April 10, 2018

April 10, 2018

On Tuesday’s Mark Levin show, We’ve reached a point where President Trump can’t fire a rouge prosecutor who wants to fire him or the Democrats, media and some Republicans would call for his impeachment. Robert Mueller has a history of ethical red flags, including spying on and harassing innocent American citizens, which led one man to committing suicide. However Mueller did not apologize, instead he insisted the FBI made no mistakes. This is the same man that has significant overreach investigating Trump, digging into every aspect of his life instead of just looking into campaign finance violations and ties to Russian collusion. Mueller’s actions are enormously destructive to our legal and judicial systems, all while Democrats and the media are behind the whole thing. They’re all desperate to push Trump out of office because he has exposed them. Also, when you hire an attorney, the attorney-client privilege applies to the client. This privilege goes to Michael Cohen’s clients, which should have applied to Trump. Later, Syria is experiencing a humanitarian crisis, with almost 500,000 people slaughtered and hundreds of thousands of refugees scattered across the world. What message does it send to Russia, North Korea, and other despots is America turns the other cheek? Trump thinks what’s going on in Syria is our business because he knows right from wrong.


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