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November 7, 2018

November 7, 2018

On Wednesday’s Mark Levin Show, It’s no longer the media, it’s the Democrat media mob and they’ve moved from attacking Jeff Sessions to defending him as if he were their new hero. President Donald Trump hasn’t created a constitutional crisis or a Staurday night massacre by firing Sessions, like the media is claiming. This is perfectly legitimate, there’s nothing wrong whatsoever. Now they’ve trained their sights on the new Acting Attorney General, Matthew Whitaker already smearing him. Then, last night’s election was no blue wave, it was a blue tinkle. They just won a 12-seat plurality above the Republicans in the House and they lost seats in the Senate. Plus, CNN’s Jim Acosta disguises his allegations against the president at today’s press conference, then nearly assaults a female staffer when refusing to release the White House press microphone and was subsequently banned from the White House. Afterwards, NBC’s Andrea Mitchell calls Devin Nunes a clown on television, clearly departing with objectivity when making that judgment. The hard news people on TV should just tell the truth and call themselves liberal commentators and stop pretending to be objective journalists. The way the media speaks to our President is not acceptable in any professional environment. Speaking over others, interrupting others and their snide and cynical attacks disguised as questions would never fly in the workplace, yet they continue to treat the president this way. Finally, Rep. Jerrold Nadler slipped and revealed plans to impeach Trump and Brett Kavanaugh in a conversation heard on a Washington DC train.


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