September 10, 2020

September 10, 2020

On Thursday’s Mark Levin Show, The NFL continues to balkanize their sport and many Americans won’t be participating as they resume their season. Marxists in the media are obsessed with their notion that all human distinction comes from systemic racism, not individuality. Similarly, Joe Biden has no coronavirus plan to share with Americans, just as he had no plans when he managed previous pandemics as Vice President. Then, ABC News’ John Karl asked President Trump a question alleging that he “lied” to the American people. Yet it was the Democrats who downplayed, misled and lied to America about Obamacare, Islamist terrorism, the Iran deal, Russian collusion, and the ‘mostly peaceful’ rioters that have killed dozens in recent months. Afterward, several DOJ officials claim they accidentally wiped 15 phones during the Inspector General’s investigation into their potential wrongdoing. They claimed that they entered the wrong passwords into the phones while in airplane mode thus disabling them. Finally, Sarah Huckabee Sanders calls in to discuss her new book, Speaking for Myself: Faith, Freedom, and the Fight of Our Lives Inside the Trump White House.


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Rough transcript of Hour 1

Hour 1 Segment 1

The reporters like reporting on reporters, not they. What is his book, number six or seven, trashing the Press in the United States? I think it is. 55 days or so before the election. How convenient. By the way, the NFL first game of the season is tonight. I won’t be watching it. And quite frankly, if you’re a patriot who listens to this show, you shouldn’t watch it either. But there’s no bigger football fan than I. But I’m not going to watch it anymore. Because they degrade me. They don’t know me and they treat me like some kind of a. A malcontent, a miscreant, and they do that with all of you. While I get up the ratings and they get their money. Multimillionaires who have such a tough life. They’re an example of how the society is not systemically racist, but there they are and they’re going to have something called the black national anthem. How about the Hispanic national anthem or the Asian national anthem or the Irish or the Italian or the Jewish national anthem? How sick is this? This tribalization, this Balkanization? What are they doing? Running around, chasing a football? Slamming each other. When you get right down to. But those of you who are going to watch, I just want you to understand, they hate your guts. I don’t care what race you are. If you’re working hard and you’re paying taxes, you’re trying to be a law abiding citizen, especially if you’re successful like them. They hate your guts and they blame you. For any inequities and failures that exist in this society. I hope you’re keeping track of my posts on social media. Mark Levin, show Facebook. Mark Levin, show Twitter. And at Mark Levin on right, Mr. Producer, Mark Levin show on parlor. Because I pointed out today and one or two sentences that what’s happening here is the Democrat Party and the media and these Marxist operatives are all trying to enshrine within our culture the idea. The distinctions between individual human beings. Distinctions between individual human beings are based on racism, systemic racism. And this is a poisonous ideology. Poisonous. Did you know there’s two candidates running for president, the United States? Mr. Pelosi? There’s two running. Does anybody know this? There’s the president is running for re-election. Donald Trump, and then there’s the other guy. But you wouldn’t know there’s the other guy. There’s no books written on the other guy other than Don Junior. But I mean, we’ve got book after book after book after book written about Donald Trump. We’re all the Joe Biden books. He’s been around half a century. He’s fond of God know show many women. He was a bigot working with segregationists for so many years, he flip flopped and flipped over and over again like a beached flounder. There are serious questions about his family’s role with China and the Ukraine, particularly a hundred Biden. He pretends he plays rope a dope, that he doesn’t know anything. Where are all the books on Joe Biden? Where’s the 60 Minutes interview? Whereas the. The wall to wall coverage. Of Joe Biden. There isn’t any. There isn’t any. Joe Biden was in charge of, as we’ve talked about here, the swine flu. The management of the swine flu for this country, for the Obama administration in 2009 was a disaster in every respect. His own chief of staff says it was a disaster, wrong claim. I’m not going to play it all again for you. But you know what I mean. So he was vice president there. And so he knows something about pandemics and epidemics. So where was Joe Biden’s plan? Not even with specifics, just generalities. Where was his plan in February of this year? He had none. Well, where was this plan in March? By then, he was really the Democrat nominee, everybody. He had none. Where was this plan in April? Any suggestions that he had none. May none, June, none, July none, August. None now. None. Joe Biden has no plan and had no plan to address those fires, despite his vast experience in 2009, didn’t even make any suggestions to the administration. Whereas Joe Biden’s vaccine plan, he didn’t have one. And yet he was in charge of that and they blew it. Where’s his plan for opening the economy? Massively increasing taxes, massive regulations, massive redistribution of wealth? That’s his plan for opening the economy. For creating jobs. Let me tell you, folks, creating jobs, particularly blue collar jobs, assembly line jobs, smokestack jobs, he’s going to kill them. He’s gonna kill them with taxes. He’s gonna kill them with the environmental radicals. He’s gonna kill them. And those jobs will again go overseas. Because production and employment will be impossible. And Joe Biden’s America. Where’s his plan for opening schools? He has no plan for opening schools because he’s bought and paid for by the NEA and the HFT, the two monstrous teacher unions that control our classrooms. She has no plan for opening schools. No real plan for opening the economy or creating jobs. No vaccine plan. He’s got no plan whatsoever and didn’t. In dealing with this virus, despite his breadth of experience and his depth of experience in 2009, nothing. Zero. That seems kind of relevant to me. When you decide how you’re going to vote. Now we know what the president’s done. He’s had press conference after press conference over the last more than six months. He’s explained exactly what he’s doing. He said doctors by his side, who also explained exactly what’s being done. I interviewed Fauci March 22nd. He said that the response has been very impressive, that they work 20 hours a day. A whole team that he doesn’t know what else they could be doing beyond what they’re already doing. And he dismissed the other day. The entire premise of Bob Woodward’s attack. The president not wanting to panic the American people. Now we’re gonna have a vaccine maybe two within a year. That is unheard of. Absolutely unheard of. What’s the position of the Biden camp? What’s Harris’s position? The Democrat Party, the media? What are their positions? It’s too fast and must be political. He’s doing it for he’s doing it for election purposes. So he’s supposed to put the foot on the brake and tell Pfizer and Johnson and Johnson and the others to kill it. So he’s too slow then he’s too fast. He’s not transparent and he’s too transparent. He’s done more than that, the president under this operation warp speed. He’s already contracted for manufacturing syringes. He’s looking down the line here. Already contracted for distribution, which gets very complicated. And this is in addition over the last many months of changing our assembly lines, changing our assembly lines to build ventilators. Remember when the governors like Cuomo were saying they would do it anyway, they did have enough. But they thought they did. So now we have an excess supply ventilators, an excess supply of respirators. We had an excess supply of hospital beds because the governor said they didn’t have enough. And then, of course, because Obama and Biden didn’t leave the federal government with money PPD. Present the United States went out and had that manufactured insecurity as much as they possibly could in terms of mass and so forth. Despite the scientists telling them early on, people don’t need way. So what else did he do with the private sector and the government with the most extensive? Accurate testing system for the Corona virus on the face of the Earth. And that was done in a period of three to five months. On the face of the earth, we have turned the corner on the Corona virus. You don’t see these charts on TV anymore, do you, Mr. Producer? You don’t see the graphs on TV anymore, do you, folks? You don’t see th ecomparisons with other industrialized nations anymore, do you? Because the media censors good information. Because they want panic, panic because they think panic not only gives them more hits on their Web sites, more viewers on their shows, more listeners on radio, but they think panic will help Joe Biden win. The mortality rate is way, way down, way down. And the mortality rate has less to do with the virus and more to do with the age of the individuals and the fragility of the individuals with comorbidities. And where were the Democrats? Biden and Harris and Pelosi and Schumer during all this time? Were they prepared to work with the president of the United States, not once, every step of the way. Every step of the way. He was alone. With this administration. But the Democrats and the media want to panic the public. They want to distract you from all this. This is why Woodward waited and waited and waited for what he thought was the most propitious moment to do maximum damage as they put out a little piece of his book, One at a time, 60 Minutes. The New York Times, Washington Post, The Drudge Report. This is what fascistic regimes, communist regimes do. Not a word of support for any steps taken by the president and his administration. Not one. Now, let’s talk about this issue of downplaying and misleading this Jon Karl of ABC News is a disgrace. He’s disgusting. Says to the president, why did you lie to the American people? He would never say that to Biden, he would never say that to Obama. Never say to anybody else. But let me suggest this. The issue of downplaying and misleading and lying, Mr. Carr, on the rest of the media. For months. The Democrats and the media have called violence, looting, burning and killing in our streets. Caught on camera by our citizen reporters. That is riots. They’ve been calling it mostly peaceful. Now, that sounds like downplaying and misleading and lying to me. For years. Obama and Biden refuse to call Islamic terrorists Islamic terrorists. Now, that sounds like downplaying, misleading and lying to me. For years, Obama and Biden lied about Obamacare. And whether you can keep your doctor, keep your plan. Now that sounds like misleading. And lying to me. They lied about the Iran deal. To our faces. They lied about Russia collusion day in and day out and day in and day out. Today, the Democrats downplay, mislead and lie. About the growing anti-Semitism in that party. Of which there are many individuals who are bigots. Today, they downplay and lie about the chaos. That is going to result from mail in voting. They lie about it and mislead and downplay. They lie, mislead and downplay Biden’s mental health, which obviously is in severe deterioration. And now. They lie about the president, quote unquote, killing people. The most grotesque applies. While giving a pass to Cuomo and Murphy and Pritzker and Newsom and Whitaker. And the other governors. Mayors like de Blasio, who truly have blood on their hands. Truly have blood on their hands. For the way they abused the most vulnerable among us. Our elderly, our senior citizens in nursing homes and adult care facilities. Which has been calculated to be over 40 percent of the deaths that have occurred as a result of this Corona virus. Joe Biden will never condemn them any more than he’ll condemn the mayors and the governors. Who allow the rioting in thestreets? Mostly peaceful, of course. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 2

I will be on HANNITY on Fox tonight, nine thirty p.m. Eastern Time. Please don’t miss it. You know, I did a little test a couple days ago. You know, I have these ideas that I come up with and I share them with you. One of the things I said was. The president was right about being concerned about a panic. I mean, look. The shelves were emptied of toilet paper and paper towels and hand sanitizer and water bottles. And that’s without a panic. Well, of course, people take that stuff and they call other talk shows or they go on cable TV and they regurgitate these things, and I told Mr. Producer, I’m a pool test out there. Let’s see what happens. And so people have been using that example today, haven’t they, Mr. Producer? And the reason is it’s an important point. If the president of the United States had freaked out the American people, he wouldn’t be a leader. When Franklin Roosevelt was president, he tried to do everything he could to tamp down the panic and the run on the banks. What was happening with the stock market? Presidents do this all the time and they do it for good reason. It doesn’t mean that they’re not working like hell very hard behind the scenes to address the problem. And this is the really grotesque aspect of this, to have Joe Biden feeble Joe go out there and yell at the top of his lungs that the president killed people is truly sick. He’s a sick old man.

Hour 1 Segment 3

The NFL is being pushed like hell on my favorite cable channel. I would strongly discourage you from watching it. If they get good numbers, then they’re going to say, see this, all our anti-Americanism doesn’t matter. Over anti-Americanism doesn’t matter and this fool as Commissioner Roger Goodell has destroyed the NFL. That’s why he goes on MSNBC and CNN to talk. He’d never come on this show. Fact we invited him on the show months ago. Still waiting for him to get back. That hundred and ten page communist manifesto that Biden and Bernie Sanders putout. It’s being downplayed. Why don’t the media go over it? Why don’t the media discuss it? They try not to panic you. I think they’re trying not to panic you. Because if that was implemented, the poverty. The widespread poverty that will create is beyond belief. And so the media doesn’t cover it. This whole issue. How the hell did that come on this whole issue? Honestly, about downplaying and so forth. It’s a non-issue. And so what do we need to go through the Bob Woodward book page after page? Because one more on after another spoke to Bob Woodward. Want to get to another one to. And that is madness. Mattis is the kind of general that Abraham Lincoln would’ve fired and he fired many of the. Turns out Mattis is a saboteur in his post military life. His name keeps popping up in Woodward’s book in an op ed he wrote after the Lafayette Park effort to bring law and Order. He may well be, and I don’t know this for a fact. One of the anonymous sources at the Atlantic. He came out and defended John Bolton, of course, they hated each other’s guts when they worked in the administration. But, you know. Strange bedfellows, as they say. Former Defense Secretary James Mattis. This is bright Bart reportedly once warned a top United States intelligence official that collective action, quote unquote, might be required to stem President Trump’s dangerous behavior in the White House. And that individuals Dan Coats, the ex director of national intelligence. Who’s always been a clown. He was a clown as United States senator from Indiana. I remember what a gutless wonder he was. I believe he ducked running against a. By at the time and then ran again, and there he is. But you can see. Subsequent directors, acting director Grinnell, current director Radcliffe. He can see the difference between them in this case Coats. But Matisse. This is shocking. This is a shocking revelation. Matisse. Was considering, if not in fact, conspiring for collective action. With the director of national intelligence, that’s the office that oversees all the intelligence operations and agencies in this country. I don’t believe. Certainly not in modern times we’ve ever had. And I believe it any time. An ex general serving in a cabinet or next general period. Who considered conspiring? To bring collective action, quote unquote, against the elected president of the United States. Now, I know Bob Woodward didn’t expect this to be. Focused on are seen this way. They’re hoping it’s used as their own projection that Trump is so bad. Look at this as ex defense. No. That’s not the way to view this. The way to view this is what a complete. Fraud. This matters. And if you disagree with me, General. Come on the program. We can discuss it. My understanding at the time was he was very difficult to deal with. He would not work with the White House on various policy and personnel decisions. It was more than happy to work with the Democrats and Liberals on Capitol Hill. You know, there’s a great piece. I believe it’s in the American Thinker. Whether remind us how Obama wiped out. Several levels of leadership over there at the Pentagon. Many generals and replace them with more like minded generals. And that clearly has had an impact. On the hierarchy, at the Pentagon and elsewhere, as a matter of fact. These are, you know, patterns or Bradleys or. Or Marshall’s or what have you. You actually have these ex generals, and I bet Kelly is one of them too, working behind the scenes trying to destroy a president and a presidency, and they’re so self-righteous that they believe they’re doing it on behalf of the country. This is a civilian government, what the hell do you guys think you’re doing? And so confident. Is the Democrat Party and their Marxist base. In these generals that they say over and over again. That these generals are going to be used to remove the president from the White House. Can you imagine? That’s what’s shocking. Absolutely shocking. And matters should be condemned. But he won’t be condemned by the Democrats and the left. They don’t have a problem with martial law. You see the soft martial law in these Democrat states. See how fast it came upon us. They aren’t a problem putting salon owners out of business. Now, the poor woman, the salon owner, single mother in San Francisco, she had a closer shop today because of all the threats she’s getting. Good job, Nancy Pelosi, Eva Pelosi. And by the way, your hair sucks. It looks it looks preposterous. Know, it looks like I have a bowl of spaghetti on your head. What do you think of that, you jerk? Put her out of business. They put her out of business. And she’s happy about it. But she said for the little people. As long as they wait on her and they keep their mouths shut. She’s all for the little people. At some point, I gotta believe that the working men and women of this country are going to rise up and throw off this Democrat Party. It is a fraud. It does not have their best interests at heart. It uses people. It uses minorities. It uses union members. It uses blue collar workers. It uses people. And for what? What did Joe Biden ever do? In all these decades, his families become enormously rich. Why did they produce something? They they write something incredible to the now selling their name, selling off, selling their positions. Nobody’s written a book about that. Don Junior, but nobody in the media. Not this clown for The New York Times. What’s his name? Schmitz Schmidt. This clown. What word are the other clown now? Course not. And isn’t it amazing? Biden’s been around Washington, D.C. for half a century. Molesting women, fondling women. The biggest signing up to segregationists. Openly supporting the. The head power, whatever the hell they call him, the Klansman, Robert Byrd. And there’s not a single book. Not a single book out there on. I’m Pelosi. Excuse me, on the on her either, but on now on Biden as a senator, as vice president, nobody’s ever worked for him. Nothing. Isn’t that amazing, ladies and gentlemen? All the times. He served on the Senate Judiciary. Nothing. Clean slate. The reason is these publishers, many of them are owned by news organizations like Simon and Schuster in some of these others. And Simon and Schuster, I’m sad to say, is responsible for many of these anti Trump books, vicious anti Trump books. Because they don’t want to publish books like that or people aren’t coming forward because they’re too scared. It could be that, you know. So Bob Woodward is back. And yet I explained what a fraud he is. Mr. Bruce, would you invite Bob Woodward onto the program? Just tell me when to interview him about his book. He’s going everywhere else. It’s going everywhere else, surely he’ll come on this program, he’s a tough guy. We’ll give them time. We’ll be right back

Hour 1 Segment 4

Jon Karl, what I was referring to. At the press conference today, pretty damn outraged writers cut to go. Why did you lie to the American people and why should we trust what you are saying? Terrible question. And the phraseology didn’t lie. What I said is we have to become we can’t be panicked. I knew that. But let let’s do it. Let’s just stop a second. Can anybody imagine? This fraud ever asking a question like that to Obama about Obama’s allies on Obamacare? You can keep your insurance, you can keep your doctor. Choose me, your costs will be cut. Cut twenty to one hundred dollars. Ever. No. The disrespect. That these people show the office of the presidency in the present, the United States. Is absolutely contemptible fact, it’s unconscionable. You can ask him a question without pulling that. This guy, Jon Karl’s been around long enough. But this is how it works. Now, the more outrageous. The more grotesquely disrespectful you can be, the more you draw attention is having all these guys write books. Carl wrote a book. Jon Karl’s book didn’t go anywhere, but this is what they do. Go ahead. These were a series of phone calls that we had, mostly phone calls, and Bob Woodward is somebody that I respect just from hearing the name from many, many years, not knowing too much about his work and not caring about his work. But I thought it would be interesting to talk to him for a period of no calls. So we did that. I don’t know if it’s go to bed. I don’t even know if the book is good or bad. But certainly if he thought that was a bad statement, he would have reported it because he thinks that, you know, you don’t want to have anybody that is going to suffer medically because of some fact. And he didn’t report it because he didn’t think it was bad. Nobody thought it was read. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. And you question the way you phrased that is such a disgrace. It’s a disgrace to ABC television network. It’s a disgrace to your employer. He really is. It’s disgusting. But that’s OK. This is what they do. Bob over and will not be asked tough questions in 60 minutes, right? This is just an endless. Attack on the president when that book’s down, there’ll be something else. I don’t know who they’re trying to appeal to. I really don’t know who they’re trying to appeal to. Nobody has said in any. Specific terms with any detail whatsoever what they would have done differently than what we would have asked earlier. Now we know they wouldn’t have because not a damn one of them said anything at the time. In fact, I don’t know how you act earlier than January 31, when the president put in place the ban on travel to and from China. Against the advice of Anthony Fauci. The scientist. There was a lot of confusion early on among and between the scientists different models. You’ll recall. Then you had governors going off on their own rogue like Cuomo. On March 20, 3rd, issuing his edict. That killed thousands of senior citizens. Now we know that for a fact. For an absolute fact. Trump didn’t do that. Cuomo did that. So this book. It’s like so many other books that what where does. He goes to individuals who are a hostile. To the target of the book. Some of whom have been fired or resigned, some of whom are leakers and known leakers in the administration. That’s what he does. Then the president. Because I guess Lindsey Graham recommended it. Talks to Woodward because they know what, we’re just doing a book and perhaps he believes Graham and the president, that they can take the edge off. But that’s the trap. That’s the trap. And woman has no intention of writing a credible, objective book. None. It’s not a book about history. He writes a book about gossip and gotcha and even how they turn what the president said. He gives that part to The Washington Post, which is promoted by the Drudge Report. So they create this fake. Or pseudo issue. The president lied to the American people. I know of no president who has spent more time talking to the American people through a pandemic or anything else in the history of this country. None. In fact, it got to a point where he is being advised from the geniuses at the editorial page of The Wall Street Journal, among others. Don’t have these long press conferences anymore. Don’t do them anymore. Remember all that. I’ll be right back.