighting when he was killed, assassinated. And meanwhile, he did more than any other human being in America to address slavery. He was tortured by slavery. We know that. And eventually, having fought that war, cost him his life. I mean, the mad man who killed him was I was incensed because he had fought for the war against the Confederacy. And I a group who has who has a country that liberate France and Germany. He’s rich country, literally, and doesn’t keep France, Germany and Italy. They did. History of fighting foreign wars has been to create an empire. America, not America. After having Colin Powell said, oh, what do we him some ground to bury our people? And I will and I will add, Rudy, send our men into Muslim countries to defend Muslims, send our men and women into third world countries to defend the people who are being brutalized in those countries. We are a great people. We need to remember that. And you remember that now, by the way, folks, Rudy is a great site, is a great podcast. Rudy’s commonsense dot com. There’s no apostrophe. Rudy’s R U D Y S. Rudy’s common sense dot com. I want you to check it out. It’s really a great site, a great podcast. And I want to thank you, Rudy, for everything you’ve done in your work you over. I love your interviews on Sunday night. I think. Thank you. That’s been on television. Thank you. God bless you, my friend. God bless you. Take care. Yep, he’s quite a guy. He really is. We’ll be right back.

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Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve got a big show left still two hours. Next one on the one after that. I hope you’ll stick with us. The NFL ratings have crashed. As far as I’m concerned, they haven’t crashed enough. I want you to continue the boycott of the NFL. The booing, something we recommended here last night. And you did it. I want to thank those fans. Much like the Philadelphia fans who booed. And we’ll get into that, too. We’ve got a ton to do. I hope you’ll stick with us on this Friday evening. And I’ll be right back.