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Mueller is largely incoherent and rambling

The American people have a right to be furious with the spectacle of this Mueller hearing. Mueller is largely incoherent and rambling. The Democrats are simply cherry picking from Vol. II of the Mueller report and trying to force their views on the hapless Mueller. The most important revelation is that the special counsel was not competent to lead this or any major investigation. He is largely unfamiliar with his own report. And he was obviously a puppet of the radical partisans he hired and relied on in his office. And Mueller has provided no good answer as to why he pursued Manafort and the various charges unrelated to Russia collusion, but chose not to pursue Russia collusion related to Fusion GPS, Christopher Steele, the Hillary campaign/DNC and the conduct of his former compatriots at the top level of the FBI. Now, of course, DOJ is looking into these matters, but Mueller was in office long before Barr became AG.