June 25th, 2024

June 25th, 2024

On Tuesday’s Mark Levin Show, the upcoming CNN Presidential debate will not change President Biden or President Trump, but it will possibly change voters’ perceptions about them which is exactly what the media wants to control. The only thing Biden has proven by spending a week in Camp David preparing for the debate is that the country does not need Biden running it. It will not be a fair debate with two radical Democrat Trump-hating moderators who will cut off Trump’s mic and silence him. Also, the Biden Administration’s border is wide open for criminals from all over the world to come into America, even after Biden’s so-called border bill. The Democrat party has a high tolerance for evil, inhumanity, and suffering if the end result is them getting more power because they are the modern Marxist party.

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Rough transcription of Hour 1

Segment 1
Hello America. Mark Levin here.  Our number 877-381-3811.  877-381-3811.  Now, this whole debate thing is actually quite ridiculous. I have a book. On my shelf. That is the word for word text. But the Lincoln-Douglas debates. Where there were no moderators whatsoever, let alone. Individuals claiming to be journalists who support one side over another. We’ve reached a point in our country where we spend a week talking about what’s going to happen at the debate. Positioning. Projecting. And think I’m the only one who’s been telling you that. The truth is that this debate won’t change Biden won’t change Trump. It’ll change, perhaps perceptions. Then that’s pretty much what the media deal with perceptions. Perceptions about Biden and Trump. Already they’ve created a negative perception of Trump for the debate. Which Trump will show up. The angry out of control Trump, they say. Or the steely controlled Trump. They don’t ask which Biden will show up, do they? I am not a conspiracy theorist. I never have been. But there’s no question in my mind and there’s no question in the mind of the really solid. Medical individuals that I’ve talked to that Joe Biden Well, in fact. Be stimulated with a variety of drugs that are illegal. That is, choose one among many. And everybody knows it, which is why he will not agree to a drug test. Which is why they’ve never released the the drugs that he’s taking. They never have. We have some doctor who goes on and says he’s in great shape. Yet. We have a report in the Wall Street Journal on the news section that is no friend of his. That is no friend of Trump’s. Who points out. What people are saying about Biden. We have the special counsel talks about. What he saw with Biden. And of course, we don’t even need them. You and I see it. It’s not an occasional flub. A shuffle or fall or a head bang. It’s constant. His staff is protecting him, His wife is protecting him. The media are protecting him. Everything from walking to and fro, from a helicopter to yanking him off the stage before he can ask Excuse me, answer any questions. And so they’re they’re building up this day. Biden didn’t offer this. Without knowing what he’s going to do about it. He’ll be pumped up. He’s meeting with 60 people. And I said last night, I noticed this was repeated by somebody on Fox this morning. Excuse me this evening, Mr. Producer. That if he spent as much time in debate prep. If he spent as much time on the issues that matter in this country, whether it’s the border, the economy, the wars overseas. Learned as much, focused as much, Maybe we wouldn’t be in this sort of trouble. But he doesn’t. There must have been a great point. Somebody parodied today. Okay. But it’s important. So what would Biden do? I don’t know. Well, what President Trump do, I don’t know. And when you’re in the middle of combat with 400 million people walking, you have to be flexible enough. To respond to something that’s coming out of left field. And of course, the problem will be the moderators. They have the kind of control. I don’t remember any moderator ever having the ability to shut off her mic, the ability to insist that there’s decorum. What does that mean? And you know all about Jake TAPPER and Dana Bash, how they are radical leftist Democrats. Who support Hamas, in my opinion. And you’ve always hated Trump and have referred to him, if not directly, indirectly, as Hitler. That’s pretty sick. There’s a reason why Biden asked for CNN and ABC, and there’s a reason why he got TAPPER and Dana Bash because they’re in the tank. I wouldn’t be surprised if information was already shared. I’m not kidding. Biden is a sleazeball. They will do anything for power and anything to hold on to power. It doesn’t matter to him. Open borders with sex slavery, labor slavery, children sold into pornography, women’s women sold into sex. You see what’s happening to our citizens. The horrendous murder of several of them. More than we even know. Biden also knows that the media will well cover for him MSNBC, CNN, New York Times, Washington Post, all the rest of it. So there really is no point to this debate because we know what and who Biden is. We know what and who Trump is. Except to create the media narrative. Mr. Producer, why should it come down to 90 minutes? We’ve experienced Joe Biden for three and a half years. And we know. Is something going to change our minds? But Mark, what about the people on the. You know, on the high wire act who aren’t sure what they want to do. Well, what about them? So this performance is for them. It’s like the lead up to the State of the Union. It goes on and on and on. Now, that’s not to say won’t have an impact, I’m sure will, because a lot of people will watch and it’s been hyped. And we’ve got all kinds of people in Atlanta and all kinds of people going to talk about what’s going to happen in Atlanta and all kinds of people talking about the stage, what it looks like, who’s doing this, who’s done that. That’s hype. That’s hype. But it’s not a fair fight. They have too radical left wing Democrat. Trump hating. Phony hosts as moderators. They have no audience. They have no give and take. Were these in the tank by Knights Compressor baton? He cut off Trump’s mike. There’s so worried about Trump interrupting, they think it’s a bad look. Why don’t they let him do it? Biden is also a pathological liar. I did an entire show on that on Fox a couple of weekends ago. It’s a plagiarist. It’s constant. Today’s flyer yesterday was. When he was in law school is a plagiarist, not a liar. It’s what he is. He won’t be called out for his lies. This isn’t so much a debate as it is a performance. That the media hype for their own ratings. And because they’re going to try and influence this event. CNN takes a war in the Middle East between the good guys Israel and the evil guys, Hamas, and turns Israel into the evil guy and Hamas and the good guys. What do you think they’re going to do in a debate? Excuse me. Cholera. It’s really amazing that the future of the country is dependent on 90 minutes. Now, that’s not to say we’re not going to talk about it. How can you not? Everybody else is going to. And of course, it’ll be in the body politic. It’ll be in the stream. The bloodstream of the system. What I’m saying to you. Seriously, is there anything Biden can do that will convince you to vote for Biden? Mr. Producer? No. And I ask you folks, is there anything Trump can do that would persuade you not to vote for him? Not me. Not me. Bye needs this debate more than anybody. And truly, I just sit here and I wonder to myself, here’s a man who in the last debate right before the election. Pointed at Donald Trump, looked into the camera to the American people. When Donald Trump brought up the Hunter laptop. And he attacked Donald Trump. He said that experts in national security had signed a letter saying that this was a Russian. Scheme a Russian plot. And he got away with that. Well, after the election. When it is determined. Almost by accident. That the whole thing was a Joe Biden campaign plant and then he knew it. And then he cites it during the course of the campaign. And you’re supposed to trust this guy. I suspect if we’re going to get into this. That Joe Biden wanted to go first, as I said last night. Because he wants to set the stage for the entire debate. And I suspect. Joe Biden will throw a lot of stuff against the wall. Statistics legislation. Attacks on Trump, his character, his conviction all up front for several reasons. Number one. To control the course of the debate by throwing it all out there. Number two, trying to put Trump on defense on his heels. Number three, trying to annoy the ex-president with outrageous statements. And number four, making it difficult to respond to each one when you have a machine gun level. Of issues that you’re throwing out there. What would I do? I would point out that you thrown about a dozen issues. For the purpose of trying to. Monopolize this debate and control where this debate goes. Perhaps during the course of the debate I can address each one, but let me address a few. And I would. And then I would turn the tables on him. And I would go through a whole bunch of statistics and facts, the policies of his that failed. Biden will also talk about legislation because that’s what bureaucrats who’ve been in Washington in half a century do. It’s not about legislation. It’s about action. You don’t get a lollipop because there’s been legislation. It’s about actually, there is legislation. To create all these EV charging sites. $7 billion. We have seven sites. That’s $1,000,000,000 a site. 42 and a half billion dollars. To increase Internet access all over the country. Not one home has been hooked up, not one for 42 and a half billion dollars. These are important facts that should be thrown at Biden, in my view. But once again, it doesn’t change anything. Set perceptions. And I guess that’s what it’s all about now. I guess the bad guys, the propagandists, the media won in this respect. As I’ve told you before, pseudo events. Pseudo events. You know, game playing. You don’t need to sit down with 16 people to prepare for a debate, maybe a couple of people three or four days before the debate. But a president takes off an entire week. I’ll tell you one one thing, Mr. Beto. So you know what? Biden taking off an entire week tells me. We don’t need them for the country to run. That’ll be repeated tomorrow, I’m sure. We don’t need Biden for the country to run because for seven days he for a week he’s been holed up at Camp David. Away. From Washington. I’ll be right back.

Segment 2
Get a serious media. Media. There is seriously interest in getting the parliament some of these things. It would ask questions like, I don’t know why Mr. produced the headphones. You’re not really coming through very strongly here anyway. They’d ask questions like President Biden. Several federal courts, including the Supreme Court. Have struck down a number of your executive orders and regulations arguing that you’re seizing authority that belongs to Congress. So on what basis? What authority are you claiming? To issue these executive orders, student loans. You had the Supreme Court turned you down, you put it together, cobbled together another program to get around them. You have two federal judges that have just said no to that in a significant way. Same with your vaccine mandate, same with your freezing of. Rent prices imposed on landlords. You don’t have authority to do that. You’re the federal president. It’s the federal government. But they won’t ask that because they don’t care about separation of powers. It’s something. The President Trump would have to ask. But in terms of really the nature of the country. And what authority did you ask all these executive orders to open the border? They’re not going to look at the existing immigration laws. They’re lazy and they don’t care. And what Biden did is he basically rewrote our immigration policies through executive orders, defied existing federal law that’s been in place for half a century and updated since they’re going to let him talk about he’s for democracy when they should be questioning him about his actions. I’ll be right back.

Segment 3
You know, I was thinking Joe Biden and President Trump’s critics like to talk about him as an isolationist. Or as somebody who doesn’t engage in foreign affairs. And this lie has gained so much credibility because of the media and the Democrat Party that it really does need to be addressed. It was Donald Trump who took out Soleimani. Was Donald Trump who took out Baghdadi. It was Donald Trump who bombed Syria when it was gassing its people. It was Donald Trump who effectively strangled Iran economically. Almost leading to the collapse of Iran. But for. Biden giving the head near the head, the Islamist Nazi there in Tehran, a mouth to mouth resuscitation, if you will. It was Donald Trump. Who told Germany to cut off the gasoline supplies to Russia on the pipeline. It was Donald Trump who told Europe. You need to spend more of your money not just on socialist fantasies, but on your own defense to defend Europe, to defend your country’s. That’s not abandoning Naito. That’s supporting Naito and telling Naito it needs to support itself. It was Donald Trump who built up the military after Obama. And it’s Donald Trump is going to have to build it up again. Communist China is in a box and they didn’t move. Fascistic Russia. Putin was in a box and he didn’t move. The Taliban didn’t fire a shot. A lethal shot at an American soldier in a year and a half. And. To top it all off. You had multiple peace agreements signed, betrayed between Arab countries. In Israel. With more to come. Like Saudi Arabia at the White House, this signing took place. One country after another. Diplomatic ties reformed. The evil in the Middle East was Iran and its surrogates. Look what’s happened all over the world. Joe Biden is not, quote unquote, an internationalist. He’s not, quote unquote, even a globalist. He’s a one man wrecking ball. And his secretary of state is an ideological radical left wing kook. Where there was peace. There’s now war. Where there was once opportunity, there’s now a dead end. The idea that Donald Trump is an isolationist is preposterous. What he cannot stand is what he calls his endless wars. Now, what does he mean by that? He means, for instance, with Ukraine here, we’ve given Ukraine tens of billions of dollars to fight a defensive war. You can’t win a defensive war. Against Russia or China or Iran or North Korea. They’re trying to defeat you. They’re trying to take your territory. They’re trying to expand their power. He slow walked weapons to Ukraine. And this is what Netanyahu is well aware of. He’ll do the same thing to us, and that will demand that we. We sign any deal, we sign any agreement so he could talk about peace in our time. When it comes to foreign policy, Donald Trump has been very responsible. He knows how to treat an ally. Locally treated Israel. Locally treated our European allies quite well. An isolationist. He didn’t close any of our bases, any of our main bases anyway. Crucial bases in Europe. He didn’t do that. He didn’t cut our weapons programs. He expanded them. He didn’t eliminate a military service and arm in the military. He created a new one and he’s proud of it. The space Force he quoted could see that under the Air Force it wasn’t going to get too far. Per bureaucratic reasons in the Pentagon. So it creates a new. Military wing Space Force much needed. He builds up the United States military. He creates peace in the Middle East where there was once war and there’s war again. Russia dare not invade. Ukraine or anybody else for that matter. China was not making the kind of provocative actions it is now, which are multiple provocative actions in our hemisphere. The various disputes with Japan. The Philippines, even Vietnam. Threatening Australia. Over navigable waters and territory and islands. Nobody’s perfect. No president is perfect. But some are greater than others. Some are better than others. Joe Biden doesn’t learn. Joe Biden said he was going to save our country from Reagan. The Reagan doctrine. Reagan, in his diaries I pointed out, called him a demagogue. Joe Biden’s always going to save somebody. Reagan It’s going to save us from man. I can begin. He’s going to save us from Bob Bork and Clarence Thomas and a whole host of brilliant people nominated for judgeships. He’s going to save us from Donald Trump. It’s going to save us from the Bush family. He’s the great Don Quixote. Mary is. It’s going to save everything for democracy while he’s burning it down. These are the facts. They don’t change as a result of some debate. They don’t change as a result of a debate. I mean, foreign policy. They try and make it look like Trump doesn’t engage in foreign policy. Trump’s diplomacy, followed up by the Iron Fist, has been superb. It’s reminiscent of Reagan’s. That’s the truth. Everybody’s scratching their head on Biden’s foreign policy. Everybody. Why are we funding Iran? Why are we back door funding UNWRA? Why are we providing hundreds of millions of dollars to the PLO, which is a terrorist organization? Which, of course, TAPPER And Bash and the other reprobates don’t even report about in Judea and Samaria. Why are we finding people who hate us and why been doing it for decade after decade after decade? What have we’ve gotten out of? The Palestinians? Peace, Friendship. They hate us. Look at their nimrods in the street here in the United States. They’re bringing their culture. Their mindset to our country. So Jews aren’t even safe at their own synagogue in Los Angeles. But it’s not just Jews. Although it is Jews. It’s Christians. It’s Americans. It’s anybody who gets into their way. Heavily funded. Nay elements within our own country. And I’m going to dig into this further after this week. Well, the friend of ours from the Heritage Foundation, he doesn’t know it yet, but we will. But this is. This is not engagement. This is not international. This is not even globalism. This is insanity. Followed by suicide. 70, Actually, 69 Democrats wrote a letter to the administration, a setup letter. Complaining led into the country. And think of the last year. Who? I thought to myself, we let 60,000 Palestinians into the country. Mr.. Where did they come from? The peaceful parts of. Palestinian rule and where would that be? Now. I brought this up. It’s a big issue as far as I’m concerned. And the only other person I know who’s bringing up the importation of Islamists into this country and there may be many. I just can’t hear him all. Is our friend, Steven Miller. He’s brought this up. Oh. Here at Breitbart, one of the great sites. And he says, here, give me a second. Neil Munro, also good man. The street attacks on Jews in the United States are entwined with Joe Biden’s easy migration policy, says Stephen Miller, who served as a senior immigration deputy in President Trump’s administration. He said Byron’s migration policy action. He wrote about. And what did he show? The mass attack. On a Jewish woman and other Jews trying to go to synagogue, he said. This is Biden’s migration policy. Attacking and chasing Jews at a synagogue. He said, You cancel the travel ban, you open the door to mass jihadists migration. Speaking to buying, you cancel the travel ban. The connection between Islamic and Arab migration and the anti-Semitic attacks has been widely recognised. While children of refugees from Muslim nations organized many of the demonstrations. Evidence of a political awakening among a new generation of young Americans who are helping to shape U.S. public opinion in support of a cease fire in the Middle East. Both The Washington Post Christmas Day 2023. That’s right. Supporters of migration have been prominent in the anti-Israel protests after the October seven massacre of Jews. The alliance is based on the intersectional or woke claim that minority groups share common interests because of their minority status. This logic helps to explain why some members of racial and sexual minority groups are allying themselves with the Islamic force. I would prefer to destroy them. More bluntly put, it’s the Marxist Islamist axis. That’s what it is. In Washington, for example, Gustavo Torres, the leader of the La Casa, led a November six protest against Israel, issued a statement that tied pro-immigration advocacy to anti-Israel actions. In May, another pro-immigration group, United We Dream, posted anti-Israel tweets. Similarly, more than 130 progressive, funded, Marxist funded, pro-immigration, a.k.a. pro-illegal aliens groups declared their determination to fight back against the cruelty of detention, deportation and criminalization. These are the same values that guide our continued calls for an end to the genocide being committed by Israel against Palestinians. The flagrant way and the ubiquitous way in which these blood libel laws are spoken and spread. I blame on Biden. Every now and then he squeals out an objection or somebody writes a statement for him. But his administration has not put its foot down, not even in the least. They’re importing aliens into this country who hate us, have nothing in common with our culture, and we’re not required to be acculturated or that is assimilated into our system. The partial merger, the pro-immigration and anti-Israel movements creates a deep problem for the Democrats, partly because it threatens their expected support. No, no. It’s a deep problem for America. Because the Jewish population is a very, very small percentage of the population overall and through birth. In immigration. The Islamist population. Notice I don’t say Muslim, the Islamist population. It will significantly outnumber the Jewish population. San Diego and a Wayne County commissioner in Dearborn, Michigan, has been glued to Al-Jazeera for weeks to absorb news from the war in Israel and Gaza. Mr. Biden, a Democrat who is Lebanese-American, has watched but furious Israeli airstrikes have caused the deaths of many civilians. This is The New York Times. Including children following the deadly attack by Hamas on Israel on October seven that killed many. According to New York Times, he saw President Biden visit Israel and pledged full throated American support. And he’s thinking ahead to the presidential election in 2024, a contest that could hinge on a handful of states, including Michigan, whose Muslim and Arab American voters turned out decisively for Mr. Biden three years ago. How can I tell somebody watching these atrocities on live TV today to vote for President Biden? The pulse of the community is overwhelmingly not supportive of Biden. Now they feel betrayed. Betrayed? Yeah. Yeah, that’s right. Biden is supposed to back Hamas. And he does in many ways. Lots of solidarity with Palestine at the Puerto Rican Day Parade. In New York. There’s another report. Well, so you see. And so when you import. People from this region. You’re importing American hatred and Jew hatred. Not everybody, Mark. I didn’t say everybody. But overwhelmingly that’s the case. Survey by Palestinian organizations, surveys by Arab organizations have made it abundantly clear. That the population of the Palestinians throughout the world. Support terrorism. The extermination of the Jews and hate America. That’s a fact. I’ll be right back.

Segment 4
Watching a discussion around the break in. It’s amazing thing how they’re going after Trump on the documents case at all. And the same Department of Justice gave a pass to Hillary Clinton. And the same Department of Justice gave a pass to Joe Biden. And now the same Department of Justice. Is giving a wet kiss the Julian Assange. He pleads guilty to a felony. And Mr. Producer, he serves the time served as his penalty. So he’ll walk a free man. That is the Biden administration doing that, the same Biden administration that’s going after Donald Trump. And I want people to remember Julian Assange. Printed information. They revealed the names of our operatives that’s seriously harmed our national security, battlefield decisions and the person who leaked that. Chelsea manning received a pardon from Obama. So Chelsea manning gets a pardon from Obama. Julian Assange gets a sweetheart deal from Biden. Joe Biden gets a sweetheart deal from Merrick Garland. And Hillary Clinton gets a sweetheart deal. And the Department of Justice, and they go after Donald Trump. And no, I’m no fan of Julian Assange. I’m a fan of the United States military. What they did to President Trump. That phony courtroom in Manhattan is a stain on the fabric of our society. It’s an unconstitutional disgrace. Of course, the Democrats are trying to exploit this politically by not bringing it up during the campaign. He got what he wanted. Pretends his fingerprints aren’t all right, but his fingerprints are all over it. Just like a young girl were sniffing their hair. We’ll be right back.