January 23rd, 2023

January 23rd, 2023

On Monday’s Mark Levin Show, there is no question that the Joe Biden’s classified document scandal has been a coverup since the beginning and since there have been sporadic leaks and findings. The coverup occurred during and through the 2022 Midterm election thanks to Merrick Garland and Christopher Wray using the DOJ and FBI to sit on it. The espionage act was never intended to apply to a president, and it creates a horrific precedent – but Garland did it anyway against Donald Trump. Democrats in the media aren’t mentioning that a sitting president can’t be indicted, but they’re hoping Trump will be indicted as a former president. The entire legal and judicial system in this country needs change.  Also, the man who sat at Nancy Pelosi’s desk was convicted of all 8 charges today At the same time Antifa attacks cities and assaults police but is not treated as an insurrection group. They’ve destroyed parts of DC, New York, Philadelphia, and Portland; actual domestic terrorists. None of what Antifa did happened on January 6th, and we do not have equal justice under the law.  Later, you can’t have a bipartisan political agenda with people who reject the constitution and the bill of rights. There are some things you just can’t compromise on unless you’re like Mitch McConnell, who even speaks like Democrats now. It’s always they win and we lose even if we engage, because Democrats control every inch of the culture.

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Rough transcript of Hour 1

Hour 1 Segment 1

First of all, I want to thank you folks who tuned into this program on a fairly routine or regular way and watch Life, Liberty and Levin because a lot of what you see happening now with respect to the Joe Biden serial documents scandal is something we’ve talked about even before the information came out and even before the news organizations and our friends in the media have reported on it. Why? I’ll tell you why, because I know this stuff. Back in early March 2017, I came on this program and I explained to you that the the FBI had been spying on Donald Trump. And I put the case together based on the public information that was available. And of course, I was attacked by the media and ignored by conservatives, conservatives in the media. I don’t know about that. That sounds kooky. I don’t do kooky stuff. And I use the evidence of the articles that were public at the time. Some of the critics had written some of the articles. All I did is put them together and figure it out. Turned out to be 100% accurate. There’s a cover up that’s taking place now is also 100% accurate. Now, even Peter Doocy and our friends on the five and elsewhere are talking about a cover up. Now, the chairman of the House Oversight Committee is talking about a cover up. This producer went back and looked look, on January 8th. That’s sunday. We already played and i’m not going to do it again. But my interview of the chairman, the incoming chairman of the House Oversight Committee, James Comey, it turns out to be terrific. We talked about the National Archives. I specifically asked him a question, is he going to look into that and the disparate treatment and that there are other presidents, vice presidents and so forth and so on who have undoubtedly taken documents with them and nobody’s looked. And he said, it’s a good point and we’re going to look. The next day, on January 9th, a leak was planted from the White House with CBS News. It was a limited leak because it didn’t reveal other occasions in which Biden had taken documents and that were found. Now, on January 9th, I told you on this program once that information came up that this was part of a cover up, that there was no no question in my mind that it was a cover up that day. NBC excuse me, the next day, January 10th, there was a second targeted leak from the White House, this time to NBC News. You can see who they can see how they leak to. Now. Since then, there have been sporadic leaks. But even more than that, there have been findings that have been taking place. The cover up occurred. The cover up occurred during and through the midterm election so as not to influence it. The cover up occurred while the attorney general was announcing the appointment of a special counsel, special prosecutor in this case against Donald Trump. The cover up occurred. After he received a report. From this U.S. attorney about Joe Biden. I mean, the cover up went on and on and on. And I told you, there’s still a cover up. And there is. And so obviously, having heard this, our good friend, the Duce and the Chairman having heard this, the House Oversight Committee, where I continue to bang the pots and pans on radio, on cable TV, on digital TV. One of my guests on HANNITY that this is a cover up producer. He asks this question today, Cut Forego. The House Oversight Committee chairman says this document situation has all the makings of a potential cover up. Is President Biden involved in a cover up? We’ve been very clear here from this administration. The president has been very clear that he takes this very seriously when it comes to the when it comes to classified information, when it comes to classified documents, and that his team has been it has been fully cooperative with this legal matter. Anything else, Peter? And this is and I’m going to be very serious. You asked me kind of a question that everybody laughed at, which was interesting question to everybody didn’t laugh at it. I actually saw this on television clip of a little bit ago. Nobody was laughing. Go ahead. But any other any other underlying questions that you may have? I would refer you to my colleagues, the White House counsel. I’m going to continue. All right. So she goes into immediate rope a dope. Now, this cover of questions a big deal. And Biden has been sending signals publicly, perhaps privately, to to the attorney general that he has no regrets. There’s no there there is under investigation. And he’s making it clear. He’s making it clear to Garland and to this guy, her, the so-called special counsel hasn’t even set up yet. He’s made it clear that he he’s trying to bring this, though. And have you ever seen a White House respond even to a scandal in this way where they just play rope a dope the whole time? Now we’ve had people say, and it can be a persuasive argument that the media have turned on Biden because they want him out. It’s interesting, even the conservative media in many ways. It’s like the liberal media in that you get something in somebody here and then they all kind of repeat it. They all kind of repeat it. I’ve thought about that. It’s possible, but I don’t think so. I think in the end, they will try to get rid of Biden for a lot of reasons, this being one of them. But I don’t think that’s the case, because when you look at MSNBC almost full time circling the wagons around behind the endless attempts to tell you, well, maybe Biden did this, but Trump is worse. Trump has got Trump more documents. Wait, wait, wait. Men, women. You know, she has nothing to do with anything. That’s the truth. I’ve also been wondering, maybe some of you can help me with this. I told you and some of you were upset about it. But don’t be upset with me. I didn’t create the law. That a sitting president cannot be indicted. That’s been the position of the Office of Legal Counsel. That’s been the position really for 100 years. And the reason is you would decapitate the executive branch. And we don’t want grand juries, any single U.S. attorney, to have that power. I don’t either. And I’ve argued that over the past. And they kept talking about indicting Trump. But why is it that the legal analysts and the hosts and the guests aren’t mentioning this, including the radical left Democrat hosts and guests and legal analysts of the same mindset? Why is it they’re sitting on this? Surely they can’t. Surely they must know. And since I announced it last week, why do you think they’re sitting on it? I think the people would be upset if they knew that. But this explains why Biden is, as I said last week, so cocky. He no doubt has been told this by the White House counsel. He no doubt has been told this by the attorney general, who’s a complete fraud. Gosh, I hope you really did hear my monologue last night. I really do. And it’s on Mark Levine’s show. Twitter Parlor getter true Social. Pretty much everywhere because the attorney general of the United States is helping to destroy America. But I’m serious about this question. Why would people be sitting on this? Usually when I say things here within 48 hours, they’re echoed. The record. Maybe somebody will steal the line. Who knows? NEWSWEEK Some legal analysts were regurgitated. But not this one. I’m not here to create false hopes or false scenarios. I know others do that. I do not. I tell you what I know and I. I try to shoot straight with you every single time. But it is strange to me. Then, of course, as we all know, it was announced on Saturday that another. I don’t know what they found. They didn’t really say documents. Boxes of documents. I don’t know what they found. 13 hour search by the FBI. But the questions are obvious. The questions are obvious and they’ve been obvious, and we’ve talked about them here November 2nd. We know nothing that occurred before November 2nd. We don’t know why lawyers were rummaging through his Biden’s think tank office. Why? Then they decided to clear the boxes out. November 4th, the Department of Justice learns about this. It’s almost casual, certainly. No. No, no push to get to the bottom of anything. They let the private lawyers gather information, not even a subpoena. FBI doesn’t do any independent investigation searching until we hear last. Late last week, Friday, when they found the documents after 13 hours of searching. And they found additional documents. And so I’ll ask another question that hasn’t been posed. As far as I know, they found classified information from when Joe Biden was a senator. He was a senator a long time. 36 years. Where are all of his Senate documents, do you know? They’re at the University of Delaware. As the FBI subpoenaed the University of Delaware. For documents as the FBI moved in to the University of Delaware to secure the documents. As the FBI searched the documents. To the best of my knowledge, the answer to all three of those points is no. No, they haven’t. Something else. Judiciary and oversight committees will need to look at, as well as the Intel committee because it’s a mobs intelligence. Nothing that Biden has done is anything close to what Trump has done for the opposite reasons that the media propagandists and the circle the wagons crowd have said. Nothing. I hear one host keep saying that the number of documents are quite different. Oh, I see. It’s not the quality. It’s the quantity. It’s a stupid argument. I could argue. Well, look at the number of places where buying documents have been found. They’ve been found in one place by Trump. Not three or four or five. And that’s after the FBI did its did its best to trump Trump. We’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 2

Merrick Garland at a news conference today, cut five gun rations so far in the trial, sitting in rather an hour under federal investigation. Do you have any regrets in the way that the department has handled Mr. Clarke recently? Is this true for a country where all the Justice Department has to apply the facts and the law in each case and reach appropriate decisions in a non-partisan and neutral way without regard to who the subjects are? That is what we’ve done in each of these cases, and that is what we will continue to do. Let’s talk for a minute. He was going to say they take this very seriously, Mr. Producer. Many decades ago, when I would sit next to the attorney general and I would give him advice. Sometimes he took it, but most of the time we agreed. My attorney general would never have launched a criminal investigation of a former president over documents, period. I’ll give you a couple of reasons for this. Number one. The Espionage Act was never intended to apply to a president or former president. Number two, prosecutorial standards for the Espionage Act. GROSS negligence is considered too low. Most most, not all crimes require some specific intent. Mens rea. And number three, it creates a horrific precedent. But Garland did it. He said he’s following the law. No, he’s not. They’re trying to concoct an obstruction charge, which is why you hear this constantly in the media and by the Democrats, because the Trump lawyers were tough negotiators. That doesn’t mean you criminalize the matter. So the Biden situation came up. He had no choice, although he was covering it up and he covered it up for over two months. And he didn’t want to appoint a special counsel on Biden’s case. And he was prepared not to until they found more documents and then more documents after that. So Garland has created the circumstance more. When I return.

Hour 1 Segment 3

Have you ever wondered why certain murders, heinous murders receive media attention and certain Don’t everyone knew that, Mr. Peterson. Thousands of Americans are murdered every year. Every year. The vast majority of murder is black on black crime. And often tied to gangsters. We’re talking about young black men. I know what the media know what the FBI knows that police chiefs know. Al Sharpton knows. The ACP knows it. The ACLU knows that. Everybody. And yet it’s never discussed in any significant way in order to protect innocent people. Don’t we believe every life is precious? Every life is precious. No. Now we see that a mass murderer walks into this celebration. For the Asian New Year. I think it is Mr. Producer or the Chinese New Year. Pardon me if I’m not up on this, but that Chinese New Year and walks into this place and just starts slaughtering people. 11 now dead. Nine wounded. And then he tried to go to another location not far away to slaughter more people. But the people there stopped them. They were able to stop him. You need a rifle. And while it’s getting attention, it’s not getting the marquee attention that it normally gets from the media. If it’s white on black. If it’s. Black on black really deserves attention so we can try and figure out what to do about it. But if it’s a school you can understand with little kids, just certain things that seemed to cause the media to give such enormous coverage to one murder or mass murder versus another. And I don’t think this one’s getting the attention it deserves. It’s getting attention, but not the attention it deserves. Now, immediately. The fallback position for the Democrats, for the media, Pelosi today is we need an assault weapons ban. We had a so-called assault weapons ban in 1994. We’ve had John Lott on this program before with his genius and his ability to comprehend and explain statistics like nobody else. And it made no difference. But why did it make no difference? Because if you’re a career killer or you’re a member of a gang, or you’re plotting to kill people. You’re not going to acquire a gun necessarily, legally maybe, or steal it from somebody, a family member. Maybe you’ll get it on the black market. There’s just enormous numbers of ways they assume, to do this sort of. And so their default position is assault weapons ban. So we’re never going to resolve this as long as there’s an ideological default position. I don’t know that we can ever solve it, period. Given there are nutjobs out there, there’s evil people out there and so forth and so on. But I do know this. There’s a lot of people dying in this country today. Two were murdered. More than 11. More than 11. Thomas 16 to 18000 depending on the year. A year? Think about that. We’re talking about murders, not suicides and not accidents. And many are not killed with weapons. That is guns. But you have a Democrat sugar daddy by the name of source who’s funding with tens of millions of dollars prosecutors not to prosecute. In other words, he runs people for prosecutor who are not really prosecuted. They’re anarchists. We ought to stop calling them prosecutors. They’re anarchists. We have Democrat mayors who did enormous damage to their cities with defunding or slashing funding for the police. Even in Washington, D.C. Now, it’s not even the left wing mayor. It’s the left wing city council, by a vote of 11 to 1 over overrode her veto. Rapists, murderers, carjackers, essentially a slap on the hand. Somebody is going to go to Washington, D.C. I sure as hell not nation’s capital. But there were they keep saying they want two senators and a congressman. But where the nation does its governing business, Congress has the power to step in and say no. And thankfully they do. Because of Washington, D.C., where a state, a national capital, would not be safe with it and everything around it and in it wouldn’t be safe when it. So I just point this out because it’s hard to me. I always wondered why are they covering this and not that? I understand the school shootings. I really do. When these these these evil, you know, subhumans go into these schools and slaughter little kids. I got that. I do understand that. But other than that, I guess I don’t. To be perfectly honest with you, I don’t know if it’s clickbait or what it is just to set up the debate on the assault weapons ban and so forth. Look, we saw what Timothy McVeigh did. Right. He didn’t use a gun. And nobody knows this better than Merrick Garland since he was the U.S. attorney who prosecuted. Drove a truck loaded with fertilizer. In front of that federal building, loaded with fertilizer. And set it off in a blue half the building of the face, the earth and all those innocent people with it. There’s always a way for evil. It’s like water, but you have to have law enforcement, law and order a predictable judicial system with predictable sentencing. We don’t have equality under the law in this country, whether it’s Biden and Trump or Hillary and Trump. We just don’t have it. This guy who. He was a retired firefighter in Arkansas. He came to. The rally, the protest on January 6th. He didn’t harm anybody. He wasn’t even in the building. It was kind of with the crowd got into the building, the Capitol building. He was looking for a restroom. He found Nancy Pelosi’s office. The defense said he turned into there because he thought there was a restroom. He’s the guy that sat behind the desk. He left her some kind of nasty note. When he left, but he went back to get his flag. Yes, the officers did. Then he left. Then, according to the trial testimony, he got on a megaphone and encouraged people or didn’t encourage people to do anything, just told them. But this is now ours and, you know, that sort of thing. Today. He was convicted on all eight charges, felonies, including disrupting or obstructing transfer of power and everything else. I don’t know this man. I don’t know his lawyer. I don’t know. Prosecution. But I look at that and then I look at this Antifa mob. Violent, violent, violent mob. You’re trying to build a police training center. They tried to take a. Over the area months and months ago by camping out there. Most of these are white punks. And by punks I mean middle class, upper middle class, you know, self-righteous revolutionaries who relied on mom and dad their entire lives. And so when the Atlanta Police Department is trying to clear them out and the state police, one of them shoots a state trooper, Mr. Producer, and of course, they shoot back and that individuals killed 24 makes a threat and says we’re going to treat the cops the way they treat us. Treat the cops the way they treat us. And so over the weekend they had this mass riot. They’re attacking buildings, burning, burning police cars and so forth and so on. Now that’s an insurrectionist group. That is a group that gathers over and over and over again in different parts of the country. It was there during Donald Trump’s inauguration, as were other groups that rioted, burned cars. That wasn’t called an insurrection. They’ve destroyed Seattle. They’ve destroyed Portland. They’ve destroyed parts of Washington, D.C., New York, Philadelphia, and their whole goal is to overthrow the United States government. It’s not that they’re anti-fascists. They’re pro Marxist. This is a a group that wants to overthrow the country. This is an insurrection organization. These are terrorists, domestic terrorists, and they’ll beat you to death. None of that happened on January 6th. None of that. So I make no excuses for people who break the law, who are violent when they break the law. But to have a jury in Washington, D.C., which hates Trump. They had these people, one after another, paraded in front of these juries. I don’t think any of them have gotten off on anything. That’s not justice and it’s not equal justice. And just because I say this, I’ll be considered provocative and controversial. No, I’m not. In the old days, the ACLU would be standing right next to me. Civil libertarian groups would be standing right next to me. Not today. Because they’re afraid. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 4

Think you know Stephen Smith and Mike Pompeo on Life, Liberty and Levin last night, they were fantastic. They really were. And I believe you learned a lot more about them. They both have great books out right now, which you can check out on Amazon. And I think my opening statement was very, very important, received a lot of attention because we were up against football, up against Dallas in the 40 Niners who won that game, Mr. Produce anyway. You’re Jets fan right Rich. Oh Steelers were lucky you yesterday. I’m not rubbing it in. I understand the Eagles have a tough game next week against the 49 ers but I think they can pull it off. Very tough game. But these four teams that are left are really the cream of the crop. They just are. And we shall see what happens. I mean, Cincinnati, Kansas City, that’s a big deal. Now, not to upset people in Kansas City and Cincinnati, because I want to do that. Not to do that. I think if you had a Super Bowl, let me put it to you this way. Philadelphia is the fourth biggest market, and I think San Francisco’s like the ninth. And I think Cincinnati is in the forties and fifties and Kansas cities in the forties and fifties. Just pointing that out can be interesting to see. But people say stuff like that. But I don’t think it matters because it’s the fact that it’s this game that people are wanting to watch, right? But those of you who watched the show last night, I want to thank you. You are great patriots. You are really unbelievable. And those of you who couldn’t watch a live and DVR it, I mean, the same to you. Thank you very, very much. Appreciate it. We spent a lot of time on these programs. The guests take time away from their busy schedules, too. And we try and make it substantive and different than all the rest. You know, I’ve been watching this. Chris Sununu, apparently our friend CAVUTO, has taken a liking to him. Neil CAVUTO I don’t like the guy for a lot of reasons. Number one, he talks like he’s on a sugar high. He’s a guy that might fly in New Hampshire, but it’s not going to fly anywhere else. Number two, he seems to think that when corporations who are subsidized are promoting politics against the very legislature that have subsidized it, that the legislatures shouldn’t fight back. Talking about Florida. So he takes shots at Florida. I’m thinking, what the hell is this? SUNUNU Whoever this seriously had a hell of a tough time getting nominated, given his father’s name. And the media is out there pushing Larry Hogan, who spends more time on CNN. The only place he spends more time is at the smorgasbord. And Christie, Christie, the Cape, Majorca. Are you kidding me? I’ll be right back.