November 7th, 2023

November 7th, 2023

On Tuesday’s Mark Levin Show, when you are attacked by an enemy that wants to destroy you, your number one priority must be to defend yourself no matter what President Biden says about a humanitarian pause. The Biden administration is pushing for the ouster of PM Benjamin Netanyahu in Israel through their usual outlets in the Democrat media. Biden is intentionally leaving our southern border wide open allowing for hundreds of thousands of Americans to be killed by fentanyl. Biden has no intention of keeping us secure and doing this to your own country is a high crime and worthy of impeachment. The Democrat party is a party without a soul, principle, or morality, and are now calling for Netanyahu to resign for being weak when it is Biden who is weak and should be impeached. Biden is the worst president in American history, causing wars around the world, causing harm and death in our own country, and left citizens behind in Afghanistan. Also, Joe Biden’s family members are representing foreign entities under FARA, yet none of them have signed up as agents, which was used against Donald Trump allies like Paul Manafort. Joe Biden is benefitting from these interests and getting his cut from people like Hunter Biden, which makes Joe Biden a conspirator to violate FARA. There is more than enough information and predicate to appoint a special counsel, yet Merrick Garland refuses to do so. Meanwhile, Stalinist prosecutor Jack Smith is running loose on Donald Trump demanding gag orders all over the place and ignoring executive privilege. Later, Mark speaks with Sen. Ted Cruz about his new book Unwoke: How to Defeat Cultural Marxism in America, and about the Biden administration’s response to Israel and calls for a humanitarian pause to aid Hamas.

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Rough transcription of Hour 1

Segment 1
Hello, America. Mark Levin. Our number 877-381-3811.  877-381-3811. I notice all the networks pretty much shooting video out of Gaza and the people who are moving south. Displaced from their homes. I haven’t seen a single video of the Israelis who’ve been forced to move out of their homes when the northern border with Hezbollah, half a million Israelis. Why is that? Interesting. When you’re president of a country or prime minister and you’re a free country and you’re surrounded by enemies. Your number one job when you’re attacked is to defeat that enemy. Everything else is secondary. Including Joe Biden’s political interests and his campaign and his base. And I’m noticing America more and more as each day goes by that the Biden administration is through the usual media. CNN, Washington Post, MSNBC, The New York Times, and all the rest of them are now talking about the ouster of Netanyahu, that he can’t survive, that he can’t last. They want to move him out, bring in some left wing flunkies like Ehud Barak, who tried to overthrow the duly elected Netanyahu government for a year. Because this is what they want. Now, what’s interesting is my two shows on Fox. The monologue that I gave Saturday. Has received an enormous amount of interest and people keep talking to me about it as they come up to me. And some of you may not have heard it. I don’t normally do this because I only have 3 hours. And 3 hours means about. What is it, Mr. Producer? 40 minutes an hour. Give or take. But I thought I’d play part of it for you now. And then after the bottom of the hour, the final part, and maybe you can see what people are talking about as well. So this is from last Saturday. Opening statement Life, Liberty and Livin on Fox. Go. I want to talk about casualties. Do you think 100,000 civilian deaths in one year is significant? Oh, it’s massive when you consider we lost about 59,000 men and women in the Vietnam War. When you consider we lost over 50,000 in the Korean War. It’s a lot of people. Those were combatants, not civilians, not citizens. So let me ask you a question. When he president of the United States, keeps a border open intentionally, the southern border and upwards of 100,000 young Americans aged 18 to 45. Die every single year. That border is open from fentanyl. Almost 100,000 civilian American civilian casualties. Well, what kind of president is that? Is that a man who gives a damn about human life? Is that a man who’s compassionate about the American people? Is that a man who wants to protect the American people? Absolutely silent. He doesn’t even talk about it. While his flunky, the secretary of DHS, keeps testifying that the border is secure. We need comprehensive immigration reform. And I’m not even including the inhumanity, the other inhumanity that’s taking place on the border, the sex slaves, the children sold into sex slavery, the rapes, the murders and the other drugs coming across. Drug cartels with ties to the communist Chinese who use techniques like ICE’s coming into our country. They now have a foothold in every major metropolitan area and every one of our states. What kind of a president is that? Is a president that should be impeached. That’s a high crime. Doing that to your own country. 100,000 civilian deaths a year. Probably more. We just had the FBI director testify that the FBI now controls and affecting all illegal fann, all that it has that is required to kill 270 million Americans. 270 million America and the borders still wide open given what’s going on in the Middle East. Can you think of another country that has an open border? Any. Can you think of another president or prime minister or a dictator, a monarch who would leave a border open like that so its own people are suffering and dying? We’re talking about potential terrorist attacks. We’re going to have we all know that you can have millions of people coming in here not vetting them, not even know who they are and where they’re going, and assume that are people who want to blow us up, that people who took down the towers, that people hit us over and over and over and over again, that all of a sudden they’re going to somehow respect the rules of law or they’re not going to sneak across the border. Biden knows it. Harris knows it. The attorney general knows it. The FBI director is sitting right next to Mayorkas, and he wouldn’t even point the finger and say you need to secure that border. No, he couldn’t even bring himself to do that. Why am I telling you this? Because Joe Biden doesn’t give a damn about American civilian casualties as he goes on, about civilian casualties in Gaza, as he talks about a humanitarian cease fire. You know what a humanitarian cease fire is? It’s appeasement to appeasement in stages, but appeasement in stages is appeasement. The Israelis cannot afford to lose a war when their very survival is at stake. Ask Hamas. They keep announcing we’re going to keep at it till they’re destroyed. As Hamas’s writers, protesters, the Hamas network, you see them in the streets. You hear the professors, you see the college students, You even see the media. What do they say as they spew the propaganda of the enemy? As they spew the propaganda of the enemy? Democrat Party is a problem. The Democrat Party is a party without a soul. It’s a party without principles, a party without morality. That’s why the Democratic Socialists, a.k.a. Marxists who hate America, that’s why the Hamas Nazi supporting individuals in our country, they’re all Democrats. They have representation in Congress. They have representation in Democrat Party organizations. They have representation in the Democrat media. They’re not Republicans. They’re not constitutional conservatives. They hate us. But I want to talk about civilian casualties because they’re trying to now force Netanyahu to resign. MSNBC and Biden and the other. He’s weak. He’s weak. No, it’s Biden who should resign. He should be impeached. A high crime that he’s committing against the people of the United States, just the southern border alone. But I want to give us a little bit of history here that I’m sure is not being taught in our schools. The Civil War, the siege of Vicksburg was one of the most tactically important victories for the Union in the American Civil War. Right? Sharon O’Neill That statistic. And it helped give them control of the Mississippi River while cutting off a major supply line for union forces. When Major General Ulysses s Grant’s union troops tried to take the fortress by force in mid-May 1863, they were twice pushed back with heavy casualties. Instead of sending his men to try a third time. Grant had a different idea. He encircled Vicksburg. The second most important military manufacturing city in the Confederacy. One side, the Mississippi River. He sent his massive gunboats. The rest of it. Often on a hill, he surrounded it. And what did he do? Night after night, day after day, relentlessly, he prevented anyone from leaving. And he prevented anyone from going in. No ingress, no egress, citizen, Non-Citizen. It didn’t matter. The inhabitants survived for about 40 days before running out of provisions. They couldn’t get any food. Many reports claim the starving inhabitants, mostly citizens, but also military, had to resort to eating dogs and rats in order to survive. Dogs and rats. Some people starved to death. Most were malnourished. It was a horrendous scene. Vicksburg. Was Abraham Lincoln a war criminal? Or is Abraham Lincoln one of our greatest presidents in American history? And let me ask this question. Israel needs to fight to survive. Hamas has said it wants to destroy them. Hamas is backed by Iran. Hamas is backed by Hezbollah. Hamas is now backed by Russia and China. This tiny little Jewish state with 7 million Jews up against it. Do they have a right to fight to win? Not if you listen to Joe Biden. A humanitarian cease fire so you can provide food and medicine and fuel that the enemy. Hamas steals their savviness. They’re stealing fuel from the hospitals, are using their people as fodder. The Israelis aren’t doing it. The enemy’s doing that. But of course, the American media are all in. Was it really okay for the Israelis to go after one commander who helped lead the slaughter of their people with all the casualties that occurred? Do you think that would have been asked during the Civil War? So here’s my question. Abraham Lincoln. In my view, the second greatest president in American history, George Washington, the first. Do we revere him? You bet we do. Why? Because he defeated the South. He kept the union together, and he ended slavery. Well, let me ask you something. 700,000 casualties. 50,000 citizens died. Now, I know it’s not as much as the open border that Biden has with 100,000 Americans dying every year, but 50,000 were killed. Was it worth the battle to keep the nation together and to end slavery? Well, most of us think it was. You see, Lincoln didn’t agree with the two state solution. It was one country, No. Two state solution. He could have easily negotiated for a two state solution. He said, no, it’s the United States of America. That’s number one. Number two, slavery. Slavery was barbaric. Do we agree? Democrat. Republican. All of us agree? Yes. 700,000 casualties. So when the Israelis fight for their lives, for their survival. Is that okay? No. Now they’re the aggressor. No, they’re the occupier. No, they need to be obliterated. And so they keep trying to pull Netanyahu back. They keep trying to pull the IDF back. Well, it seems to me if it was good enough to fight and it should be and it was to end slavery, well, it’s good enough for the Israelis to fight for their lives and their very survival and against this whole notion of a two state solution, which would be their final solution. You want to hear another one? How about the Battle of Atlanta? By 1864, General William Tecumseh Sherman had come to believe that a union victory required not only defeating the Southern armies listen, but also destroying the South’s physical ability and psychological will to continue the war. This was also the case in World War Two. What were two is often called the war against civilians. Dresden, Berlin, London, Nagasaki. Hiroshima. All aimed partially at military, but all aimed at destroying the will of the people to support these regimes. All of them. And we were involved in big time. Atlanta Transportation Industrial Center and similar Confederate strength made a prime target. So what did Sherman do? Well, he marched through Atlanta like crap, through a goose. Soldiers set fire to the city, culminating when the troops at much of the downtown area ablaze during the last night in the city. Sherman had carefully studied census records to make sure his troops could live off the land before leaving Atlanta and to maintain his supply line. The union soldiers raided farms, destroyed cotton fields and mills, slaughtered livestock, burned properties where they met resistance and took as much food as they could carry. During the occupation of Atlanta. Sherman wrote to city officials There were as cruelty and you cannot refine it. Years later, he shortened this sentiment during an address at the Michigan Military Academy. War is hell, and we’ve always viewed it that way, and we’ve always fought it that way. Two of our greatest presidents. Lincoln and then later Grant viewed it that way. We would not have this country. We would not have ended slavery if we didn’t fight the way we fight. We would not have won World War Two and defeated Hitler in the Third Reich. Tojo, the Japanese emperor and Imperial Japan. We would not have defeated Mussolini and fascistic Italy. We would not have destroyed those concentration camps and all the rest of the brutality that the Axis powers were involved in, had we not fought to win. To win. That’s our perspective. That should be our perspective. Now that I’m back alive, that covers some of the areas we’ve discussed before. And there’s another piece of it that I want to play for you after the bottom of the hour. Since the next segment will be two short. The Biden. And the Democrat Party and his Obama advisers are such ruthless thugs. That they’re trying to push out Netanyahu. They’ve given the word to their media. You can see it, You can read it. You can hear it. Because they want. They want a pliable. Ehud Barak type or Lapid type. If we’ll do what they want, we’ll do what they say. And what a disaster that would be. I’ll be right back.

Segment 2
It’s a short segment and a perfect time to remind people who are listening to this program. If you haven’t voted yet and you live in Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Kentucky, a very close race and some of the other areas of the country, you owe it to your family, to your community, to the country to do it. Nobody’s asking you to go to war. You’re being asked to vote. In Virginia. Which has been a state I’ve lived in for over 40 years, Loudon County, where I’ve lived for over 20 years. It is essential that you folks get out to support your Sheriff Chapman. The delicate candidate. Higgins. The Senate candidate, Sarah. And the chairman for the county commissioners, Charlotte Katz. But all over Virginia, you know what’s going on in your county. Just get out and vote. Nobody’s asking you to do anything more than that. A lot of Americans can’t vote today. They don’t have anything to vote for it. There is no election. Most of the states. There’s an off year election. This is the time you catch the Democrat sleeping and bite him in the ass. Same in Kentucky. Have a very close governor’s race. Race. Very close, very import Mississippi of a very close governor’s race. I don’t know why, but you do. And there’s races in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Ohio, you have a very important ballot question. So when in doubt, go vote. That’s all you have to do. Send a message to the nation. I’ll be right back.

Segment 3
I’ve got about another 5 minutes of this monologue. I’ll tell you what’s interesting, and I’m going to play it shortly. You can see when I delve into these things, I’m not regurgitating repeating anything that anybody else has said. I’m an independent thinker. This is what I do. While other people are out doing whatever they do in between their times on radio and TV. But this is what I do. And I’ve also talked at some length now over the past few weeks, few months on this program, a few weeks on Fox and elsewhere. About the real Islamophobia, where it’s occurring. Our Muslims have killed more Muslims than anybody else has killed Muslims. How Arabs have killed more Arabs than anybody else has killed Arabs. And it’s starting to resonate on Fox and talk radio, and it’s very, very important that it does. And so here again, Saturday, the last 5 minutes of my opening statement. Go ahead. All these calls for the state of Israel. Slow down. Be careful. Don’t hit the school. Don’t hit the hospital. And here we have terrorists, desert rats, hiding among their people. And the Israel is the only army on the planet that’s supposed to fight a war humanely. That’s supposed to fight a war and pick out the enemy from the citizen, even though they’re wearing the same things. And the enemy knows this and is purposely hiding among the citizens. Joe Biden says he’s very concerned about the the Palestinian citizens. He’s not even concerned about the American citizens. What happened to those Americans in Afghanistan? Hundreds of them left behind. He doesn’t even talk about them. They’re there because of him. Blinken doesn’t even talk about them getting the hostages back. I think Biden made it a little more complicated when he handed $6 billion over to the Iranians. I don’t want to hear that. It wasn’t our money. The South Koreans weren’t released without our say. So They held it back with our say so. And that money is there for a reason. The Iranians already said they’ll do whatever the hell they want to do with it. And the spigot still wide open. A billion and a half dollars a week going to the Iranian Nazi regime that’s funding funding Hamas. That’s funding Hezbollah. That’s funding the of the Houthis. That’s funding the attacks on America. Funding the attacks on America. And he says he’s very concerned about the civilian deaths taking place in Gaza. Not Texas, Not New York City. No. I’m telling you, ladies and gentlemen, this is the worst president in American history causing wars. He’s going to cause a disastrous terrorist attack, one or more in this country. He’s caused all kinds of harm. And I will say death in our own country. Already American citizens. He left citizens behind in Afghanistan. He is a complete and unmitigated disaster. But the Democrat Party has a problem. Much bigger than the Republican Party. The Democrat Party, as I written it, not only hates America, but what is the Democrat Party? The Democrat Party is basically an unprincipled organization that seeks power for those who run it. And that’s why you can have in the Democrat Party. Overwhelming number of Jewish voters, overwhelming number of Muslim voters, overwhelming number of voters who will support and are Hamas versus an overwhelming number of people who support Israel voting for the same candidate? How can that be? Well, let me ask you. The climate change Marxist fanatics who are destroying. Destroying our ability to produce oil and coal and natural gas, steel and aluminum. Or hollowing out the industrial heartland of our country. How can the Democrat Party represent working class Americans, union and non-union, and at the same time represent the psycho radical left sitting in their office buildings or their Ivy League school offices dictating how they’re going to destroy the industrial heartland? How is it that they both vote Democrat? Because they have a corrupt media, a corrupt media, a propagandist media with demagogic posts. The New York Times covered up the Holocaust. And now it is the mouthpiece for it is the propaganda wing of Hamas in the United States. Same with our big networks. Same with so much of the American media. That’s how the Democrats get away with it. That’s how Biden gets away with it And at the same time. They call Republicans and conservatives racists. In fact, here we have an article from CNN White House announcing its national strategy to combat Islamophobia. Tell me something, ladies and gentlemen, where are all the marching Jews demanding the obliteration or elimination of Muslims? Where are they? What city are they in? Where all the universities and colleges promoting Islamophobia? Are those Jewish students running in the libraries and in the attic, locking themselves up, fearful for their own lives and violence? Where are all the pro-Israel pro Jewish professors, tenured professors going on and on about about how they the Muslims, are occupiers overseas? But there is Islamophobia and it’s horrific. It’s horrendous. It’s just not in the United States. It’s in the Muslim and Arab countries. More Muslims are being slaughtered and have been slaughtered by other Muslims than anybody else and anywhere else on the face of the earth. And it’s going on as I speak, whether it’s Yemen, whether it’s Iran, whether it’s Iraq, Syria. Murdered over half a million of its own people, Muslims. The Palestinian Authority murders its own people. Hamas murders its own people. Hezbollah murders its own people. It’s Muslims slaughtering Muslims is White House Announces National Strategy to Combat Islamophobia. Now, why have they done this? Two quick reasons. One, because part of their base is very upset that Joe Biden gave a speech of his standing with Israel, which, by the way, he’s not. He’s doing as little as possible. Makis giving them arms. Every president has provided them with arms, but he’s also provided their enemy with $70 billion. Let’s see, 3.4 billion versus 70 billion. Seems a little out of whack to me, doesn’t a new America? But it’s even more than that. Their base, as I said. But the Democrat Party has no soul. Now. That was Saturday. Today is November 7th. So that was November. Let’s see. Can we count backwards seven? There was November 4th. Want to read something to you. We’ve got a lot to cover this evening in Blaze Media. Former Muslim shares viral conversation with his father, dismantling the narrative, blaming Israel for genocide by Chris Enlow. And this is in today’s blaze. But this conversation between father and son occurred on November 5th. The day after. My monologue in that monologue has resonated a lot. Without attribution, of course. But the issues that I’ve raised have been regurgitated, and that’s a good thing. Author Harris Sultan went viral over the weekend. For sharing a story about a conversation he had with his father that destroys the narrative accusing Israel of a genocide against Palestinians. Across the world, pro-Palestinian activists accused Israel of genocide. They claim Gaza is an open air prison and that the Israeli military kills Palestinian civilians, women and children included. We’re seeing this all day to day on cable, all day today on cable. These claims, unfortunately, even circulate in the halls of Congress, with Representative Rashida Talib accusing Joe Biden of supporting a genocide. Of course, she is an anti-Semitic, anti-American reprobate. Enter Sultan, a former Muslim who wrote a book about his experience leaving the Islamic faith. In a recent conversation with his father, whom Sultan described as a so-called moderate Muslim, Sultan explained that his father asked why he is, quote, supporting this genocide, unquote, against the Palestinians. After explaining that he empathizes with suffering, Sultan showed his father a photo which his father immediately assumed came from Gaza. But Sultan explained, quote, The photo is actually of a Yemeni child pulled from the rubble resulting from a Saudi bombing in Yemen. The photo served to prove an important point. The world is outraged because Israel is defending itself from Hamas terrorists but is silent when Muslims kill their own, which is, of course, my point you heard on Saturday. Quote. I pointed out that Israel has allegedly killed 7000 Palestinians. Now, the reason he says allegedly and the media running with this, of course, we know now the Gaza Health Service, because I expose this, is controlled by Hamas and they put out whatever numbers they want. They have no independent sourcing for this. While the Saudis have killed at least 150,000 Yemeni Muslims. Some estimates suggest up to 300,000, he wrote. How can we call the current conflict a genocide when what the Saudis did is hardly even discussed by Muslims? Sultan explained in his viral post. Don’t get me started on 200,000 Muslims killed by Bashar Assad in Syria. Then Sultan recounted what he told his father when he expressed disagreement with Muslim on Muslim violence. How convenient, he said to his father. Nearly half a million fellow Muslims, half a million have been killed by other. And by the way, it’s more than that. And you didn’t even know about it, Soltan remembered. Yet when Israel retaliates against a terrorist organization that has killed, raped and maimed 1500 of its citizens, the whole Muslim world reacts. This anecdote illustrates an indicting fact, Sultan explained after telling his story the outrage against Israel for defending itself from Hamas, he pointed out, quote, seems to have less to do with preserving Muslim lives and more to do with the religious fantasy of hostility toward Jews. Sultan, it appears, is a one man wrecking ball destroying the genocide narrative. In recent days, he has pointed out that Gaza’s population has quadrupled in the last 60 years, quadrupling which prima facie makes the claim that Israel is guilty of genocide or ethnic cleansing. Mere propaganda reminded people that Hamas’s leaders live luxurious lives, and we talked about this last night. While Palestinians in Gaza are subjected to abject poverty and highlighted how the Western world, which claims to care about Gaza, never protested when exponentially more Muslims died in other Middle East conflicts. Very, very, very important. I’ve explained this. This gentleman has now explained it. Others are starting to pick up. Some of the slack. And put things in actual. Context. The fact is the Muslims slaughter Muslims, that Arabs slaughter Arabs, that there was no marching in the street about any of it, as I explained any of it. People marching in the streets now. They don’t talk about who’s funding these protests. They’re not just happening. The Hamas network in our country, as I explained on Fox and here. Has tens of millions of dollars for this and has been planning this. Soros front groups. Soros, front groups, NGOs, millions of dollars promoting their stuff. And I could go on. And that would be why if you go to Media matters right now, you’ll see the endless attacks. On Fox and conservative talk radio on conservatives generally who are defending Israel. And taking on the Hamas Nazi terrorists, which apparently media matters supports. If they don’t, they have a funny way of showing it. I’ll be right back.

Segment 4
You know, ladies and gentlemen, NBC and MSNBC are among the two worst pro-Hamas news outlets in our country. But what else would you call them? Well, that’s what I call them, because that’s what they are over at MSNBC. There’s a guy by the name of let’s see, what is his name is to produce. We have the audio there. Mehdi Hasan Ah, we paid, played this video several weeks ago and talked about it, and we have time now, Mr. Producer. And this is a guy who is a prime time host on the weekends, prime time host at MSNBC cut 21. It’s hard to hear. This is something he said several years back. And but this is what’s in his mind, his heart, in his soul. Cut 21, go. Of course, also the disbelievers, the remaining seven to the teachings of Islam. The rational message they are deciding are people are not intelligent, no morality, no intelligence capability, intellectual effort is required to shake off the blind prejudice, to shake off those easy assumptions about the existence of God in this world on the side of the atheists and people. And, you know, some of this world catch 22 ago. All of these unanimously agreed that at the very minimum, it’s just he was not concerned about the very minimum. He was a foster, a transgressor, a breaker of Islamic law, an individual, a tyrant, a drunkard, a dog, a music lover, a homosexual, a pedophile, a sexual deviant, someone who slept with his own love for law. These are very these are, you know. Are you. He also used to be with Al Jazeera. And now he’s with MSNBC. He’s been for a little bit. How could you possibly dismissal? They actually twist my word. From weren’t. To protect. Wolf BLITZER. From his leftist reporting. From his hostility to Netanyahu. His hostility. To what the Israelis are trying to do to defend themselves. You don’t have to twist this guy’s words at all. This guy’s fully out of the closet. He’s full throated. There is nothing confusing about it. And there are no stories about this guy. None. None. And this is MSNBC. He apologized, of course. But he’s still in Israel. Hater. It’s like the New York Times hiring the. The Palestinian. Who praised Hitler. Just a few years ago. Not more. Not once. Twice. They moved him off. When they got hot and they brought them back. When it wasn’t hot anymore. MSNBC has serious problems. Al Sharpton. Long history of anti-Semitism. I don’t even know if he’s ever apologized for it, has he? And he’s not alone. I’m going to have a guest this weekend. On my Sunday show Life, Liberty and Live in. And it’ll be a guess from the fantastic media watchdog group that watches the reporting about the Middle East camera. That org like the word camera. Camera, dawg. It’s going to be fantastic. We’ll be right back.