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September 12, 2019

September 12, 2019

On Thursdays Mark Levin Show, The Democrats are using Congressional committees as part of their party’s 2020 campaign co-opting the impeachment process for their own political gain despite not having the authority, or the votes, to launch an actual impeachment effort. This is purely an intimidation act so they can call witnesses and hold them in contempt, however, this is nothing more than a tax-payer funded attack on President Trump to undermine his Administration. Members of Congress referred to Chairman Jerry Nadler’s pseudo “impeachment inquiry” as “impeachment in drag” or using an impeachment Instagram filter on the judiciary committee which legally is not an actual inquiry into impeachment because the entire House of Representatives must vote for impeachment to begin — it does not start on the whim of any one committee. Then, U.S Attorney Jessie Liu has announced that he intends to charge former FBI Deputy Director Andy McCabe who is now a CNN commentator and author. McCabe allegedly lied to investigators from the DOJ Inspector General’s Office when interviewed. Later, the media is promoting a new pseudo-event based on claims from former senior intelligence officials claiming Israel planted spying devices near the White House and that Prime Minister Netanyahu knew about it. This is nothing more than a smear from former Obama officials to hurt Netanyahu’s re-election. After, Chief Justice John Roberts has gone to the dark side as he is influenced by the press and waffles on decisions.


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