August 29, 2019

August 29, 2019

On Thursday’s Mark Levin Show, James Comey is a disgrace to America who should never have even been close to any job in law enforcement, let alone a 30-year career at the highest level of the FBI and the Department of Justice. He will not be prosecuted for treason and the government should have charged him with stealing documents and leaking them. Comey used government property to write confidential memos which he took home, gave to a friend, and leaked to the media. This undermined the FBI because he was out to get President Trump. Could it be that Comey held onto these memos to eventually blackmail the President of the United States? While Comey was chastised for these violations in the Inspector General’s report, he should not have gotten a pass on this from the Attorney General. We shouldn’t allow the FBI Director to leak and steal, otherwise, we shouldn’t even have an Inspector General investigation. Then, The New York Times is targeting the Tea Party with lies of omission in their reporting of the groups 10-year anniversary. Later, Elijah Cummings’ staff was banned from further visits to DHS facilities for their failure to adhere to DHS guidelines during their previous visit. Lastly, Joe Biden continues to be a gaffe machine, this time forgetting President Obama’s name.


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The Tea Party Didn’t Get What It Wanted, but It Did Unleash the Politics of Anger

NYT Changed Story On Tea Party After Liberal Twitter Complained That It Didn’t Slam Them As Racists

The Daily Wire
NYT Does It Again: Changes Piece After Left-Wing Backlash, Adds ‘Racist’ References

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DHS bars Dem staffers from visiting border facilities after ‘rude’ and ‘disruptive’ behavior

WATCH: Biden Forgets Obama’s Name During Town Hall – And It’s Awkward

The Washington Free Beacon
WaPo Investigation Finds ‘Almost Every Detail’ of Biden War Story False


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