March 6th, 2023

March 6th, 2023

On Monday’s Mark Levin Show, the political violence we see in this country today can be traced back to President Obama and then-Vice President Biden, not Donald Trump or any Republican. Nobody plays the race card and gets away with it more than President Biden, whether it is anti-black or anti-white racism, and he is a symbol of the radical ideologies that have taken over the corrupt democrat party. Biden was in Selma, AL, where he was once again stirred up racial hatred and lying about the Supreme Court gutting the voting rights act.  Also, equity is equality without liberty, because equality without liberty is totalitarianism and gives government full control to determine who gets what. It gives certain people privileges based on their skin color or ethnicity or economic status, which is a notorious concept right out of Marxism. Equity has nothing to do with merit, and Democrat Marxists are using it to re-segregate this country.  Later, the coverup of the COVID pandemic is ongoing, and there is a credibility crisis after confirmation that CNN worked to shut down the Wuhan lab leak theory and dismissed it as a Trump talking point. Anthony Fauci in April of 2020 dismissed the lab leak theory and instead pushed the idea that it jumped from bat to humans despite no evidence of any kind. The only network questioning the lockdowns and the Covid variants was Fox News, meanwhile every other network was too busy carrying water for Democrats.

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Rough transcript of Hour 1

Hour 1 Segment 1

I think much of the political violence that’s taking place in this country can be laid at the feet of Barack Obama and then subsequently had Joe Biden. The media, the Democrats, they want you to believe that Republicans are violent. That’s pretty funny in a sick kind of way. They point to January six, over and over and over and over and over again, but they blow off Antifa as an idea which is a violent criminal enterprise as they blow up Black Lives Matter, a violent criminal Marxist enterprise. As they blow up crime in the streets and on and on. But it’s time to be very, very clear. The Democrat Party is a party of violence. That’s why they undermine cops. That’s why they won’t secure the border. That’s why they let criminals out the back door after they come through their front door. And I’m talking about violent criminals. That’s why gun control is aimed at law abiding citizens. And they do next to nothing when it comes to Ms. 13 and homegrown gangs. And Joe Biden knows this. Because in many ways, Joe Biden is a mobster. You heard that correctly. The president of the United States can do a lot to secure the border. The power drops to him. President can do a lot a lot of things to protect our cities and our neighborhoods. But he won’t. He talks tough. He does nothing. But one of the things the president shouldn’t do. It is pure fuel on the fire. The fire that he already started and is. Former boss Obama started. There’s constant talk about how voting rights are being taken away from people that half the country. But half the country doesn’t believe in democracy. That the white population. Is a privileged dominant population. So MAGA types who are of course right wingers like neo-Nazis and Klansman. His rhetoric, his propaganda. His hate speech, if you will. Is a is a vile attack on this society. And he does it because he is a fool. He’s always been a dumb guy. He’s always been a street thug. He’s always lied repeatedly, as he did. Yesterday in Selma, Alabama. And nobody plays the race card. And gets away with it. As easily and as repeatedly as Joe Biden. But whether he was using it as a backbencher senator to get re-elected in Delaware. Or now. He’s moved from an anti-black racist to an anti-white racist, as has most of the Democrat Party. Rather than promoting Americanism a civil society, rather than promoting law and order equal justice rather than equity. And we’ll get to that later. Joe Biden is a fight for all that’s wrong with this country and the radicalism that’s taken hold in this country. He’s no moderate. He’s no centrist. Is a smirking, stupid political hack. That’s what he is. And there is and some Alabama. Saying things yet again. That are inflammatory and provocative, for which he takes no heat. From the corrupt radical left. Dishonest media in this country. Here’s what he said yesterday on the anniversary. Of the events that took place and saw Michael Wayne go right to vote, to have your vote counted, is the threshold of democracy and liberty worth it? Anything’s possible without it. Without that, right? Nothing is possible. And this fundamental right remains under assault. Conservative Supreme Court as good as the Voting Rights Act over the years. All right, let’s stop this for a second. It has gutted the Voting Rights Act over the years. The Voting Rights Act was passed in 1965. Over half a century ago. There are different elements to the Voting Rights Act. If you are an individual. Who’s been intimidated, threatened. Otherwise prevented from voting. Based on your race, ethnicity or nationality. Have a federal cause of action under the 1965 voting rights, which the Democrats filibuster. You still have an individual right. The Supreme Court didn’t touch it. A few years back with the Supreme Court, did what they said. As to another aspect of the Voting Rights Act, you have all the states and counties, including counties in Pennsylvania and New York and other counties which you’ve pulled under and are under the Voting Rights Act of 1965, where the federal government. Has authority over these states and over these counties. Any time these states or counties want to adjust their voting systems or go through their voting rolls, they need to get federal approval. Federal approval. And that was due to the fact that you had. Jim Crow, that is. Literacy tests, poll taxes, all kinds of stuff going on to actually prevent people from voting, black people mostly. So a few years back. The Supreme Court looked at this and said, well, what exactly are these states that are under the thumb of the federal government and have been for half a century? What are they doing that violates? The Voting Rights Act. I mean, the Department of Justice, as well as people following Amicus, her friend of the court briefs had every opportunity to say what they saw and to provide evidence and so forth. But the federal government had no evidence. It had no evidence of racial, ethnic or national discrimination. And so the court said. This part. Of the 1965 Civil Rights Act doesn’t apply anymore, that the federal government can’t just wave it around. The federal government has to provide substantive evidence to a court to demonstrate that this is the case, and you have failed to do that. So if it’s ubiquitous, if it’s a real problem, where’s your evidence? They didn’t have any. And so the court said. Well. Until you have evidence, you can come back. But these states are no longer under the thumb of the federal government. When Joe Biden is out there screaming at the top of his lungs that the Supreme Court has, quote unquote, gutted the Voting Rights Act over the years. They haven’t got it. Anything. We’re only individuals that have individual federal civil rights claims under the 1965 Voting Rights Act. How come the Department of Justice hasn’t bringing all those cases? Because all those cases, quote unquote, don’t exist maybe here in their. But they’re the exception to the rule. In other words, we’ve come a long way as a country. And rather than celebrate that. Joe Biden. Takes a knife to the back of this society. The conservative Supreme Court has gutted the Voting Rights Act over the years. This is several years ago before this court. Even existed. That’s why he throws in the line over the years. Go ahead, Mr. Peters. Since the 2020 election, a wave of states and dozens, dozens of and I voting laws fueled by the big lie and the election deniers now elected to office. Now you see, ladies and gentlemen, he can’t point to a single state, a single state that has denied the vote to its citizens. He says doesn’t have anti voting laws. What he means is they have passed laws that tighten up their roles. But when you look at Georgia, which is what they targeted and it doesn’t mention Georgia by name, does he? There are more minorities. Including black people who voted in the last election. Then before Georgia changed its election laws. These election laws aren’t aimed at preventing black people or minorities from voting. They’re aimed at preventing people who are not allowed to vote from voting are voting more often than once. Really, these election laws are aimed at Joe Biden and the Democrat Party that keeps trying to change the election system to to eliminate. Proper procedures, oversight challenges. And so what Joe Biden is really saying is. You have state legislatures and the Supreme Court pushing back against me and the Democrat Party that you don’t have. You don’t have vigorous voting unless we win. Go ahead. The new law here in Alabama, among other things, enacted a new congressional map that discriminated against black voters by failing to include what should have been a new predominantly black district. Now, you know what’s interesting about this, America, Republicans don’t really mind predominantly black districts. Do you know why? Anybody know why? Because it concentrates black voters in a district or two districts or three districts rather than. Black voters being placed in districts that turn a Republican district into a marginal Republican district. And so when most of these challenges are made to redistricting. Not all, but most when most of them are made, it’s the Democrat Party, that suit. Because the Democrat Party wants to weaken Republican districts by having more black or Hispanic or whatever. They think voters in Republican districts pushing them further and further out to the suburbs in terms of the districts. So it’s the Democrat Party that largely fights against having black voters clustered into these districts. And it’s the Republican Party. And you I have like the ACP Legal Defense Fund and others that are fighting, oddly enough, on the same side against the Democrat Party. So there he is, yelling at the top of his lungs. Another second huge lie. About who motivates what and who’s behind what. Joe Biden is a thug. He’s always been a thug. And he always will be a thug. So he lies about the Voting Rights Act. He lies about these the. Largely black congressional district. And who doesn’t want to see them? He projects the bigotry of the Democrat Party, whether it’s 40 years ago or today, onto society. And he’s down there screaming at the top of his lungs. And there’s not a single news organization that challenges him on substance, not one. They don’t bring in their phony legal analysts or phony constitutional experts. Not one. Chuck Todd, why didn’t you address this? I wasn’t on an well dresser today. I did. More broadly, NBC and ABC and CBS New York Times make it happen. But why didn’t you address this? And all the others. Jeremy and his Peters. Phil Bump. None of them address this more when I return.

Hour 1 Segment 2

Joe Biden lives a lie. He is a lie. Whether it’s his corruption and his family or whether it’s politics, whether it’s his own life again. Here he is in Selma, Alabama, yesterday. Cut to go. I was a student up north in the civil rights movement. I remember feeling how guilty I was. I wasn’t here. How can we all be up there and you going through what you went through, looking at those, I can still picture and still picture troopers. Are there batons and wands and whips? Is that true, ladies and gentlemen, that he was involved in the civil rights movement up north? Isn’t it true that he found all this so awful when he made friends and mentors with people who were behind those batons and whips? He bragged about his support from George Wallace. Last time I checked that Selma, Alabama, he bragged about his close association with James Eastland, who was the leading racist and segregationist in the United States Senate at the time. And I don’t mean he was just a young man who cozied up to them. He was involved in their efforts. But then he says he was involved in the civil rights movement. Is that true? Let’s explore that. When I return. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 3

Joe Biden again. Was he, in fact, a civil rights activist during the 1960s? He said he was yesterday cut to go. I was a student up north in the civil rights movement. I remember feeling how guilty I was. I wasn’t here. How can we all be up there and you going through what you went through, looking at those, I can still picture and still picture troopers. Are there batons and wands and whips? He got over it rather quickly, though, and he got elected to the Senate and he was enamored by a couple of senators from Mississippi and Alabama. And he was enamored by George Wallace when he decided the first time to run for president. Republican excuse me, the Democrat primary, often quoting Wallace’s quote about him in a very positive way. And the records show we worked very closely with James Eastland and John Stennis of Mississippi. In other words, Joe Biden was a racist and a segregationist. But before that, he says he was in the civil rights movement. He was very upset about what he saw. And yet. When the media actually did some actual work. When they used to actually do fact checking on Joe Biden. It was a full time job. Lied about his academic record. Lied about scholarships. Lied about everything. Plagiarize. Neil Kinnock, the head of the Labour Party in Britain, plagiarized the late Robert Kennedy. I mean, still stole the words syllable by syllable. But here he was in 1987 and he was confronted and he had to tell the truth. Hat tip Red State cut three go. During the sixties, I was in fact very concerned about the civil rights movement. I was not an activist. I worked at an all black swimming pool in the east side of Wilmington, Delaware. I was involved. I was involved in what what they write. There you go. So you worked at an all black swimming pool. So he was involved. We know about that history. Corn pipe. Told some black guy to get away from a car, called him Elizabeth or something, and then was told, you know, they’re waiting for you out there. So. Big, tough Joe had a chain with him to scare them off. This guy doesn’t have a wild imagination. He’s a nut. Better choke by the Democrats in the media and much better than anything else, you know. And so we have this. And it’s amazing how this was not pointed out in any of the major corrupt media outlets that Joe Biden has lied repeatedly about his so-called civil rights concerns and background. And, in fact, Joe Biden has a record, a provable, unequivocal record as a racist and a segregationist, certainly early in his life. And now he’s a racist, a gambit of a different sort where he’s lying about the court gutting the fundamental rights of the Voting Rights Act, which is a flat out lie, and that, you know, Republicans are opposed to these black districts because because they’re black, which in fact is not true, actually helps Republicans, because from a just a hard knuckled redistricting effort, if you keep more Democrat voters in one district or likely Democrat voters in one district and don’t put them in other districts, that helps the Republican Party. That’s the truth and everybody knows it. So doesn’t make any sense. It doesn’t even make any sense. But he was down in Selma and he kept talking about himself. I’m not going to get into all of it, about his illnesses, about a snowstorm. About his cranial aneurysm that he had. Nobody understands why he’s getting into this. But he got into it anyway. You know, my wife Julie and I were at CPAC on Saturday, and I don’t think we were there last year. One of us was sick, but we were there this year. And I want to thank them. They asked us to come and and we’re on stage together. She asked me some questions that I don’t know in advance and I give answers. And it’s always a pleasure to be there as it was this time. Despite the best efforts of the media and the Democrat Party, but particularly the media, to smear all the people who showed up there. There’s all kinds of young people who come from all over the country they cobbled together. Enough money to get there to stay at a hotel for four or five days. Lots of them stay across the street at the residence, and they’re not at the more expensive hotel. They’re earnest people. They’re not what they want you to think they are. And they say Ronald Reagan wouldn’t be welcome there. Yes, Ronald Reagan would have been welcome there. There’s no question about it. But there’s also no question that the most popular person who was there was Trump. Because he was there. And he made an effort to be there. And he spoke for an hour and 45 minutes. He doesn’t just blow you up. He called my name out several times. My wife wants other people as well. And I was very nice. I don’t have any control over that, but that was very nice of them. But it was a very nice event. With a lot of patriots. Except for one thing that took place. And I don’t know that I’ve told any of you folks this I haven’t. It’s Monday. I’m walking down the hallway at the Gaylord Hotel with my mother in law and my aunt. And about eight punks come up behind me, Mr. Producer in America. And all of their videos are going on their iPhones. So what’s this? A gaggle of phony independent reporters. And I turn around and the guy says to me, What do you think of Nick Fontes? So they were for went to his supporters. And I said something I can’t say on the radio. I think I said, he’s an asshole and a bigot and an anti-Semite or something like that. And they said, Why do you think that? And I left. Now, the ringleader of the eight said. Who owns the media? Mr. Levin. I said, Well, obviously it must be the Jews since you guys are here. Bingo. You got it right? I said, yes. Rupert Murdoch’s a well-known Jew. Of course he’s not Jewish, they said, but he’s a Zionist. Do you make your money from Zionists? You make money on your books from Zionists. All you people out there who buy my books. Your Jewish. And it started with the Jew this and the Jew that and the Jew this and the Jew that. There was no security around me. None whatsoever. So I continue to walk a bit with my mother in law. I didn’t want her to get involved in that. And so the guy, the ringleader puts his little iPhone on my face. So I slap it down. He says, You you attacked me. You attacked me. Actually, you hit my iPhone. I said, Yes, I did hit your iPhone. And I turned around and this part somebody sent me their posting. This part was cut out of their posting, America. And I took my finger and I pointed it into each one of their faces and I dare them to post this. I dare these coward bastards to promote, to post this. One after another if I pointed it. He said that they are cowards. I said that they would never dare approach me along. Because I would kick their ass. These are punks, young punks, when they’re wearing sunglasses, like they’re cool, you know, and vendettas and all kinds of stuff. And they just kind of went away. I got to thinking, I hit one of these kids. I’m going to lose everything. And let me tell you, I was grinding my teeth. I figured, all right, there’s eight of them. I could probably take out three of them before the fourth. And I’m quite serious before the fourth would even be able to do anything. And that was that. So that was part of it. Mr. Bruce, what do you think of that? Oh, boy. Yeah. I think when I’m when I have my wife, my mother in law with me, there ought to be at least one guy walking with us. But I’ll tell you what else is interesting. I won’t mention their names. There were a couple of guys with us who you folks would know, especially one when it started, he hightailed. Out of there so fast, it wasn’t funny. And got on the escalator and got the hell out of there. Kind of shocked me. But I’m not, you know, put up with this crap. Turns out across the street at the residence in. Excuse me, COLLURA, there had been a Shabbat event, lunch and dinner with some with a large Jewish group, and many of them were staying at the residence and so forth, which is very nice, and the people are very nice. And so Fotis and his group rented out sort of a smaller ballroom there. These are neo-Nazis, you understand? And to Matt SCHLAPP, credit. When Fuentes tried to come in to CPAC, he had them thrown out. So they were not permitted to be there first. And then First Amendment has nothing to do with this, is that the government you have a right to be in a whole. You don’t have a right to be a neo-Nazi in the somebodys event. Those rights don’t exist. Any more than they have a right to come to your home. They don’t have a right to come to your event. So that said, they purposely did that because of all the Jewish people who are staying at the residence in. And so. To make a long story short, the police officers came to the residence and because they could tell that these people were there for. Confrontational reasons. But I have to say this. There are a lot of strong young Jewish kids among those people. In other words, they were not going to cower. They were not going to back down. They were not going to put up with this any more than I was. But it is very strange. It’s not the first time something like this has happened. Most of the threats I’ve gotten over the years have been from neo-Nazis and Klansmen, Stormfront groups and stuff like that. And there they are again. Coming out of nowhere. It’s like they came back from behind the polls or posts or whatever, and they just sort of shown up, but they were not welcome there. And so the best efforts of the media to try and tie young people in the conservative movement, politicians in the conservative movement. And CPAC to these people is disgusting. Absolutely disgusting. Because these are radical leftist work in the media. And it is conservatives, constitutional conservatives. That respect the individual and individual freedom. And reject the neo-Nazis and the Klansman who grew out of the Democrat Party. Who grew out of the Democrat Party. They didn’t grow out of the constitutional conservative movement, of which I’m one of the founders. That never happened. They didn’t grow out of the Tea Party movement. Which believes in an alien over rights for all people. But they try and do this all the time. So the Democrat Party, which has never embraced Americanism, it’s embraced racism and segregation, it’s embraced eugenics, and it embraces abortion on demand, which happens mostly in minority communities. It embraces Marxism and anti-Americanism and new forms of racism, whether it’s against Asians at Harvard and so forth and so on. This is how they try to turn the tables. Now, I listened carefully, as did others, to Donald Trump’s speech. Was actually an outstanding speech. An outstanding speech. He didn’t attack any Republican opponents and was quite substantive. And it’s clear that he respects the audience and he respects his voters. And that place was packed. I saw one report that said it was empty in the back. No, it wasn’t. People couldn’t get in. It was packed. Not the whole CPAC event. And by the way, it was packed with my wife and me. I saw somebody right now. It was packed. Some people couldn’t park the place. Trump did pack the place. There is also a bright side attack on Fox News. And I have to admit I’m a little sick and tired of this. These attacks from the hard left and some of our folks. You don’t have to agree with everything that Fox does and says you don’t have to agree with everything that I say and do. But if we didn’t have Fox, you wouldn’t have me on TV. You wouldn’t have Sean HANNITY on TV. You wouldn’t have Tucker Carlson. You wouldn’t have Rachel Duffy. You wouldn’t have Pete Hegseth. You wouldn’t have Will Cain. You wouldn’t have Carlson. Tucker Carlson. You wouldn’t have Laura Ingraham. You wouldn’t have. And I’m missing a lot of all these people. Who you watch. You wouldn’t have them. So it’s one thing for some bomb thrower to be talking like this. And I didn’t attack anybody personally and I didn’t purposely. But media couldn’t control it. Some some guy named Hal apparently worked at one point for the Blaze, took a big step down working for media. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 4

I will not be running in the Republican primary for the presidential nomination. I know there was a juggernaut forming behind the man around the man beneath the man, but. You folks will have to find somebody else to support because this profoundly. You know, fantastic record of accomplishment left and right in Maryland. Well, now go to want that is. You know, I have to stay within the borders of Maryland. Nobody knows exactly what he did. Nobody knows exactly why he would run for president. I have raised questions myself. Then there is Chris Sununu. He is the vanity candidate. He is of a long line of Sununu’s. You might remember his father, a very, very good man in many ways. I never met him, I don’t believe. But he was responsible for the appointment of Justice Souter, who was a cancer on the Supreme Court for a few decades. And also strange. Do you want to know the truth?