June 27th, 2024

June 27th, 2024

On Thursday’s Mark Levin Show, President Trump heads into the lion’s den in front of 2 of the worst media lapdogs ever and an anti-Trump network. He’ll be up against a President who had to take a week off from the presidency to remember his lies. This is how Biden has always debated – lies. When the debate is over the media will unleash the most aggressive propaganda operation in history. They will tell you Trump lied about this or that and any lies from Biden will be called a misstatement. This is a media that spreads every lie as if it’s fact, the same media that participated in the Russia collusion hoax.  Also, you’ve experienced the Biden Presidency. People have died and were sold into slavery for no reason at the border under Biden’s presidency. The media will lie and say that Biden deported more people than Trump. They’ll lie about unemployment and the nation’s debt because Biden is a thug, a plagiarist, and a pathological liar.

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Rough transcription of Hour 1

Segment 1
Hello America. Mark Levin here. Our number 877-381-3811.  877-381-3811. I’m guessing many of you are a little nervous right now. And I understand it. Donald Trump is going into the lion’s den in front of one of the worst media organizations, two of the worst media lapdogs ever. And he’ll be going up against a man who literally spent a week out of the office of the presidency. Not undertaking his duties. Well, they’re basically getting him to memorize one liners, and I would argue trying to get him to overwhelm Donald Trump with lies about the economy, the border and so forth and so on. How do I know this, Mr. Producer? Because this is how Biden has always debated. This is his fourth run for the presidency. Four times. He will say and do anything. The one Hunter Biden laptop. He knew it was Hunter Biden. They planted the letter. And yet he pointed to it. The media rallied around him. It was quite 1988 and the Democrat primary lying about his education. Scholarships. Grade Point. Average Plagiarizing Speeches from Robert Kennedy. Neil Kinnock. But then we had a media that hold them to account. And he had to withdraw. But I watched his withdrawal speech the other day. Arrogant as hell. This is a man who takes responsibility for nothing. The horrors that he’s created with an open border. The economic impoverishment of millions and millions of Americans. Rap a crime in the streets. He takes responsibility for nothing. Oh, yes. Convicted felon. This is what they’ve always wanted. So Biden’s judge and sources prosecutor delivered. There are ways to deal with that, and I’m sure President Trump will. But the fact of the matter is when the debate is said and done. The media will unleash the most aggressive, the most ubiquitous. Propaganda operation in American history. They will tell you that Donald Trump lied about this, that and the other. To the extent Joe Biden lies, if they say anything, it’ll be a slight misstatement. But they want one. If Joe Biden. Loses track? No. Say one on substance. If Joe Biden does nothing but stands up, well, say see, he demonstrated he has the ability to be president. And there is no question in my mind. That Joe Biden is drugged up for this, whether it’s Adderall or Botox or B-12 or whatever it is. Amphetamines. No question. Why wouldn’t he? It’s not illegal. They’re dual use drugs. Why wouldn’t he? So this is all play. The entire environment of this debate was dictated by Joe Biden and CNN. CNN, remarkably, has not allowed any other news organization. To watch the debate in the hall. To report on it. Not one. One reporter can literally hang out in the hallway. But that’s it. And so the other news organizations were upset about this. But that won’t change their bottom line. Just remember what we’re dealing with here. The media that push the Russia hoax collusion issue participated in it. A media that refused to go down to the border to see what was actually taking place. And when they did, they lie about it. A media that regurgitates Biden’s claims about the economy for the most part. And a media that spreads every lie. So every disgruntled former employee, every reprobate. It’s if it’s fact, just look who’s on CNN. Look at the Republicans here on CNN. Look at Jake TAPPER, his comments, Dana Bash, her comments. Jake TAPPER calling Trump Hitler. Jake TAPPER, Dana Bash and the rest, the conga line of reprobates at CNN and the rest of them. They never played Donald Trump’s. Victory speech when he won the Republican primary there, constantly cutting off his speeches. Constantly. And the reason they gave is I’m not going to allow these lies to be spread on our network. Your network is a lie. Same thing with ABC, CBS, NBC. Same thing with MSNBC. Same thing with all of them. These networks have pushed. The propaganda in this country right to the edge. They’ve told you that Donald Trump wants to execute his political opponents. That he’s worse than Hitler. He’s Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini combined. The more you hate Trump. The more you’re promoted. In these media corporations. Just the truth. These are the people who will be watching for any opportunity, any squint, any sweat, bead, any misstatement. To see and to claim that Joe Biden has won. The New York Times has 29 fact checkers. But they aren’t fact checkers. They’re New York Times hired hit men and women. And how can The New York Times, as I alluded to last night, be fact checking anybody? And the New York Times chief correspondent in Moscow was a Stalin mouthpiece for 12 years and covered up the slaughter of the Ukrainians in 1932. How can The New York Times be fact checking anybody? Well, there have been multiple books written, including mine, pointing out that The New York Times intentionally covered up the Holocaust. And that the New York Times chief correspondent in Berlin was a Hitler. Acolyte. Can you imagine? And the same New York Times in the 1950s helped install the vicious mass murdering communist. Fidel Castro in Cuba. The same New York Times that uses data from Hamas. Hamas blood libel to try and destroy the state of Israel. We’re going to rely on The New York Times fact checkers. We’re going to rely on CNN to do a good job. We’re going to rely on any of these. Woke Democrat radical left corporations. Per actual news. Projective analysis. No. Even The Washington Post today had to point something out. A new measure of America’s deep distrust of the media. A new measure. It is a grim time to be a member of the news media. They write like their victims. Many people, though presumably few here at the Washington Post, see this as karma. If not good news, they view the media as having failed at its basic task of informing the public. That sentiment is particularly acute in the realm of political coverage. Donald Trump has spent nearly a decade excoriating the press for its alleged failings, failings that tend to correspond to coverage of his false statements. See, they do it right to the end. Now, that’s not why you’re hated. You’re hated because you. You’re the task. You’re the provider. Of America. You’re the Al Jazeera. Of America. But while Trump’s rhetoric is often among the most virulent, this isn’t solely downstream from Trump. In recent years has been particularly acute criticism from the left as well. Oh, okay. Well then it’s very important. Swing state polling from the Post and the Shah School of Policy and Government at George Mason University found that only three in ten residents of six of the most important states in this year’s presidential election trust that the media will fairly and accurately report political news. Seven in ten indicated that they had not much trust in that occurring or that they had no trust at all. As you might expect, this lack of trust is more pronounced on the political right. And why would you expect that? Because it’s accurate. Only 13% of white evangelical Protestants in those states. Indicated that they had trust in the media to fairly report on politics. Wait. What does it matter if they’re white? I suspect many blacks feel the same way about the American media. The Post poll determined that only a handful of groups Democrats, those who listen to NPR, National Public Radio, those who view President Biden’s re-election bid with satisfaction, had more trust than distrust in the media. Well, of course. The media play to the Democrats, the media play to the Marxist left, They play to the Marxist, the Islamist, the Democrat Party and Biden. And so, of course, those people are far more supportive of the media. Whereas the rest of us eyes wide open, ears wide open. We know what we’re dealing with here. State run media. When the Democrats are in power, that’s what we’re dealing with. And that’s what we’ll be dealing with tonight. And that’s what we’ll be dealing with after the debate. But never fear America. Mark is here. I’ll be right back.

Segment 2
Our buddies at NewsBusters put together a montage of CNN pushing the lies. Cut one, Go. CNN is, of course, committed, as always, to putting facts first. Facts first, him facts first. Exactly. Trump might have committed treason. Significant of the. Of collusion. There is tons of proof of potential collusion. It’s our job as citizens, as well as just point out the facts matter. The US President possibly working for the Russians. Reasonable to ask if he could be working on behalf of Russian interests and not the US? Well, it’s a reasonable question. We hope tonight’s been an educational experience that used facts to cut through fear and myth. It is highly unlikely that this virus came from the lab. It’s likely this came from animals. A hunter kills an animal. The animal’s blood has been carried back. CNN is committed to providing you accurate information about the coronavirus pandemic. The pangolin may have been the origin of snakes. That’s what they’re saying. Eating snakes. Well, facts matter. Facts matter. All we can do is tell the truth. The president repeatedly said that Christopher Steele dossier has been discredited to the contrary. Parts of the dossier have actually been corroborated. There was information in the Steele dossier that had already been corroborated by the intelligence community. U.S. intel officials have taken the dossier quite seriously. We have to stand for the truth. We’re not just here to report the news. We’re here also to defend the truth. We’re hearing about so-called cheap fakes, manipulated videos to make the president look bad. Truth matters. Truth matters. You’ve got to have a commitment to truth. These videos, I mean, they’re blatant lies. The press is a means of sorting out the truth. Our job is the best obtainable version of the truth. We’re doing our job to speak truth to power. The real story about the U.S. economy. Why Americans are wrong to feel so down about it. We have to hope that the truth matters. It’s been a mostly peaceful protest, but then they chose to move in so far. Truth still matters. You said the president is using mind control. I’m not a political person. I’m a person who lives in reality. I’m a journalist. The biggest terror threat in this country is white men. There is no white guy ban. So what do we do about that? That’s why we’re here to bring you the facts, to give you the information and to put the big questions about all of this to the smart people. He says, if I’m elected president, I will push for a constitutional amendment to impose term limits on all members of Congress. Correct me. There already are term limits. What does he mean? They’re already term limits. What is she talking about? Our buddy David Brody, a real journalist. He posts this. Watch how Jake TAPPER and Dana Bash frame their questions tonight towards Trump. The big concern here is will they do Biden’s bidding by, quote unquote, asking questions through a prism of anti-Trump narratives, bulletin points and code words. Biden is going to need all the help he can get, and he’s 100% right. That is exactly what they’re going to do. That is exactly what they’re going to do. So but you can see Donald Trump is going to have his hands full. But that’s because Biden needs the media. He needs CNN. He needs the phony New York Times. Holocaust denying Stalin supporting Castro. Installing New York Times to do fact checks. Who’s going to fact check The New York Times. Can’t wait for historians. I will, of course. But that is the way this is going to roll. But I have faith in We the People. That people will look at this and they will say, wait a minute. Biden says this. Biden says that. But life under Biden has been horrible. Prices. Inflation. Interest. The cost of rent. The cost of homes. The cost of food. The cost of anything. Illegal aliens swarming the country while he’s claiming that it’s the Republicans fault that they weren’t swarming the country by an extra 12 to 20 million when Trump was president. And that Reagan statement, Are you better off today than you were four years ago? I’m sure Biden has equipped for it. I mean, he had 16 knuckleheads surrounding him. But ask yourself that question. Are you? Answer is no. I’ll be right back.

Segment 3
Now, we know, folks, we’re having a problem with the mothership, our Web site. I’m told they’re working feverishly on trying to fix it. Right, Mr. Producer? And so there is that certain aspects of a work, but certain aspects of it do not work. Casey Hunt is a host on the Constipated News Network. And just to show you what we’re getting here. What a poisonous cancerous operation this is. She has on Cedric Richmond. Cedric Richmond was a congressman. Now he works. For Biden. His White House is a senior adviser. And so you understand the extent to which the media are in the tank. This one little exchange will demonstrate to your country, go, should President Biden shake Donald Trump’s hand? Does he deserve that? Well, that’s up to President Biden. And I’m sure there’s no love lost there. I wouldn’t shake his hand. What kind of a question is that, Rich? Kind of a question is that America? It’s a lousy, rotten. No, good question, because Casey Hunt is a lousy, rotten, no good, phony journalist. These people get paid. Because of their ideology, not because they’re serious reporters. Kasie Hunt has a broken a story in her life. Yes. She hasn’t done straight news in her life. Mika Brzezinski and her husband show today. Sacco and Vanzetti. Cat four go. First of all, I just study policy or history. It’s worse. He doesn’t care. He doesn’t give a damn about public service. He thinks public service is for losers. You see, ladies and gentlemen, Donald Trump’s life is being turned inside out and upside down. Not Mika Brzezinski. She and. You’re making a fortune doing what they do. They don’t tell you the truth. They don’t reveal the extent to which they advise Biden and his staff the extent to which they are in constant communication. There was a report that talked about that. But Donald Trump doesn’t care about public service. That’s for losers. Donald Trump has paid a higher price. Just a run for president than anybody I know of anybody. Go ahead. People who are buried at Arlington National Cemetery are losers who this has been a lie that General Kelly put out there because General Kelly was given the boot and he’s another. Former employee who tries to get even. It’s been demonstrated there was never another witness to that. But they’ll say it. Biden will say it. Just like Charlottesville, they’ll say it. I notice Mika Brzezinski doesn’t mention the 13 beautiful heroes that lost their lives in Afghanistan as a result of what Biden did. Not a word. Not a word. Why is that, Mika? It’s appalling. But he never said they’re losers, ever. And this is what they do because they try to convince people who really. Are not following or don’t understand, or at least open to their propaganda. That Donald Trump hates the military. Donald Trump loves the military. He loves our veterans. Joe Biden has shown no such support for our military and our police. None. But this is how the propaganda works. This is how they twist it. So they’ll seize a comment from a disgruntled former chief of staff. Shameless. General Kelly. Shameless. And despite the fact that others who were there said that never happened, it doesn’t matter. These are liars. These are propagandists. As I said, no better than the so-called media in Russia. State run media. A media that that promotes the Democrat Party and their candidates come hell or high water. Go ahead. Sam, what was in it for them that you have to look at his core values. His core values are the problem. I made. Why don’t you admit, Mika, that there was a time when you like donald trump, you and Joe. There was a time when you socialize with Donald Trump. There was a time when you supported Donald Trump. The viciousness and the vile. Of this duo on a horrendous phoney. Waste of a carbon footprint. Msaa city is really unmatched. And her father, Zbigniew Brzezinski. Boy, did he have nothing but contempt for the state of Israel, if he get my drift, Mr. Producer. He even had the look, may I say. Just my opinion. Just my opinion. Go ahead and answer a question. And then to Charlie’s point, hostile interviewers. I don’t think that I don’t think that Jake TAPPER and Dana Bash are planning to be hostile. I think they want a fair debate. Well, they’ll be tough to. Oh, who was that, Joe? They’ll be tough on both sides. Sure. That’s why Biden personally selected CNN. And I’m sure they personally asked for Dana and Jake. Two frauds, phonies and fools. Go ahead. Talk to both sides. And I think the hostility from what we’re seeing already from the Trump campaign is coming from Trump towards them. You know, ladies and gentlemen, we have the audio. We have the video. We know what they’ve said. We know who they are. We know that Biden wanted this media outlet. Biden wanted these anchors because they’re two of the top anchors on CNN. And he was going to get them. And she doesn’t understand. Why the animosity towards Jake TAPPER and Dana Bash while she listen to this show, she might educate herself because I’ve been focusing on these two clowns for years. And not just with Trump, though. The worst. The the worst. That’s why they’ll be there. But don’t worry where we’re over at CNN, we have Kasie Hunt, Right. Asking Cedric Richmond, should President Biden shake Donald Trump’s hand? Does he deserve that? How do you think she’s going to score the debate? She’s already scored it without one word. Without one word passing anybody’s lips. She’s already scored it. And the lies from CNN. NewsBusters put together that I played you. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Tip of the iceberg. Next thing you know, MSNBC will bring up hazuki. Sure. ABC will bring up STEPHANOPOULOS. Sure. All objective reporters, don’t you know? Jake TAPPER, Democrat. Dana Bash, Democrat. Mika Brzezinski, Democrat. But she’s whipped Joe Scarborough into place. I can tell you that. Yes. And you and I, of course, we’re brainwashed. We’re part of a cult. We’re detestable. Yeah. The rest of us. That’s who we are. That’s why they say we are. So the propaganda operation, which is the American media, the Pravda, the task. The Al Jazeera American media will be in full propaganda mode with big lies and little lies with repetition all around. And The New York Times has 29 people, not as fact checkers as fact destroyers. But as I say, you’ve experienced the Biden presidency. People have died for no reason under the Biden presidency. People have been sold into slavery. On the border for no reason under the Biden presidency. No presidents. He’s perfect. These things happen, but not to this extent. That borders open and it’s purposeful. The lies about bipartisan legislation and I signed an executive order. We’re sick of it. The consequences are obvious. That they’ll turn around. They’ll say, we’ve deported more people than Trump. You watch how they lie. And they’re lying. Media will back them up. Trump lost more jobs than any president in the history of the pandemic, and those jobs were lost by blue state governors shutting down their economies. How many times did Trump say, open your economies, Open your economies, open your economies. But I will say he cut the debt and the deficit when in fact he’s added trillions of dollars to it. This is how Biden litigate. He violates the Constitution repeatedly. And then he says, Catch me if he can. Biden is a thug. He’s always been a thug. He’s a pathological liar. He’s been a pathological liar since he was a kid. He’s a plagiarist. He’s been a plagiarist since he was a kid. And he needs 16 people. For seven days straight. And a shot in the ass, no doubt about it, in my view. To put them together. You just need 90 minutes, Jo. 90. Throw rhetorical and political grenades here and there, Joe. Do it with a calm voice. Get under Trump’s skin. That’s what they’re telling him. Overwhelm him with facts, a.k.a. lies. Call him names. You know you’re a convicted felon. What you did in Charlottesville, you called our military losers. He could do that in 12 seconds, and he has to respond to it all. And here we are, the American people. Suffering the consequences. Of this moronic, nasty, evil idiot. I’ll be right back.

Segment 4
Welcome back, America. I want to give a hat tip to Jesse Waters, who invited me on a show at 8:00 tonight. But of course, I’m doing radio and this is my first love and I’ll keep doing radio. But he’s a good guy. He’s always inviting us on there. We appreciate it. Then we have Michael Tyler Biden, campaign spokesman. Sky’s been all over TV spewing the poison. He was on Fox today. Cut five, Go. Is it going to come down to tens of thousands of votes in a handful of states? And so that’s why tonight is an opportunity for President Biden to communicate directly to. You know, it’s interesting with this line, an opportunity for Biden to communicate directly to voters. Every time Biden’s had that opportunity up until now, he wouldn’t take it. What he missed is. He doesn’t go into neighborhoods. Rarely does he wants an ice cream. But he hides from the people. 40% of the time he’s on vacation. He hides from the White House press corps. Now, I admit the White House press corps is hawkish. Nonetheless, he hides from questions. He hides. But they’ve pumped him up. They’ve given one liners. They given arguments, basically lies to spew. Go ahead. And tonight he’s going to present a clear choice between himself who’s fighting for the American people? How is he fighting for the American people? He’s going to talk about his legislation. Wow. That’s a bureaucrat in Washington. Legislation means nothing. What about action? I’ll give you an example. I’ll give you two examples. We’ve talked about this $42.5 billion legislation he got passed. To look up every single home in America to the Internet. They haven’t hooked up a single one. $7 billion for electric vehicle charging stations around the country. There are seven. $1,000,000,000 apiece. So you talk about legislation all he wants. It’s not legislation that matters. What matters is action. What you actually do. Unless, of course, you’re a political bureaucrat who spent literally your entire life in Washington, D.C.. You judge success by legislation. And by the way, hasn’t even passed much of that. Hasn’t even passed much of that. Cut sex. Go. I think if you want to talk about Donald Trump, he’s obviously not going to present the Donald Trump who’s been out at his MAGA rallies on the stump. But the problem for Trump is that he’s not going to present himself as the stumbling, bumbling professor Irwin Corey, who can complete his sentence and distinguish between his wife and his sister. Because he’ll be all pumped up. So Biden is very unlikely to be presented as that. Same with the State of the Union. You never know. You never know. Go ahead. Things he has been saying at those MAGA rallies, he’s going to have to answer for the role that he played in overturning Roe v Wade. He’s out there on the role he played in overturning Roe v Wade. Which gives us the Dobbs decision. Which leaves the matter to the states. Which has resulted in more abortions. After Dobbs. Then before Dobbs. He got that. I keep saying this over and over and over again. I hope people are listening. Just how many abortions are enough abortions for the Democrats. They’re really high on abortions when it comes to actually protecting a little 12 year old girls and 13 year old girls and 15 year old girls from illegal aliens. Not so much. That’s so much. Go ahead. 13 state level abortion bans that he’s responsible for are working out brilliantly. He’s not responsible for state level abortion bans. The states are responsible for what they do. Let me tell you what’s going on here. And I’ve written about it. I wrote about it in the Democrat Party Hates America. Certainly a book worth checking into again. The most. Reliable vote in the Democrat Party is not the black vote. It’s not the Hispanic vote. It’s not suburban women, per se. It is childless women. Childless women. Who are obsessed with the abortion issue. That doesn’t mean many of you are who are childless, I’m saying. That’s the group that turns out and votes Democrat no matter what. That’s what they want to do. They want to churn it out. And so that’s why they keep hitting abortion, abortion, abortion. That is the base of their base. I’ll be right back.