September 6th, 2023

September 6th, 2023

On Wednesday’s Mark Levin Show, it won’t lead to Joe Biden if the Special Counsel indicts Hunter Biden on a gun charge. If Hunter’s not indicted for FARA violations or, tax violations – then Joe won’t be drawn into this. This is the most harmless indictment that can be brought. Also, if you want to know why Donald Trump can’t get a fair break in front of these Democrat judges just look at NYC. A NY Judge denied Trump’s request to delay his trial. The judge could have put this off but he’s a Democrat hack. Then, in NY again a judge, on his own, said that Trump is guilty in the E. Jean Carroll defamation case. Now they will have a trial on how much he owes. Later, the Republican party in the Senate has failed us over and over. They have no strength on the judiciary. They have contributed to out-of-control spending and have done nothing about the border crisis. They need to stop voting with them and make the argument that the Democrat Party budget will destroy working Americans.  It will destroy people on fixed incomes and will drive up food and gas prices. The Democrat Party is the party that stands for bureaucrats. Afterward, the ADL doesn’t represent the Jewish people, they represent the left, and they support the Democrat Party. Finally, former Ambassador David Friedman calls in to discuss his new movie Route 60 – The Biblical Highway. Route 60 is a historic, sacred link to the roots of Judaism and Christianity. David Friedman and Mike Pompeo venture down this sacred road, treading the very ground Abraham, Jacob, King David, and Jesus once walked.

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Rough transcription of Hour 1

Segment 1
Hello, America. Mark Levin here. Our number 877-381-3811.  877-381-3811. Well, David Weiss just told a court that they expect to indict Hunter before the end of this month by September 29th, required to tell the court under the speedy Trial act. And most people are surmising it must be the gun violation. Two quick things about this thing. I want to move on. Abbe Lowell is a defense counsel, is actually pretty damn good and he’s already set out there several weeks ago that when it comes to the gun issue, they already entered into a diversion agreement that Hunter Biden has complied with, the diversion agreement, that he’s met the conditions for pretrial release and that the government is not free now to go back on a diversion agreement, regardless of what the overall deal did or did not do. It was agreed to by the U.S. Attorney’s office. It was agreed to by the Department of Justice. It was agreed to that by this one and that one. So he’s got an interesting argument, but that’s not where my head is. If they’re going to indict Hunter Biden. And indict him on the gun charge. Mister Produce here in America. That doesn’t lead to Papa Bear, does it? See, my mind’s always moving. Move and move. And the wheels are always moving. And I know what everybody else is talking about. The diversion agreement. Why? Because defense counsel mentions the diversion agreement. I don’t know what he’s going to be indicted for. Neither does anybody else. But if he’s not indicted. For the fire violations. Tax violations that may still be available since the statute of limitations ran on the biggest ones and so forth. Then is Father Joe will not be drawn into this. Do you understand what I’m saying? You do, Ray Rich. Which is eating a steak sandwich. He’s very busy choking down a cheesesteak. But you folks understand, regardless which Rich doing right, just messing around with rich. But that’s the point. The point is. That this is the most harmless indictment that can be brought. That defense counsel has an argument. I don’t know if it’s persuasive, but an argument to make. Certainly is not to be dismissed on its face. But defense counsel was no arguing to make on the failure to register as a foreign agent. Which, in my view, a dragon is daddy. As a co-conspirator. Who knew that his son was doing farm business. Who helped him do foreign business, even if he didn’t receive one damn red cent, CNN and MSNBC. It would still be a federal offense. So that’s the beginning and the end of that. The rest of it speculation. So I don’t want to spend forever on it, but the rest of it is speculation. But there are other things going on in the country, a lot of other things. You want to know why Donald Trump can’t get a fair break in front of any of these Democrat judges? Take a look at New York today. Yesterday. New York judge writes. Newsmax Denies Trump Request to DeLay trial. A New York State judge today denied Donald Trump’s request to delay the start of a scheduled October two trial. And Attorney General Letitia James in civil lawsuit excuse me, accusing the former president, his family and the Trump Organization of inflating the value of his assets. Now, why couldn’t the judge put that off? Well, it could have. Judge Arthur F n Goren is a Democrat hack. He could have easily put it off. Trump’s lawyers late Tuesday asked the judge to briefly delay the trial until three weeks. Just three weeks. After he ruled on both sides request for a summary judgment which seek victory on various legal issues without the need for a trial. A trial of this magnitude should not begin in chaos. As attorneys wrote, the court in the defendants are entitled to know the claims and issues to be tried sufficiently and advance to prepare adequately for trial. Now let’s step back, see if motions for summary judgment by both sides. In other words, we win. You look at the law, you look at the facts. There’s no way we can lose. That’s prosecution. Defense says we win. Look at the law on the facts. There’s no way they can win. So these motions, you’re fired on, they’re waiting for the judge to issues ruling. And so rationally, logically, Donald Trump’s lawyers say, well, until you rule on this, how are we even supposed to prepare for this trial? They said. So let’s let’s wait three weeks to decide these these decisions. These are momentous. Judge says, no, let’s start the trial. Let’s start. Then. Amazing. Now, maybe I went to Temple University Law School, but I think I got a pretty good legal education. And whether I did or not, I’ve been practicing law now at sea since I was 23. Soon to be 43 years. It’s going to be 66 soon. That’s frightening, but nonetheless. I’ve never heard of an idiot judge who would rule like this. Now. I never have. In a separate filing. Trump also asked that James would draw what he called her frivolous motion to sanction the defendants and their lawyers. $20,000. Four continue to raise arguments that the judge has rejected James’s seeking at least a quarter of $1,000,000,000, and to bar Trump and his sons from leading their family business. If you’re running a business in New York and you’re a Republican, you better get the hell out of there. You better get the hell out. What’s the point? You have to hope you’re not mugged on your way to your office. There taxing the crap out of you. They’re auditing you endlessly. They’re looking for four ways to drag you into court. We can spend the next ten years of your life, maybe even into prison. The attorney general of New York should be disbarred. She ran for that post, as you know. Ran for that post. Telling voters would be voters that she was going to indict Donald Trump. But apparently in New York, that’s okay. It’s okay to do that if you’re a Democrat. Apparently, according to the New York City bar, the New York State bar, the highest court in New York. Go for it. It’s all right. Let’s move on back to New York City. Same day. A federal judge found Trump liable for defaming the writer Jean Carroll, by denying in 2019 that he had raped her and said jurors will decide only how much Trump owes in damages. So there the judge did, in effect, issued a summary judgment and said to Trump before trial, guilty. Guilty. There’s nothing you can say. That allows you to really defend yourself. What you did is indefensible. You’re guilty. Now we’re going to have a trial on how much you owe. What? Oh, yes. What do you think of that, Mr. Producer? So this is the Aegean, Carol, defamation case. The judge rules on his own from the bench that Trump is guilty. Judge Lewis Kaplan, another leftist, said the upcoming trial for Carol’s civil lawsuit against Trump will only deal with the question of how much the former president should pay in monetary damages. Now, you know, in May, a manhattan federal court. A jury. Rule that no Donald Trump. It is not found guilty of rape. And yet that’s all he was accused of, they said. But he did sexually abuse Carol. A lesser included offense. No, it’s not a lesser included offense on rape. In fact, ladies and gentlemen, it wasn’t even an allegation in the case. It was rape or no rape. But the jury decided to split the baby. They didn’t see enough evidence for rape, but they feel he must have sexually abused her. Donald Trump says, I have never met that woman in my life. This case has brought years and years and years after the alleged the alleged non rape occurred because New York changed its it’s statute of limitations as applies to these kinds of allegations. And as has been reported. Miss Carroll met. George Conway at some events, some party. Apparently they were talking, and as I understand it from some report, you can check it or not. Conway said, Well, you still have a case. She seemed a little flustered and surprised. And then somehow. A Democratic donor, one or more decided to help fund her litigation. And that’s how that case got off the ground. The allegation goes back to the mid 1990s. Middle 1990s America. So Trump is guilty they find of. Of not rape. But of some kind of sexual abuse. And then he’s he lashes out again and she says, okay, I’m seeing you a second time. And apparently when she made her comments public in 2019, when she went public with her rape allegations. So federal Judge Lewis Kaplan, a leftist, he rose there’s no point in having a trial on the facts here. I mean. Trump did what he did. I’m looking at the record. I’m looking at the filings. Guilty. You’re guilty. Guilty. Guilty. And we are going to have a trial. But really to determine how much you’re going to pay this one. When you think of an American. You won’t hear that explained anywhere else in the country. TV, radio, Shortwave radio. Flying pigeon. You won’t hear a damn thing about this. Not as I’ve explained it, because it’s sickening. Now on to the criminal cases, Right? Can’t wait for those. Can we? I’ll be right back.

Segment 2
And I’m reading about all these New York City billionaires who used to slobber all over Rudy Giuliani. Langan, among others, thought how he could be the greatest president since Abraham Lincoln. And they backed him and they gave their donations. They did this or that. And so CNBC really trying to put a saber in Giuliani’s back. Like the rest of the media when it comes to any of us. They contacted a number of them who said, no, we won’t be helping them now. And one of them was a nasty S.O.B., not letting go alone. If I could find the guy whose name I would show. Leon Cooperman, whoever the hell that is. I wouldn’t give him a nickel, he says. I’m very negative on Donald Trump. It’s an American tragedy. Was America’s mayor. He did a great job. And like everybody else, he gets involved with Trump, it turns into s. So you’re not going to help somebody who was your friend who was America’s mayor. Who’s fighting off a totally bogus lawsuit in Georgia. Now, that’s what Republican billionaires do. But to his credit, in the same article and I say credit. Is cashed in immediately. Mr. Producer. Who has this love affair. I think with Cuomo for reasons I do not understand. However. He also has this love affair with Giuliani, who he has on his radio station, my ABC station, and cash limit. He said he’s committing to helping the former mayor with his legal bills. I probably will, he said. We pay him a lot of money to work for ABC. I think people should help Rudy Giuliani, the people who supported him in the past and them the people who should help him. Well, that’s a clear statement. Good for him. The other three or four billionaires they spoke to threw him under the bus. That is Rudy under the bus. I won’t be throwing Rudy under the bus. Not here, not anywhere. Well, people are down on their luck. And you have a government that’s completely out of control, that’s trying to take lawyers and break their backs. Destroy attorney client privilege. Crush them financially, bankrupt them financially while you don’t have due process than in this country because you don’t have legal representation. Depending on who you are. That’s what these New York City billionaires don’t get. Maybe one or two do, but most of them don’t. I’ll be right back.

Segment 3
Don’t forget the fantastic new book my best book ever and everybody who’s been reading prepublication copies The Democrat Party hates America. I see we’re at the very bottom of the top 100 list on Amazon, even though we’re talking about pre-orders and those books have been released for the most part. Starting next Friday, I believe it is the program, the HANNITY program. The full hour will be interview and interview with me and the book The Democrat Party Hates America. I want to encourage you to try and get in before that. I don’t know if the 40% discount will go away or not. I honestly do not know. I’ve seen both happen. That’s number one. Number two, you can get that on Amazon, 40% off. But also, I think you’d prefer a first edition copy. They’re already printing second editions. And HANNITY has said it is the most brutal takedown ever of the Democrat Party. That’s not me. That’s him. And I’m going to tell you something. It’s an obliteration. It’s an evisceration. Using history. Using philosophy. Using fax, using fax and information. That most people don’t know about that either. Dig out. Wait until you hear about Franklin Roosevelt. Wait until you hear about Lyndon Johnson. Wait till you hear about Woodrow Wilson. What did you hear about Joe Kennedy Senior? Wait till you hear about Hakeem Jeffries. What do you hear about all of them? What do you hear about the Democrat Party after Marx? Late 1800s, early 1900s. And eugenics. Wait till you hear about who heard about. What the Democrat Party and their surrogates were saying about eugenics over there in Germany. Wait till you hear about. How Franklin Roosevelt treated the blacks. Wait till you hear about how Woodrow Wilson treated the blacks. Wait till you hear about how Lyndon Johnson treated the blacks. Wait till you hear about more facts about Joe Biden and how he used to treat blacks. Wait until you hear about how the Democrat Party treated Jews. All through the Holocaust. And their institutions, the Harvard University and Yale College. What did you hear about how they treated Jews before they discriminated against Asians? Wait. Do you hear about how Franklin Roosevelt didn’t raise a finger? They help black Americans. And how Lyndon Johnson. He didn’t have a a moral conversion. He was a racist through and through. Wait till you hear about all of it. Wait to you read about the the Democrat Party Marxists who go back 100 years. Wait till you hear about. The Democrat Party marches today. And the war on capitalism. How do they want to change the language, their role in changing the language? Why do you hear about it? Where did you hear about a subject you’re not allowed to talk about? Democrat Party. Racism against Caucasians now. How did that happen? When did that start? Why did it start? Where did that come from? Wait till you read about how I eviscerate the 1619 project in its prime Author. What do you hear about how I eviscerate? CRT. The mutilation of our children. Censorship. The attack on the Bill of Rights. Wait till you hear it all. Wait till you read it all. Names. Dates, events, all of it. All of it. Wait till you have a fuller understanding. From soup to nuts. And the revolution that swirls around us. Is devouring us. The devouring our culture, including our religious institutions. Well, he read about it and hear about it. Wokeism, but a passive word Wokeism. It’s totalitarianism. That’s what it is. Joe Rogan and Bill Maher. Still liberals. Raising questions. They truly need to educate themselves. About what’s been going on in this country and who’s behind it. And have the guts. The guts to join with constitutional conservatives. That’s right. I said conservatives. What do you read about what’s going on in immigration? Their numbers are not only worse than you know. The crimes are not only worse than you know. The politics is not only worse than you know. This is pure evil. As I explain. Intentional, purposeful, pure evil. Wait, so you read about. The corporatists. And how they’re destroying capitalism and free speech. And are the playthings of the Democrat Party, as they were in the 1940s. When you read about. Here about. See? Were all. The media are playing in ways you never looked at before. We don’t have a free press. With a press that is free to destroy America. That’s not the same as a free press. Wait till you read about. In Chapter one The Democrat Party and Authoritarianism. And page by page, fact by fact, unequivocal evidence piled on to unequivocal evidence. Of how the Democrat Party model today is the model of Communist parties all over the world. I hold back? Nothing. This is the unvarnished truth. All the propaganda that’s gone on for decades. The big lies that have been repeated time and time again to brainwash the population. Perhaps including many of you. Margaret Sanger. Abortion. Eugenics. No, no more about the court system in the Supreme Court than you ever knew before. There’s a reason why this is the most powerful book I’ve ever written. 20 years of writing. It’s also the longest book I’ve ever written. It also has more in notes than any book I’ve ever written. But it’s also in plain English. It’s the easiest to read. Of all my books, it’s up there with liberty and tyranny. And it flows like a novel, but it’s anything but a novel. It’s anything but a novel. And by the time you’re done reading this book, if you’re not a zombie ideologue of the left or an operative of the Democrat Party or a paid mouthpiece of the Democrat Party or an elected hack of the Democrat Party, even if you’re a Democrat. Even if you’re an independent, even if you’re unaffiliated. Certainly if you’re a Republican. You’re going to know exactly what to believe and think when it comes to the Democrat Party when you have completed this book. I wish I could get into the hands for free to everybody. The black community. The Hispanic community. The Asian community. I wish. I could get it out. To everybody. And just start one chapter at a time. One chapter at a time, one page of one chapter at a time, and you’ll have difficulty putting it down. That’s when I’m thought. I make the. Prosecutors case that being a prosecutor or writing like a prosecutor. There are very few redeeming values of the Democrat Party, despite all the propaganda they get from free media and also paid media during campaigns and so forth. But that’s because the Democrat Party media are the state media. Like in any other fascistic or Marxist society. You could see that with Philip Bump the other day. But he’s he’s a pimple on a donkey’s at. These people marry each other. They cheat on each other. They throw parties for each other. They give awards to each other. Washington, D.C.. New York City. Los Angeles. California. These people have nothing in common with you. Zero. The corporatists that own these so-called news platforms. They have nothing in common with you. Zero. These are many of the same corporations that century during World War Two, the Holocaust. The New York Times is one of the most grotesque corporate entities to ever have been founded or to exist. It’s ownership. The people who work for it today. Have tons of blood on their hands. In promoting a corporation that under any moral system should cease to exist. It doesn’t believe in freedom of the press when it is the greatest corporate entity. That committed the greatest act of censorship in human history. How is that a free press? How is it that they have a leading correspondent in Moscow? It was a mouthpiece for Stalin and covers up the slaughter of the Ukrainians. How is it that they have a leading correspondent in Berlin? During World War Two and the Third Reich. Who covers up for Adolf Hitler. How is it that they sent a reporter to the island of Cuba? Who helped Castro. Impose this communist dictatorship in that country. How does a corporation like that? That’s what it is. A corporation like that continue to exist, and people are proud to be columnists for this newspaper, for this corporation. They’re proud to be reporters for this corporation. They’re proud to receive Pulitzer Prizes and other self-aggrandizing prizes. These embeds handle each other. For reporting. At The New York Times. The paper record. All the news that’s fit to print, and it has spawned papers like The Washington Post, like the L.A. Times. It has spawned papers like The Boston Globe. It has spawned. The likes. MSNBC and CNN were there. Reporters make regular appearances. All of which are owned by big corporatists now. CNN and MSNBC. Yes, you will learn a lot. I have tried my best over the course the last 60 days or so to give you a taste of what’s in this book. I hope I haven’t failed. Chapter one The Democrat Party and Authoritarianism. Chapter two anti-Black Racism and anti-Semitism. Chapter three anti-White Racism and anti-Semitism. Chapter four Language Control and Thought Control. Chapter five War on the American Citizen. A Crucial Chapter. Chapter six War on the Nuclear Family. Another Crucial Chapter. Chapter seven War on the Constitution. There are crucial. Chapter eight. Stalin would be proud. I’ll be right back.

Segment 4
In fact, ask yourself question America, and I do explain this in the book. What has Joe Biden done for black American? As president, the United States absolutely nothing. What has he done for Asian-Americans? He has supported those institutions that have supported segregation against Asian-Americans. What has he done for Jewish Americans? He is single handedly in the midst of destroying Israel by effectively making it possible for Iran to have nuclear weapons, among a thousand other things. What has he done for unions in this country? The borders wide open. Those aren’t union members flowing across. Those are illegal aliens who are displacing American citizens, American workers. You see, it’s always a lie with the Democrat Party, so it’s necessary to slow down and unravel it all. I will be on HANNITY tonight at around 9:15 p.m. Eastern Time, maybe 920. Who cares? Give or take. But I will be there. I hope you’ll join us. I’ll be right back.