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Here’s a thought…

Rather than try to pass legislation to protect “Special Counsel” Mueller, the GOP Congress should subpoena Mueller and demand he answer legitimate questions about the course of his investigation— especially given its constitutional impact. Congress need not wait for Mueller to issue his pronouncements. Surely Mueller cannot be a power unto himself, immune from legislative oversight while disrupting and threatening a presidency. Indeed, Congress has a more legitimate constitutional authority if not duty to inquire into Mueller’s investigation, given its lurch into constitutional areas and threats of obstruction against a sitting president, than Mueller does to question the president about his presidential functions. Moreover, Mueller must be asked on what legal basis he apparently disclaims the unaltered official DOJ policy and position, asserted in two long-established opinions, that a sitting president cannot be indicted. He must also be asked on what authority he can abandon DOJ policy which he’s compelled to comply with as a condition of his appointment.

Now that Mueller has turned his “collusion” investigation into a potential “constitutional crisis,” he doesn’t have exclusive authority to call the shots and the GOP Congress needn’t wait for his anticipated impeachment report, a political gift to salivating Democrats who’ve pushed for this from the start.