November 8th, 2023

November 8th, 2023

On Wednesday’s Mark Levin Show, Mitch McConnell is a throwback to the Gerald Ford era, and Chris Christie and Chris Sununu are throwbacks to the George Bush era and are not examples to emulate, unlike Ronald Reagan. The Democrat party is extremely vulnerable on the issue of abortion, especially when they want more extreme abortion legislation than Roe v Wade ever was. Republican billionaires are not as patriotic and conservative as they used to be, while Democrats have billionaires like George Soros who will pour in endless money to flood the air with ads for their candidates. There should be a House oversight committee looking into George Soros and his deep investment in the Democrat party, corrupt liberal media groups like Media Matters, and groups that are anti-Semitic and anti-Israel. We need to fire up the Republican base and build up momentum and excitement for candidates, but the RINOs do not want to unite behind these types of candidates. Republicans blowing off Ronald Reagan as an example is like Democrats blowing off FDR, because Reagan is by far the most successful president, and his elections should be studied and replicated. Also, Mark speaks with Donald Trump Jr. about bypassing companies that want to censor Conservative voices so we don’t have to support woke corporations and fund the Marxist indoctrination of our children. Later, Mark is joined by Fox News host and author Brian Kilmeade to talk about his new book, Teddy and Booker T.: How Two American Icons Blazed a Path for Racial Equality.

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Rough transcription of Hour 1

Segment 1
Hello America. Mark Levin here, our number 877-381-3811.  877-381-3811. Let me start tonight by talking about the election. I do want to move on to other things, but you’re getting a lot of bum information out there. Too many people providing you advice or information. Either worked in the Bush administration. I worked for the RNC. I worked on Capitol Hill. But almost none of them worked in the campaign of Ronald Reagan. I mean, I have to confess. 1980 was 43 years ago. In 1976 was 47 years ago. 1984. You can figure it out. Reagan won the two biggest landslides in modern American history, and he ran as an unequivocal conservative. He ran in the Republican primaries. Against the conservative challenging. The Republican establishment and ruling class. They Republican establishment. A ruling class has not gone away and they never will. They get too much power. They get too much attention. They get too much money. Mitch McConnell is a throwback to the Gerald Ford era. Chris Christie is a throwback to the George Bush era and before. Chris Sununu is a throwback to the George Bush era. But Sununu’s the governor of New Hampshire. He’s been elected there. This case is unique. His daddy was elected there. Chris Sununu excuse me, Chris Christie got elected first time around because the governor was corrupt and unethical and adulterer and extremely unpopular. So you need these special circumstances. They’re not examples to emulate. They’re one offs. But Reagan’s an example to emulate. And why don’t we ever look at his campaigns and why don’t we ever look at how he campaigned? What the issues were. Oh, Mark, it’s all change. No, it has changed. Hasn’t changed at all. Of course, issues change and move and so forth, but the fundamentals are the same. Let’s take abortion. Abortion. Why are we losing on abortion? And I’ll be very blunt with you, because Democrat Party billionaires and interest groups are willing to spend ten times more than Republican billionaires and interest groups on explaining that issue. So the Democrat Party defines the Republican candidate, lies about the Republican candidate, lies about their position. And so you have an election based on a lie. When the Democrat Party is actually extremely vulnerable on this issue. Nobody believes that a baby should be aborted with partial birth abortion right up to the last second of birth. Nobody believes there shouldn’t be parental notification for 12, ten, 15 year olds who are pregnant and seek abortions. And yet the the ambiguous. Ballot language in Ohio provides for that. That was just a few months ago where the media were insisting the Democrat Party was insisting because Psaki on MSNBC was insisting they’re not extremists on abortion, but they are. I notice they don’t criticize the Dobbs decision anymore. Why is that? Because they’re able to implement institute by statute or constitutional amendment. Abortion legislation or amendments that are much more extreme than Roe v Wade ever was. This is actually a rather simple issue. Now Loudoun County, Virginia, where I spent last few months. My family, of course, But I go back and forth between Florida. I just watching the Democrats lie about this issue. Lie, lie, lie over and over again. Must have been five ads, too. One for the Republican. The Republican billionaires are not as patriotic. To tell you the truth, they’re not as patriotic. They’re not as conservative as they used to be. As as the Democrats are not patriotic in supporting the Democrat candidate. We don’t have a George Soros. They have ten of them. We don’t have one of them. Now one. And as for the Republican base. 2010 was the Tea Party year, and the Tea Party was brutally attacked by the Wall Street Journal editorial page by Mitch McConnell, who was the Republican leader back then. By the GOP establishment, by the GOP donors and billionaires. This was a spontaneous movement that delivered scores of seats, over 60 seats for the House of Representatives, several U.S. Senate seats. And yet Mitch McConnell, whose protege lost and lost badly in Kentucky. Attacked. The base. National Review attacked the base. The Wall Street Journal attacked the base. We could have won more seats if only we had nominated X, Y, Z, never taking responsibility for the rhinos who lost seats. Ever. And for the rhinos, the ruling class establishment, call them what you will. Then only lose seats. Even if we win those seats, we haven’t won much. But Mitch McConnell’s in a way, purity system. To clean the Republican Party from its base. That’s why I wouldn’t support Ted Cruz when he was in a close election. That’s why I wouldn’t support Mike Lee when he was in a close election. I can go down and down and down the list. Now, what was it about Reagan? First of all, he had a fantastic personality and he was a very handsome man. He had enormous charisma. But that’s not all. Reagan took a position on four or five six things and he was utterly clear about them and there were solid as could be. Slashing taxes. Lifting regulations on oil and gasoline so will be plentiful and cheap. Building up the United States military, keeping the Panama Canal and a handful of other issues. And he and his campaign geniuses including. One of my mentors, former Attorney General Meese. They define the left. They define the left. I think Governor Youngkin is a good man. He’s a good governor. But if you’re going to take charge of the election in Virginia and raise money mostly through your PAC, you’ve got to take the gloves off. You’ve got to define the other side. You must define them. And you must spend the money necessary to define them. In Kentucky. Cameron was a lackluster candidate who was all over the map. Running against an incumbent Democrat. Trump won that seat. I’m trying to remember, was it over 20%? Yes, maybe over 30%. He won that state, I should say. So what did Reagan do? He defined the other side. He made it abundantly clear what he stood for. He was opposed by McConnell. Gerald Ford. He was supposed by the bushes. He was opposed essentially by the same people who oppose you and me to oppose you and me today, but the same people who opposed the Tea Party. The difference between the Republican Party and the Democrat Party is the Republican Party hates its base. The Democrat Party taps danced to its base. But what is a base? That you’re activists. Those are the people who are motivated. Those are the people who are focused. You can’t keep attacking your base and expect it to turn out. And that’s what McConnell and the Washington, D.C. Republicans continue to do. That’s what they continue to do. You need to fire up your base. You need to build excitement and momentum around your candidates, around your issues. And the rhinos don’t want to unite behind these candidates. First thing Chris Christie did is he blamed the Kentucky loss on Donald Trump. If this slob goes around the country, speaks to Republicans and attacks Republicans, speaks to conservatives and attacks conservatives. You think this guy is on the Democrat Party payroll, the way he conducts himself? Or we have TV hosts who keep bringing on Christie. Mr.. 3% keep bringing on Chris Sununu, keep bringing on Karl Rove, keep bringing on people who have absolutely no connection to the base. And in fact, the base finds them contemptible. I think that’s purposeful. When a host do things like that, that’s purposeful. Why is Ronna McDaniel still the chair of the RNC? Well, Donald Trump supporter. And the Republican establishment supported her. So they agreed on that. Yours truly opposed her, Openly opposed her. Had her opponent on my show. Why? It’s not about personalities with me. She’s a loser. Benny Johnson online, The Internet, he writes. Since she’s been the head of the RNC, we’ve lost eight governors governor seats. We’ve lost three Senate seats. We lost 18 House seats and one presidential race. That’s outrageous. The Republican National Committee is not producing. And yet she’ll be back on TV. Talking about all the great things they’re doing. They should at least have a group over there to talk about how they’re going to confront this abortion issue and get the word out. I mean, I don’t understand what the problem is. I really don’t. All of a sudden, the nation supports abortion on demand, partial birth abortion, the elimination of parental notification. No, the nation doesn’t support that. At all. I’ve told you before, a few folks read The Democrat Party hates America. I’ve a section on this. That the most loyal voting base of the Democrat Party is not the black community. It’s not the gay community. It’s young. Women without children. That’s the core of the core of their base. So they run on abortion. To turn out that vote, whether it’s in the city, whether it’s in the suburbs, wherever it is, young, single women without children. They’re the most extremist on the issue of abortion. And so that’s what they focus on. They’re able to define this as a woman’s right, as free to choose a liberty issue. In Kentucky. They had commercials with a 12 year old young girl who was pregnant. Planned Parenthood was behind the. Now a 12 year old young girl who’s pregnant, ten year old girl who’s pregnant. I think we can agree. There were parental notification that families should make its own decision. That said. The left, the Democrat Party. And the media have dehumanized human babies. They’ve dehumanized him, just that they dehumanized so many other people. We should we should start to push back. I want to talk more about this because it’s not just abortion. I’ll be right back.

Segment 2
We have a lot of young people in the Republican Party who blow off Reagan. There would be like a Democrat blowing off Franklin Roosevelt. You had to learn from Reagan with his massive majorities in both the popular vote and the Electoral College vote. The country’s demographic has changed significantly since then. But he’s still the biggest winner the Republicans have ever had. Ever. And rather than trying to destroy Ron DeSantis, of course, it’s a presidential primary. What’s fair is fair. But rather than destroy him and lie about his record in Florida, his record should be studied. He went from 40,000 vote, slimmest of slim victories. To winning with almost 60% of the vote in four years. He changed Florida’s demographics. And political makeup. Radically, completely to benefit the Republicans. And he’s the most conservative governor in the United States. And he fights the culture wars and he fights the the budget wars and he fights the immigration issues and he fights the vaccine issues. Well, how did he do it? What does he do? That made him so successful, successful as governor of Florida. Florida was a purple state leaning red. It’s now a bright, bright apple red state. You don’t destroy the people who show the people who show you how to do these things. You study them. You learn from them. Not from the rhinos, not from the losers. There were a lot of good candidates who ran yesterday. It wasn’t a matter of candidate selection. I’ll be right back.

Segment 3
You know, the only billionaire I can think of consistently was generous with an enormous amount of money. Well, Sheldon Adelson, The late Sheldon Adelson. Money for the House, money for the Senate, money for a presidential candidate. We have multi-billionaires on the Republican side. People were two, three, 25, $50 billion, 20 million, 40 million, 50 million. For them, that’s like buying a hotdog at a baseball game. Don’t they care about this country, too? If they cared about saving this country as much as the Democrat radical left wing billionaires cared about destroying it, that would sure help. But there’s other things here. Mitch McConnell is out of sync. Mitch McConnell has always been about Mitch McConnell. And he gets the backing. From the liberal media, the left wing media, Politico, The Washington Post, The New York Times. When he blames conservatives, The Tea Party Revolution. The Reagan Revolution. The Trump Revolution. And. He’s not a leader. He’s a figurehead. And so are most of the senior people in the Senate around him. These aren’t fighters. They look down on the conservatives in the House. They look down on the base that elects them. They’d rather be in the minority. Then have these. These crazy conservatives in the Senate and in the House and in the Oval Office. I’ve seen it up close, folks. You’re listening to one of the few hosts in America. Bongino has run for office. He knows what I’m talking about. But you’re listening to one of the few, I said, who’s been involved in your presidential campaign for Reagan in 76 when we lost lost to the rhinos. And in 81, we won. In a massive landslide. And Reagan was still undercut by the Republican establishment. He wanted to get rid of the Department of Education. He was blocked by Mark Hatfield and Howard Baker, and they were in the majority in the Senate, no thanks to their campaigns. They rode his coattails into office. This is the problem. You had approximately 190 Democrats in the House yesterday who voted against censuring Rashida Talib. And media, even friendly media. Will you get it right? She wasn’t censured because she criticized Israel. She was censured because she supports the extermination of the Jews in Israel. That’s why. Yet, dumbass states. Don’t you understand? Now there’s things Republicans can do that they’re not doing. How come the Republican Party nationally and in the states, why don’t they develop their own election procedures that benefit Republicans? The Democrats do this all the time, and then they ram it down our throats. They do it by fiat. They do it by executive orders. They do it by regulations. They do it by legislation. They go to their friendly judge. They get a judge to impose it. What is the election procedures that the Republicans are developing to help Republicans win? There aren’t any. They don’t even know how to undo or fight the Democrats who keep changing the rules. So why don’t we change the rules to our benefit? That’s the nature of politics. These Senate Republicans are responsible for them being in the minority and for us. Having horrific conditions imposed on us by the Biden regime. All but ten or 12 Senate Republicans voted against McConnell being the Republican leader. And they do this voting in secret. We want to know who votes for him and against him. Because he needs to go. And you and I, I do it all the time. But a bigger group of us need to put pressure on the Republicans in the Senate to kick that phony the hell out. And don’t replace him with another fool. McDaniels has to go. She’s a loser. She’s not up to the fight. She’s not up to the task. She’s just not. The proof is in the pudding. And why aren’t we organizing our lawyers? To take on their lawyers. Why do we leave people like Giuliani and Eastman and Ellis and others? Out the hang all by themselves. Why aren’t we developing an entire army of lawyers who will go into these states, fight to change the rules? Go into these states. Make challenges left and right. This is what they do. Why won’t we do it? So you’re going to hear every buffoon with a microphone and a camera in their face. Try and figure out what’s going on. I’m telling you what’s going on. I lived this. As a young man. Conservatism works. And when it’s explained properly, people embrace it. How much juxtaposition was there on inflation? When the Democrats. The Democrats in power. And I won. The Republicans were in power. The border on and on the issues. Ah, so one sided in our favor. But they can’t figure out how to deal with abortion. Do they listen to this show? Do they pay attention? Do they know how extreme the Democrats are on this issue? The Democrats do not believe in life or they’d secure the southern border. Or they would demand more police. Rather than handcuffing the cops and undermining their funding. The Democrats, their number one priority is not life. Fact, it’s death, abortion. Crime in the streets. Those are Democrat cities. Democrat policies. Don’t lock up. Recidivists, even if they’re violent out the back door. But there is one little glimmer of light, by the way. In Loudon County. The Soros funded and elected prosecutor Los. By the skin of her teeth. But so what? She lost. And the Law and order sheriff in Loudoun County. Chapman. He won as well. He won as well. We need to have a concerted effort to appoint the kind of federal judges that we need because they make decisions on redistricting and they’re making decisions that are killing the Republican Party right now. And Lindsey Graham. Lindsey Graham and I bump into each other from time to time. Lindsey. What you’re doing on the Judiciary Committee is intolerable. You’re rubber stamping their judges. It’s intolerable. And then the other thing we need to do. Luckily, Romney’s bowing out, but he was going to be primaried anyway. Republicans like Romney need to be defeated. I’m not saying they all need to be conservative, but I am saying they can’t be saboteurs. Backstabbing Benedict Arnold’s. And we have a lot of those in the Republican Party that needs to be drummed out, that needs to be cleaned away. The Democrats don’t have that. Like I said, 190 House Democrats get red tape. They keep talking about the 20 to 190. And I posted this earlier. Voted to protect. Richard, Italy. Even though she’s using a phrase that connotes the extermination of the Jews. From the river to the sea. From the Jordan River to the east of Israel to the Mediterranean on the west side of Israel, from the river to the sea means the obliteration, the extermination of the Jews who reside there. Everybody knows that, especially those Democrats who voted to protect her. 190 of them in for Republicans. Ken Buck again because. Back as a head case. He’s a head case. But Tom Massie, Tom McClintock, and some other congressmen I’ve never heard of before. So we need to focus, you know, on the real issues in this country. And this back and forth stuff is a good right. This is a back and forth stuff. This isn’t free speech stuff. She’s free to say whatever the hell she wants to. But the house is also free to respond to it. And for Republicans who think this is a waste of time. Punishing a member who promotes the extermination of Jews is not a waste of time. That’s not a waste of time at all. It provides moral clarity. It demonstrates that there’s at least one party in the House of Representatives that will not tolerate it. That’s not a waste of time. You guys waste time all the time. That’s not a waste of time. I’ll be right back.

Segment 4
By the way, what happened in Virginia is not Governor Young guns fall guy put his neck on the line to try and pull some candidates across the finish line. But the problem’s deeper and the problems deeper as I just spent the last 40 minutes discussion discussing. Now, we only have a few minutes in this particular segment. George Soros. As I said before, and these people on the Hill listen, they listen, but they don’t act. George Soros is a multibillionaire who hates America, who hates Israel. Who funds the radical left, the Marxist causes, the Islamist causes. His son Alex is taking over because George is long in the tooth. Not long enough, as far as I’m concerned. But that’s a whole other story. And Alex has access to Biden. He has access to Harris. He has access to anybody. Watch. Why? Because he’s the sugar daddy of the radical Marxist slash Islamist movements in this country. Whatever works to take us down. How come there’s no. House Republican oversight of George Soros. They had a whole committee working on Donald Trump for years on his taxes. Issuing subpoenas and so forth. They set the precedent. How come there’s nobody looking into all of these front groups that he set up, front groups that he supports? The networks and connections between and among these front groups and overseas groups. And anti-American groups. And violent groups. And how he is bought through media matters. A big chunk of the American media that uses media matters despite the fact that the head of media matters is homophobic. Is a racist, is a bigot and an anti-Semite. Like much of the Democrat Party in the media, as a matter of fact, and this is from our friends at NewsBusters, Joseph says leftist billionaire George Soros Open Society Foundation finally released a statement condemning Hamas’s hellish attacks on Israel nearly three and a half weeks after the October seven massacre. But it did so while trying to make believe that the fortunate funneled into the groups champing Hamas barbarism didn’t exist. The US a fact sheet Open Society Foundations in Israel and Palestine, which supplemented the organization’s November one press release on Hamas, attempted to equivocate the conflict involving the Jewish state and the terrorist organization as a territorial dispute between Israel and, quote, occupied Palestinian territories. Now, as soon as you hear that, you know, these are a bunch of anti-Semites. How can Jews occupy what they occupied 4000 years ago? They can’t. They had the audacity to claim that, quote, All the groups we support are committed to nonviolence and adhere to the principle that human rights and safety should be enjoyed by Israelis and Palestinians alike. But the statement is demonstrably false. The MRC has shown that Ossoff has given to numerous pro-Hamas groups. The sorted list includes, but is not limited to al-Shabab, the Middle East Children’s Alliance, the Palestinian Institute for Public Diplomacy and Dream Defenders, among others. Not only that, but Soros himself even called for the United States and Israel to embrace Hamas. Two questions arise Why would this Soros group feel the need to release a statement three and a half weeks after the October seven massacre? And why would it attempt to undercut its own record of funding pro-Hamas organizations? MRC business vice president Dan Schneider said in a statement that this has everything to do with Soros, his group positioning itself ahead of the 2024 presidential election. Schneider said. Alex and George Soros are playing the same card that the left always does. They say one thing while doing something else. The money. Their money is still backing the radical pro-Hamas organizations that seek the destruction of Israel. But their words are communicating something different. They’re creating a narrative specifically for a left wing activist. I understand they’re going to publicly back off of these radical pro-Hamas statements as we approach the 2024 presidential election just one year away. And it goes on. MRC business released bombshell reports exposing Soros his history of funding pro-Hamas groups. So I have a question for Mr. Comber. Question for the Jordan Committee. The question for those who are overseeing corruption generally in law enforcement, in law and order with the Department of Justice and the FBI. Shouldn’t this be part of your job to. George Soros funded al-Shabab put out a statement following Hamas’s invasion, celebrating how breaching the boundaries of Israel’s borders expands the Palestinian imagery for possibilities of both resistance and collective freedom. They got $550,000 from Soros between 2017 and 2020 all along, and the Middle East Children’s Alliance got 700,000. George Soros and all these surrogates need to be investigated. I’ll be back.