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January 8, 2016

January 8, 2016

On Friday’s Mark Levin Show, Ted Cruz’s campaign released Cruz’s mother’s birth certificate. It’s embarrassing that any candidate would have to prove a mother’s citizenship. Why is the conservative media pushing this distraction? They are acting like a bunch of liberals engaging in deliberate misdirection with cheap tricks. If birthers want Americans to follow their logic, all the candidates should put forward birth certificates for their mothers, wives, and children. Also, Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas is making the Convention of States a legislative priority. Part of Abbott’s agenda includes, prohibiting Congress from regulating activity that occurs in only one state, requiring Congress to balance its budget, and prohibit Administrative agencies from creating federal law. Some conservatives would have you believe that only part of Article V is true. All of it is true because the framers put it in the Constitution as a fire alarm should Americans need to harness an out of control government. Later, the NRA seeks to protect the 2nd amendment and educates people on firearms, so why does President Obama hate them? What’s worse, being a member of an organization that encourages responsible gun ownership or a member of the Democrat Party, which is destroying America?


Birth Certificate for Ted Cruz’s Mother

The Dallas Morning News
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott calls for Constitutional Convention to take back states’ rights

Fox News
Suspect in Pa. cop ambush said he acted ‘in the name of Islam,’ police confirm

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Police: Suspect Shot Officer in Name of Islam

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Gunman Who Tried to Execute Philadelphia Cop Pledged Allegiance to ISIS

Convention of States
The Convention of States Republican Presidential Primary

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Donald Trump Kicks Out Vermont Protester: Throw Him Out in the Cold… ‘Keep His Coat’ (VIDEO)

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Immigrant Youth Confronts Ted Cruz, Asks If He Would Deport Her — Camera Captures GOP Candidate’s Candid Answer

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US student visa program’s ‘many vulnerabilities’ raise spying, terror fears

Smoking Gun: Email Suggests Hillary Broke Law

Texas Governor Greg Abbott Endorses Mark Levin’s Convention of States

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EPA, FDA stocking up on body armor during President Obama’s watch

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