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July 10, 2019

July 10, 2019

On Wednesday’s Mark Levin show, Chuck Schumer calls for Secretary Alex Acosta’s resignation for his handling of the Jeffrey Epstein case. Yet, Schumer received thousands in campaign cash from Epstein, therefore this program is calling on Chuck Schumer to resign. In fact, Epstein has been a long-time donor to Democrats like Schumer and others, not President Trump. In fact, Trump kicked him out of Mar-A-Lago. Also, the Washington Free Beacon reports that Kamala Harris’ family owned slaves. Will she be paying reparations? Then, in a victory for the constitution and the rule of law, a federal appeals court applied the law and noted that using the emoluments clause is not an appropriate use of the court. The President is not on the payroll of a foreign government and foreigners using a hotel does not constitute a violation of the Emoluments Clause. Later, Tucker Carlson says that Congresswoman Ilhan Omar should be grateful to be in the U.S and called for reformed immigration practices. The left and the media are now calling Carlson a racist. After, Georgetown University Law Professor, Randy Barnett, author of “Our Republican Constitution” calls in. Barnett explains that Obamacare must be struck down in its entirety because the individual mandate penalty is zero. It doesn’t raise any revenue for the government so therefore it is no longer a tax and renders Obamacare unconstitutional since it causes the government to force the people to engage in commerce as a matter of law, not a matter of choice.


Washington Free Beacon
Kamala Harris’s Ancestors Owned Slaves, Her Father Says

NY Post
Schumer got thousands in donations from Jeffrey Epstein

Washington Post
Appeals court dismisses emoluments lawsuit involving President Trump’s D.C. hotel

Biden and wife made more than $15 million after leaving office

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Liberal Media Scream: Bernstein wants probe of why people support Trump

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Hola: Majority of Hispanic voters approve of citizenship question on U.S. census

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Hockey coach’s viral speech to players: If you disrespect national anthem, ‘get the f*** out now’

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Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps boats tried, failed to seize British oil tanker in Persian Gulf, senior US defense official says

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