September 4, 2020

September 4, 2020

On Friday’s Mark Levin Show, America is rounding the corner on the China virus. Hospitalizations are down, fatalities are down, and testing has significantly increased. President Trump’s Operation Warp Speed initiative has enabled the CDC to possibly have a vaccine as soon as November 1, 2020. Yet, Joe Biden remains critical of America’s success in fighting the virus when he in fact has a poor track record with pandemics. Then, an activist at a leftwing publication, owned by a Biden mega-donor, has falsely accused Trump of trashing dead soldiers. Even fellow leftwing writers have questioned why the piece only cites anonymous sources. Well-known Trump enemy, John Bolton, says he was there and that the decision to not visit the graves of the soldiers was made by Gen. Kelly due to the weather. Later, the media got a reality check when Special Envoy Richard Grenell took them to task over their inexperience and bias regarding news of Kosovo and Serbia. Grenell challenged reporters to study their history and questioned whether they could even find Kosovo on a map. Afterward, a bipartisan group of elder statesmen agreed 15 years ago that that mail-in ballots would present a myriad of challenges. The issues cited were related to supply chain weaknesses within the United States Postal Service to vulnerabilities for voter fraud with unsolicited ballots.


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Rough transcript of Hour 1

Hour 1 Segment 1

You know, so I sit here prepped for the show, thinking about things, watching the president. You know, when you look at this China virus, the president sends were rounding the corner. He’s right. We are rounding the corner. The mortality rate is way, way down. The use of hospital beds for the virus. Way, way down. Testing way, way up. I’ll get to this a little later, the CDC is telling state health officials to get ready to distribute a Corona virus vaccine. Perhaps as soon as November 1st. That’s not the president. That’s the CDC. Working with Pfizer and Johnson and Johnson and other magnificent American pharmaceutical companies. And we have therapeutics. To have been rolled out, more to come. All this has been done in seven months. Seven months it has been warp speed. For something that’s incredibly complicated, that was ubiquitous. And then you look at what Biden and Obama did in 2009 with the swine flu, which wasn’t nearly as complicated or ubiquitous as this, and they blew it every step of the way. So it’s one thing for Biden and the Democrats to sit back and shoot spitballs. But the fact is Biden has a record. Then you look at the economy, which we’ll get into in a moment. It’s been unbelievable when you consider major states like California, New York, New Jersey, Illinois. Are resisting. Opening up their economies. Heavy populations. The unemployment rate drops from over 10 percent to eight point four percent. I can remember when Obama was running for re-election, the oh button, the unemployment rate was about eight point one percent. So the economy is definitely picking up. Four months in a row. More and more, you can see progress, significant progress being made in addressing this virus, whether it’s vaccines, whether it’s therapeutics, whether you measure it by the mortality rate, which is very, very low, or you measure it by the use of hospital beds, which has been cut by two thirds. Yes. When the president says were rounded the corner, we are rounding the corner. And then when you look at the economy, the economy is clawing its way back, despite Democrat governors, despite Nancy Pelosi getting her hair done in San Francisco. She’s nowhere near Washington, D.C.. So without any support, certainly of late with the Democrat Party. Four Democrat governors. You can see the economy picking up. Which is why, of course, we get this. This smear character assassination effort by Jeffrey Goldberg, who used to slobber all over Obama with a left wing Atlantic so-called news site. It is a left wing magazine or was a magazine The Atlantic, 60days before the election. So they stoop so low as to accuse the president of the United States. Of calling those who are deceased. Military men. Losers. President Donald Trump, right? Jeffrey Goldberg, he writes it under his own name. Cancelled a visit to the US. Niemann. American Cemetery near Paris in 2018. He blamed rain for the last minute decision, saying that the helicopter couldn’t fly and that the Secret Service wouldn’t drive them there. Neither claim was true. Trump rejected the idea of a visit because he feared his hair would become disheveled in the rain and because he did not believe it important to honor American war dead, according to four people with firsthand knowledge of the discussion that day. In a conversation with senior staff members on the morning of the scheduled visit, Trump said, Why should I go to that cemetery? It’s filled with losers. In a separate conversation on the same trip, Trump referred to the more than eighteen hundred Marines who lost their lives in Bellwood as suckers for getting killed. Now, let’s hold on a sec. Does that sound like the president we know? Now, that sounds like the left. John Bolton, who is an avowed enemy of this president who wrote an entire book condemning the president, wrote about this subject, but more importantly. He just commented on it today. He commented on it today, and not only he. But Sarah Huckabee Sanders and others. Where would the president the entire time? And they all deny that that took place. And I suspect you have generals, ex generals. Who really have disgraced themselves in more ways than one and perhaps others. That The Atlantic is using. To substantiate a smear. And yet on the record, not for anonymous sources, all the record. We have individuals denying that that took place, including John Bolton today. Listen to what he said, cut 15. Go. Well, I didn’t hear either of those comments or anything even resembling them. I was there at the point in time that morning when it was decided that he would not go to Ma’an Cemetary. He decided not to do it because of John Kelly’s recommendation. It was entirely a weather related decision. And I thought the proper thing to do wasn’t about his hair, wasn’t because he didn’t want to honor the dead, which he does all the time. And so all day long and probably all weekend long. This lie will be continually perpetuated, and I don’t encourage you to go. You go to the Drudge Report has been sitting on his frontpage and read. That’s when he gets excited. Pushing this lie, he doesn’t have the John Bolton quote. Nowhere on his site. But he is not alone. This bill pushed all day by the media, pushed all day by the Biden campaign, pushed all day by the DNC. This should backfire. If you’re a patriotic American, whatever your party. If you’re a veteran, if you’re active duty, if you’re in the National Guard. You should be repulsed by this kind of phony reporting. You should be disgusted. Again, how do we know it’s a lie? John Bolton, among others on the record. On the record for anonymous sources who have not revealed themselves, and if they did, you see they could be examined, cross examined, questioned, their motives could be questioned. We need to know when they were there, what they heard, why they heard something so differently than John Bolton and Sarah Huckabee Sanders, among others. The president surrounded by people. All the time. What did John Bolton say again, cut 15, go? Well, I didn’t hear either of those comments or anything even resembling them. I was there at the point in time that morning when it was decided that he would not go to Ma’an Cemetary. He decided not to do it because of John Kelly’s recommendation. It was entirely a weather related decision and I thought the proper thing to do. In other words, the weather was dangerous for the helicopter to land and so forth and so on. Nothing to do with his hair. Nothing to do with calling those eighteen hundred Marines who lost their lives suckers. Nothing to do with calling the men in that cemetery losers. Does that sound like this president who loves this country, loves the military, loves law enforcement? Loves the pomp and circumstance of the military. Course not. And all we have. Trump denies the story. Trump denies the story. It’s shocking. What the media in this country will do now, this guy. Jeffrey Goldberg. As I said. He’s an Obama slobber, so he wants Biden to win. And he’s on CNN today and he stands by his sources. And Jim Shooter, who interviews him. As a former Obama official. Count one, go. I’m curious why these people didn’t want to go on the record. We’re two months from an election and these are horrible insults to service members. Did they explain their thinking as to as to why they wouldn’t put their names to these accounts now, by the way? That happens to be a shockingly good question. Here’s Goldberg. Go ahead. Well, like, you know, like you, when you’re faced with the same situation, you’re always asking for people to go on the record and then ultimately you have to make it when they don’t want to go. And we’ve both experienced why people don’t want to go. They don’t want to be inundated with angry tweets. Let’s stop there. You have a presidential election. This is a. Shocking. Effort, a character assassination. And you have to make a decision whether people go on the record or not. When tens of millions of Americans have to have to digest this and make a decision, you put it in your magazine or you put it on your Web site. And these people are anonymous. They don’t want to be inundated with angry tweets and all the rest, mister producer, my inundated with angry tweets. I’m inundated with angry tweets all the time. I have suspicions about who. May have been involved in this. I can’t voice them. But I have suspicions. And it’s a loathsome. Act of sabotage and treachery. And by the way, it’s perfectly time Joe Biden’s out there. He’s angry. He has never been angrier. Never been angrier. He’s angry at what, you idiot? You mental midget. Angry at what a lie. A smear. Character assassination. It’s as if this is an entire drama that’s all set in motion. You see what I’m saying? The media working with the Democrats and the Democrats working with the media. You better believe it. Got to go. You’ve heard what the presidents aid in calling it a fake, disputing it vigorously. Canyou tell us your reaction to the president’s? Well, this is Andrea Mitchell. She is incapable of asking a serious. Journalistic type question. To anybody who is attacking the president, but go ahead, it is not fake. It is real. This story is extensively sourced. And no, it’s not extensively saw she got four anonymous sources. How come you didn’t ask John Bolton? How comedian Sarah Huckabee Sanders. How come you didn’t ask other people who were around the president at the time? Notice that, ladies and gentlemen. Isn’t that a clever little journalistic, quote unquote, trick? You got the information you want. Use the anonymous source and you can have that, everybody he speak to say exactly the same thing. When you have individuals who are around the prison, can you imagine the story if you had spoken to John Bolton and he said exactly what he told Fox and you heard it twice or he spoke to Huckabee Sanders or anybody else who said, no, that didn’t happen. He wouldn’t have a story. But he wanted to have a story. This is sleazy. Sleazy. You go ahead, I really accurate. It’s all I can say. This is not the first time, of course. It’s not the first time today that the president has cast aspersions on journalism that doesn’t reflect well. Hi. I’m fine. We don’t need to get into that. The Fox says its talked to two former officials who confirm. The Trump quote, White House and Fox reveal who they are, what kind of reporting is this? Who are the former officials? I’m sure they’re two of the four who are anonymous. So it seems to me the Atlantic and Fox now have an obligation to tell us who they are. Oh, you know, we have our journalistic practices. No, no, no, no. The American people have a right to know 60 days before the election. Really quite appalling. I’ll be right back

Hour 1 Segment 2

I just want you to remember for two and a half, for three years, there was always there were at least one, maybe two breaking stories everyday on Russia, collusion with an email. We had a text. Anonymous sources, sources on the record, FBI sources. Oh, my God. It was. They were closing in. Remember the media closing in on the president? Russia collusion. Criminal investigators leaking, everybody leaking, leaking, leaking, the president, the United States. An innocent man. There was nothing there. This is the same thing. This is the same thing they are trying to handicap, cripple his campaign. So rather than sending spies into his campaign like they did four years ago. The reporters will do the hit jobs for them. As of right now, we have absolutely no evidence. Not a sin, Teyla, of evidence that this ever occurred. That the discussion ever occurred and as a lawyer, former federal litigator, I can tell you, when you have somebody like John Bolton who despises the president as a witness to events, who supports the president’s. Position on those events. You have a great witness. The others are hiding their hiding behind Anonymous. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 3

One of the things that I find exploitive, if I may say, and I’ll mention this first, it’s OK. I have to do this a lot. Joe Biden is now using Beau Biden, the late Beau Biden. Who did serve in Iraq? Who did get a Bronze Star, who unfortunately passed away from brain cancer, is using him in his ads and he’s using him in his comments. To conceal his own record, Joe Biden’s record with the military is a disaster. He and Obama. Virtually eviscerated the United States military, undermined at every step of the way. Showed no respect to the United States military. So Biden will talk about his son, Beau, but he won’t talk about his son Hunter, because if he brings up Hunter, it doesn’t help him politically. So I am troubled as a father. As a son and what I’m seeing, these ads, they’re very exploitive because Joe Biden has no military record, president doesn’t either, but he doesn’t pretend to. Joe Biden has no military record. And then he kind of laces in healthcare at the end of the commercial. That has nothing to do with anything. And he brings it up again today or brings him up again today. This is about Joe Biden. This is about Joe Biden. Not about Beau Biden, Joe Biden, Joe Biden and the Democrat Party back. Black Lives Matter and anti-Obama. They not only attack verbally and violently law enforcement, which is bad enough, they attack our military. They accuse our military being imperialistic and colonial lipstick and they trash it. So why does Joe Biden tolerate that? Why do the media promote these organizations? Why does the Democrat Party embrace these organizations if they’re so pro military? When the Marxist anarchists that they support trash our military and trash the men and women in the military. Why is that? So they want to believe. The Atlantic, which is in their corner, which is trying to smear character, assassinate the president with anonymous quotes. And Fox says a reporter has to anonymous two of the four probably. And then we have people on the record who were there with the president who say never happened on the record. Never. Because the people who do it anonymously are cowards. They don’t want to be scrutinized. They don’t want to be questioned. Has nothing to do with Twitter, for God’s sakes. Well, we don’t want tweets against us. Absurd. So the Democrat Party. Embraces anti-American and Thai law enforcement, anti military, radical extremist, Marxist, anarchist elements that have been burning our cities, attacking law enforcement and hate the United States military and say so in their mission statements. Biden embraces them. He doesn’t bring up his son, Beau Biden then. But they want to believe a phony story. I lie and wait till you hear this. This is how you know it’s all. Playacting. Biden gets very angry if the article is accurate. He’s never been angrier if the article is accurate, he doesn’t demand to know who are these anonymous sources. Who are they? And you can see he’s scripted and in fact, in the middle of this he looks down at the podium because he’s written notes or that notes have been written for him because he knows the media are going to ask him about this. Cut forgo this morning in reference to that article in The Atlantic. Call convened by your campaign cause you’re concerned that the comments demonstrated that President Trump’s life is a testament to selfless, selfless self business and that his soul is that of a coward. Now see that? See that they have no facts to back up this article, but they just trash the president. And so the question, should Peter Biden in his campaign and the DNC. Aren’t the people you support an anti from Black Lives Matter and others? Soulless and selfish. And cowards in the way they talk about law enforcement and the military. No, of course not. Go ahead. You’ve talked about this as a different view of how you see the job as president. But when you hear these remarks, suckers, losers recoiling from amputees, what Trump’s soul and the life he leads? Now, let’s stop right there. We are also going to look at the questions that were answered by this this this pathetic gaggle of goofballs. Shocking. What a joke the media have become, and I watched this today and I immediately posted on my social media. That’s so far the questions that Bidens being asked by these phony journalists. Are pathetic. It’s right up there. They’re pathetic, shockingly pathetic. Now watch Biden listen to this. Go ahead. I’m going to try to be measured in my response. If it’s true and based on the things he said, I’m not right here. You see how it’s teed up? You see how this travels. You have this story with anonymous sources. It’s pushed out by the Drudge Report and other entities. All kinds of news, leftwing newsrooms all day long. People on the record, the report he didn’t mention. We’ve got Bolton on the record. We’ve got Huckabee Sanders on the record. We have others on the record who were there and say Dinesh doesn’t mention it, trying to tee it up for Biden. That’s how, you know, this is an inside job. That’s how, you know, this is all phony. Go ahead. I ask you all the rhetorical question, how do you feel? How would you feel if you had a kid who against it right now? How would you feel he’s responding to. A story based on an anonymous sources. I don’t know how would you feel if you had a kid in Afghanistan right now? And the Democrat Party was backing an TFA and Black Lives Matter and the violence and militancy and their hatred toward America. Lots going on in our country and in our cities today. How would you feel? Ladies and gentlemen. Go ahead. If she lost her son, daughter, husband, wife, how would you feel? For real? I know that’s not your job to express that feeling, but you know, you know in your heart. This was planned. He knew he’d get the question. Go ahead. It’s deplorable, it’s deplorable. So I’ve said many times, I’ll say again. These folks are the backbone of America. No, that’s not true in your mind. Then why did you, Obama, treat the military so shabbily? Remember, early in his presidency, Obama wouldn’t even salute. Remember that Mr. Buddhism isn’t. How shabbily he treated the military. How he and Obama. Basically, they cut a deal that you only increase defense spending to the extent you increase domestic spending. So you don’t give us a dollar for food stamps, you don’t get a dollar for the Marines. Remember all that, ladies and gentlemen? I do. Go ahead. The heart, the soul, the grit. That’s what patriotism is about. I’ve probably. I’ve just never been as disappointed in my whole career. He’s looking down now with a leader that I’ve worked with, president or otherwise. If the article is true and it appears to be based on other things, he said, it is absolutely damnable. It is snowy. If the article is true and it appears to be based on the things he said, no, it doesn’t. And so this is what we. Call a pseudo event, as I wrote about it on freedom of the press of the president more succinctly puts it fake news, but it is character assassination. So now we have. Joe Biden standing up for the integrity of the United States military against Donald Trump. Based on what? Based on this article. Look at their records. Look at the records. Who supports the United States military and who did? This is why Joe Biden can’t run on his record. This is why he has to bring up his deceased son. Beau Biden, this is why he has to trash the president, the United States. But of course, the Atlantic. Didn’t ask other people who are around the president whether the article was true. That is whether the anonymous sources are true. Let me ask you something, ladies and gentlemen, wouldn’t the first person you go to if you hate the president? You’re a liberal magazine. Be John Bolton. So why didn’t they go to John Bolton? Because this story was planted. By disgruntled individuals, perhaps ex generals. It was planted. And I suspect one or more the anonymous sources waived Jeffrey Goldberg off talking to Bolton or any of the others who are now on the record denying and denouncing this. This is how your media work today. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 4

How will this story affect the election? How will that affect the president? What story? What is this? This is a fiction until they until they show us something. What story? Well, we’ve confirmed from two anonymous I don’t care what you’ve confirmed from anonymous sources, we people on the record say never happened, including hostile witnesses like John Bolton himself. This is what you’re going to get all weekend. So don’t watch it. It’s Labor Day weekend. It’s a holiday weekend. Enjoy yourselves. Screw. Television news. Just my advice to you. You’re not going to want to miss next hour where Mr. Producer has put together. It’s unbelievable. The questions that Joe Biden fielded today, so-called press conference. You listen to this and you have to believe that not only did they choose the reporters, but they wrote the questions. I mean. It’s so absurd. This is why, again, when I was watching this, I immediately posted on my social sites on Twitter, Facebook and parlor, I might add. That these are pathetic journalists and pathetic questions. Just shocking. By the way, the never trumpeters the left, they just love this Atlantic story. The Democrats hate the military. They hate law enforcement. They back anti the. They backed Black Lives Matter, trashes the military, trashes law enforcement, trashes America by why we’ve got this Atlantic story where four anonymous sources. Whoa. What about the on the record source was that forget about the. But again, I ask the question, some of these Sunday show hosts, you’ll know they’re frauds if they don’t ask this. Why didn’t Jeffrey Goldberg a slobbering Obama night? Why didn’t he ask other people who were there who were willing to speak on the record? If they heard the president say those things. So you have an article that just says four anonymous sources. And the reason is there’d be no article, as I said earlier. There’ll be no article. And so it’s a hit job. President, the United States cut three go. He needs to apologize to the service members, and as you know, it’s a fake story written. So let’s just stop there. Sir, do you need to apologize to service members and veterans? See how it works. Now, unfortunately, there’s enough stupid people around us who probably buy this hook, line and sinker. Hate the military anyway and hate our country anyway. But this isn’t a substantiated story due an apology to service members and veterans, this is a reporter. Go ahead. The magazine that was probably not going to be around much longer, but it was a totally fake story and that was confirmed by many people who were actually there. It was a terrible thing that somebody could say the kind of things, and especially to me because I’ve done more for the military than almost anybody else. Right. You look at how the V.A. is doing, it’s doing incredibly well. Forget all sorts of things done from accountability to veterans, choice to everything. And it’s got right now. And Scott, right now, the highest approval rating that it’s ever had, 91 percent approval rating. It’s never been anywhere close to that. Nobody’s done what I’ve done. And that includes salary increases. But it really includes a rebuilding of our military, because, as you know, when I came here, our military was totally depleted. And those of us who all of us watch the president, watch how proud he is of the military. He likes military parades. He brags about the military, the military hardware. He gives out the Medal of Honor and he wants people to honor our vets and so forth. Why would he say something like this, it doesn’t even make any sense. But we do know there’s ex generals out there and others who are trying to sabotage this commander in chief. It’s really quite shocking. But they’re out there and they wouldn’t be the first. Just as there were generals who tried to sabotage Abraham Lincoln. When they become highly partisan and highly political. They do that. They are out there. But I don’t know who these people are and neither do you. And yet the media run with it. Do you owe an apology for the anonymous sources? It’s just appalling. Now, when we come back. You’ll see the converse. You’ll see a CNN reporter, a CBS reporter, other reporters, how they treat Joe Biden. They almost act like interns in the Clinton White House for Bill Clinton, don’t they, Mr. Batiste? I’ll be right back.