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October 21, 2016

October 21, 2016

On Friday’s Mark Levin show, Hillary Clinton violated the Espionage Act during the debate by irresponsibly divulging America’s nuclear response time to the entire world. And I can assure you our enemies are all meeting trying to formulate potential responses to this. She has demonstrated in her public and official capacity that she’s irresponsible, dangerous, and nasty! After that, Hillary spoke out against Putin and Donald Trump’s admiration of him. As Secretary of State she knew what Russia’s capability for cyberwarfare was and yet she put classified information on a private server where it was vulnerable. In addition, it’s ironic that the headlines are about Trump refusing to accept the election results and not about Hillary releasing classified information on network television. Trump said that he might not accept the results. However, this is not a precedent as Al Gore did everything humanly possible to overturn the 2000 election results. Also, voter fraud is going on all over the country. The voting system is sitting in disrepair because Democrats want it in disrepair; it’s vulnerable to fraud. It could take just one state where fraud occurs to make a difference in this election. Later, Charles Krauthammer is going to write in either Paul Ryan or Ben Sasse for President. Paul Ryan lost as a VP candidate and had an embarrassing performance against Joe Biden. He and Ben Sasse have done nothing spectacular in their careers to merit being elected to the presidency. Krauthammer lays out the case against Hillary, but is not going to do a thing about it. Finally, Congressman Scott Garrett of New Jersey’s District 5 calls in to talk about his reelection campaign.


CNS News
Defense Secretary Won’t Say If Nuclear Launch Timeframe Is Classified Info

Right Scoop
Krauthammer: Trump committed POLITICAL SUICIDE tonight

Right Scoop
‘He’s shaking a fundamental principle of our Democracy…’ – Krauthammer

Mark Levin Show
Krauthammer makes no sense here…

Fox News
If Clinton wins, America, kiss your right to self-defense good-bye

Tax Foundation
We estimated that Hillary’s tax plan would increase federal revenues by $1.4 trillion over the next decade

Washington Examiner
Study: Clinton’s tax hikes would kill 700,000 jobs

Seattle Times
2,000 Seattle teachers wear ‘Black Lives Matter’ shirts to class

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