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April 2, 2019

April 2, 2019

On Tuesday’s Mark Levin Show, Our freedom does not depend on what happens in Scandinavia, freedom depends on a free USA! Democrats in the media are trying to fundamentally change America through immigration and it’s impossible to assimilate 1.5 million poor, unskilled, immigrants that oftentimes aren’t even literate in their native language. Our antiquated immigration laws are being abused by lawyers advising caravan after caravan on how to make their way to the border so they can skirt our asylum laws. This travesty is supported by the Democrats and the media. We have mayors and city Councils that oppose federal law and embrace the sanctuary movement despite the Supreme Court’s ruling on the plenary powers of the presidency. Later, our Constitutional process is under attack again as the left has trained their sights on the Electoral College claiming that it is an undemocratic process. Since our founding, the United States has used a college or group of electors to cast their vote for president. The electoral college allows the states and the people to have a say, so that the largest cities and most populated states don’t hijack presidential elections because of their size—effectively only needing to campaign in those dense areas leaving the rest of the country’s voters voiceless. Finally, Obamacare is front and center again because the court has taken issue with it and Congressman Chip Roy calls in to discuss it (R-TX).


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