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December 21, 2018

December 21, 2018

On Friday’s Mark Levin Show, the Supreme Court struck down President Trump’s stricter asylum policies. This decision is yet another ruling made by unelected judges and not the American people. Congress never approved of illegal aliens getting free health care in emergency rooms and having access to public education. All of these things were done by the Supreme Court. These judges are not elected and are ignorant to our individual communities because they are cloistered and only debate amongst themselves. This notion is embraced by the racialist, Balkanized, Democrats that refuse the will of the people. Yet we currently spend a quarter of a trillion dollars on illegal immigration and Congress is fighting over five billion. The real problem here is that America needs one common first language, we need to stop dismissing assimilation, and we need to do what’s right for America. This shutdown is over public relations, positioning, politics, and propaganda. Then, Senators Schumer, Corker, Coons and others blame “far right” media for influencing President Trump to take a hardline stance on the border wall to shut down our government. Yet they’ve had similar positions on immigration over the last decade of their political careers. The lies and propaganda are consuming this process. This shutdown will not affect federal checks for Medicaid, Medicare, or social security. The shutdown will not affect the military or any other essential branch of our government as part of the 1974 Budget Act.


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