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January 10, 2019

January 10, 2019

On Thursday’s Mark Levin Show, The notion of liberty versus tyranny is that of right versus wrong. The crisis at the border was born from the desires of the left and corporatists seeking cheap labor. The courts, the administrative state, and the left are dragging America into a post-constitutional state. What has President Donald Trump done to violate the Constitution? Nothing! Yet, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt forcibly removed American citizens of Japanese descent and placed them in internment camps – this decision was upheld by the US Supreme Court and FDR is lauded as a great progressive president in our nation’s history. President Eisenhower rounded up illegal aliens inside the US and increased border security in an official operation known as “Operation Wetback” as reported by the New York Times. Despite baseless accusations Trump has not done nothing like this. Past presidents have shut down newspapers and imprisoned journalists, yet Trump has never done anything like this and gets accused of being the greatest threat to the media. So as Trump uses his legitimate constitutional authority to remedy the illegal immigration crisis at our southern border he is attacked and criticized for using the National Emergencies Act of 1976, which was passed by a Democratic majority in Congress. Trump isn’t making this up, he has the legitimate authority to invoke this authority just like most presidents before him, who used this statute and received no criticism for using it. Of course this isn’t in the interest of the United States, it’s to benefit the Democrats desire to change the Citizenry, diminish Americanism, and cultivate new progressive voters. And while all this is going on, while we are distracted by the Left, by the media, as they constantly eat away at the fabric of this country, our enemies organize. Red China, Fascist Russia, Islamo-Nazi Iran, Stalinist North Korea: They build their nukes. They organize, while we have to fight the Democrats.


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