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January 8, 2019

January 8, 2019

On Tuesday’s Mark Levin Show, The Democrats have changed their position on immigration, border security, and protecting American jobs without warning. This radicalization on immigration policy happened over the last decade; prior to that Democrat commentators and politicians supported protecting American workers against the influx of cheaper less skilled labor. Today, they no longer support a physical barrier at the border or the rule of law. Peter Beinart’s article in The Atlantic suggests that Democrats changed their position due to politics, not compassion, in order to harness the powerful growth of American voters of Hispanic descent. Party first, country second. This is a cynical scheme to fundamentally change America at the request of political special interests. Then, Presidential Trump will address the nation tonight regarding the crisis at the border. The National Emergencies of 1974 and other statures dictate what powers the executive branch has at the border. These acts have been used many times by many presidents. Whether Mika Brzezinski likes it or not, whether Don Lemon likes it or not! The President can make a case to use the expansive power in this act to secure the American border. Finally, following our victory in the revolutionary war the founders signed the declaration of independence which is our founding document which paved the way for The Constitution, our governing document. This was done to perpetuate federalism and God-given rights in our republic.


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