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March 11, 2019

March 11, 2019

On Monday’s Mark Levin Show, Blaze TV Host Ben Ferguson fills in for the first hour while Mark races to the bunker from a delayed flight. CNN has an obsession with Fox News. Despite their third place ratings, they continue to blur the lines between news and opinions. Personalities like Brian Stelter and Alisyn Camerota spend all their time race-baiting and attacking conservatives. Now they’re going after Fox Hosts Tucker Carlson and Judge Jeanine Pirro calling them a misogynist and a bigot, respectively for questioning whether Rep. Ilhan Omar’s religious beliefs undermined her loyalty to the United States. These attacks are led by groups like CAIR that are front groups for Hamas and Media Matters which hate America. CNN has become a worthless carbon footprint of propaganda peddling. Also, why do the Democrats want more people to vote? The Democrats rule with an iron fist by controlling public policy and institutionalizing their agenda into law and administrative regulations. Vetting voters for legitimate citizenship is heralded as voter suppression so they reject it. This why they destroyed the original intent of the Senate and want to destroy the Electoral College. Later, according to the new poll in Iowa 38% of Democrat caucus goers don’t want an older straight white male as their nominee. So Governor Jay Inslee apologized for never having personally experienced discrimination, despite being discriminated against in Iowa for being a straight white male.


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