January 18th, 2023

January 18th, 2023

On Wednesday’s Mark Levin Show, the White House won’t talk about Biden’s classified documents, the DOJ won’t talk, and the special counsel’s office can’t talk. The National Archives won’t talk about this either, but they couldn’t wait to comment on Trump’s classified documents.  The DOJ has put up an iron curtain around this issue. We are in the midst of a continuing cover-up.  The Biden plan is delay, obstruct and counterattack. Then, USA Today wrote a phony fact check saying Biden had the power to declassify documents as Vice President. The president alone, not the VP, has the authority to classify and declassify at will solely because of his plenary power over the executive branch. Also, 16 high schools in Northern Virginia didn’t notify students of their national merit recognition because of CRT and DEI. This equity crap, which is Marxism, is destroying your kids.  Think of how much damage this does to students who work hard and study to be the best only not to be recognized with possible college scholarships. Have we lost all desire to be competitive and base success on merit? Parents should consider some kind of civil action against the school board and superintendent. Finally, Harmeet Dhillon calls in to discuss her race for RNC chair.

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Rough transcript of Hour 1

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The FBI did, in fact, send FBI agents, or should I say the DOJ did, to Biden’s mansion in Wilmington, Delaware. When the private lawyers were looking for documents. But several of the DOJ personnel that were sent to Wilmington did not have clearance to view classified documents. Isn’t that brilliant? No SWAT teams, Nothing. No, no. They were just observers for a period of time. No independent searches. We’ve talked about this. Stick with us, folks, for at least 48 hours ahead of the curve here. Now, the White House won’t talk. National Archives Thomas Tacoma, They won’t talk without approval from the DOJ. DOJ won’t talk. And of course, the special counsel’s office won’t talk. So we’re in the midst of a continuing cover up. A continuing cover up that started with. November 2nd through the midterm election. Through the holidays. To today. And you know who else has been silent? Ladies and gentlemen, Barack Obama hasn’t said a word. And these are his documents. George Bush hasn’t said anything. Wonder why. Bill Clinton hasn’t said anything. Hillary Clinton, who normally can’t keep her mouth shut, has kept her mouth shut. Where’s Dick Cheney when we need him? He hasn’t said anything. Bill Barr, who was ubiquitous in attacking Donald Trump, you may recall, and I pointed it out repeatedly, he’s nowhere to be found. Maybe he’s at the Golden Corral. Mr. Producer. At the banquet, food there, whatever they called. Eric Holder. No. No. Eric Holder. See all the top brass from prior administrations, including the top of the top brass. They’ve been awfully quiet. Why is that? There was Al Gore. At the Davos event. We’ll get to him later. Literally going nuts or he is nuts just proving it once again. Nobody asked him how many documents there. Classified or unclassified. No. Nobody’s asked. But the cover up continues. Jumper at the White House press briefing today. She gets mad. She gets mad. She’s way over her head. At least Pesach could lie. With some level of class. Right, Mr. Producer? Not that she had class, but you get my point. Oh, she was a good liar. Oh, she could lie and lie. But this one. No. She has a tough time. She gets angry. There’s a joke in there, but I better not say it. Jean-Pierre. At the White House press briefing today at nine. Go. That’s right. Always good to say. Thank you, Craig. I want to reference an interview that President Biden did in mid-September with 60 Minutes. And in that interview, he chided former President Trump for having in his possession classified documents. He called it irresponsible. First of all, do you think it was proper for President Biden to comment on an ongoing DOJ investigation? So I’m going to say this and I’m going to keep it really short today as it relates to this particular issue, as it relates to an ongoing legal matter. I am going to refer you to Department of Justice Department, of course, you know, and I know this has nothing to do with that. He’s just asking her about Biden’s very well publicized comments on 60 Minutes. And I think this Anita Dunn, who’s head of communications. Paul’s, the young lady or whatever, into her office. In Tulsa. Do the rope a dope. We know you’re dumb. Just play dumb, okay? Okay. Go ahead. We thought that specific as it relates to anything that you want to ask of us about this, this legal matter, I would refer you to the White House Counsel office. I’m going to leave it there. I’m not going to go into further simply asking you to comment and I just isolate you were I just commented. I just commented, we’re moving on. Go ahead. Go ahead. Go ahead. Go ahead. Go ahead. No, go ahead. I already answered the question. Go ahead. Go ahead. Go ahead. Go ahead. Go ahead. Go ahead. Well, I did. No, you didn’t. Well, it’s your it’s your opinion. It’s your opinion. It’s your opinion. That is your opinion. And I did comment. I said no comment. Go ahead. Go ahead. I said no comment. Go ahead. Jacqui Heinrich of Fox was really good. To Jean Pierre at the White House briefing today, Cut Tango. Since so many of her questions have been referred to the DOJ and to the White House Counsel’s office, I’m sure you can understand that we’re in a sort of information blackout where DOJ refers us to the special counsel. They’re not holding any briefings. White House counsel refers us to DOJ. So. If you are not able to talk about this from the president, would you invite a DOJ official to take our questions here to the briefing? No, You would have to go to Department of Justice. That is not. This is a legal matter that is currently happening at the Department of Justice. And the president has been very, very clear when it comes to these types of legal matters, while the president is never clear. He’s. Unhealthy. Let me put it that way. So don’t keep telling us the president is clear. And he won’t speak. Nobody’s speaking. Wow. Cover up. Go ahead. Asians. He’s not going to interfere. He wants to make sure that we give back the independence that the Department of Justice should have when it comes to these types of investigations. So they’re giving back the Independence Department of Justice, unlike the prior administration, you know. Oh, yeah, that Merrick Garland, he said, completely independent. Professional. Go ahead. So I would refer you to the Department of Justice. I just I was just very clear, if you have any questions, I would refer you to the White House Counsel’s office. They did a call for 45 minutes yesterday, speaking to many of you, I believe that were more than 200 people on that call. And they weren’t taking questions. They were spinning. And spinning and spinning. Go ahead. To my colleagues at the White House counsel’s office working on questions you should be able to answer here that shouldn’t have to go to any other agency or entity. Can you tell us if there’s any sort of assessment that has been planned or launched to determine if national security has been jeopardized at all? Again, that’s through the Department of Justice and DOJ. And let’s be clear, it’s not your decision to make of what I can or can’t answer from asking you if you referred it for a review. Now, that was all leaked all over the Trump stuff. You can’t even mention if it’s been referred for review. No, You’ll have to go to White House counsel. They’re not coming. Well, that’s not proper here, where we believe in an independent Department of Justice. Except, of course, when it comes to parents and pro-lifers. And January six and Mar a Lago and the Republican state legislators. Otherwise, we believe in an independent Department of Justice. That’s why we’ve appointed every radical, unhinged, self-righteous kook that we could gobble up from the Obama years to the most senior positions. We believe in an independent Department of Justice. Independent from us that will leave us alone. Go ahead. Respecting the process, we are being prudent from here. There is an investigation currently happening. And when there is when there are investigations that are happening that the DOJ is currently reviewing or looking at. We have been very consistent to say you haven’t. Yeah, you have Biden’s comment at about January six. Over and over again, he commented about Mar a Lago, that phony investigation, and he’s commented about that over and over again. But he’s talking about nitwit. Know, I had to go to the Department of Justice with NSC or with any other intelligence agent. I would refer you to my word. It’s very it’s very clear. You take this very seriously, very, very seriously. I take it seriously. The president takes it seriously. For six years, he had those documents. He took them very, very seriously. He takes his Corvette seriously. Very seriously. And we’re not going to interfere. With the independence of the Department of Justice. We’ve consistently said we’re not going to interfere. We take it very seriously, you know. If you have a legal question asked the Department of Justice, they won’t answer. Ask the White House counsel. They won’t answer. Go to the archives. They won’t answer. Well, then, next question. Go ahead. I just laid out. There is no. There should be no confusion here. There is a legal process happening and I would wait. There’s a legal process. Yes, there’s a legal process happening. Now, Senator Chris Van Hollen. On CNN today at 13. Go. What questions do you have for the Biden White House on the classified documents that have now been found at an office and his private residence? Have they been forthcoming enough? I do, John. Think they’ve been forthcoming. I mean, yes, they take it very seriously. They’ve been very, very forthcoming after six years of. Documents. Retention. Six years. And a leak to CBS and then NBC and subsequent leaks. They’ve been very forthcoming and transparent. Working, coordinating in their cover up with the Department of Injustice. Go ahead. Heard new documents. They reported that they’ve provided the documents to the national. This is all turned on its head because the Democrats are good at the big lie. This guy has had these documents for over six years. Trump had them for less than one Trump and his people. Everybody knew he had the documents at the FBI and the archives and everything they’re negotiating that they try and turn it into a criminal enterprise. After two months, they then get a warrant. A warrant. And there is the FBI SWAT team with semiautomatic weapons. First thing in the morning, sirens going, lights going, flashing, no heads up to Trump’s lawyers, no heads up. Trump’s out of town and they go into his home. And so they want you to be. Well, that’s obstruction has obstruction there. I got that. That’s a break here. And then when it comes to Biden, six years, we’re in any, you know, the Biden pen Communist China Center. Well, who? Look, we’re the lawyers. Why did they look? I don’t know. As the department. I don’t know. I don’t know. And I’m not. I don’t know. This is a legal matter. I’m sure the FBI swooped in, too, doing a investigate. No, I left it to the private lawyers. I’m sure the private lawyers had clearance. And. Exactly. Oh, so the FBI goes there just to take the documents? That’s correct. That all the FBI officials have a clearance? No, not exactly. Oh, okay. Well, did you issue a subpoena at that time? Now. Then almost seven weeks later. Oops. Wow. What? The private lawyers contact. What’s wrong? December 20. What? We found classified documents in the garage. The garage. You mean the FBI didn’t investigate the Wilmington? Mansion at the Bidens have. No, they they didn’t. No. Subpoenaed? No, no, no. FBI want. No, no, no. We rely on the good faith transparency about. Oh. Then last year more document more. Another one more. Doctor. Yeah. Five more, Five more info. FBI. Take it now. No. Yeah. And he’s been so transparent about his lawbreaking. It’s unbelievable. Joe Biden has been so transparent about the law. And like Trump, yeah, he’s been transparent every step of the way. When we find more and more classified information, we’ve said, look what we found. It’s like Easter. You know where we’re going after Easter. We got the eggs. Very transparent. Didn’t you hear it? But the reporter is very transparent. More when I return.

Hour 1 Segment 2

Ladies and gentlemen, there’s even more. You know, the Biden attorney who found the documents originally in the closet that the Biden and Communist Center was interviewed by the feds, and the feds didn’t do a3002 summary report. Three or two summary report is sort of the bread and butter what the FBI does. They take notes. They make a brief, brief summary or comments about the interview. But as long as they wish it to be and in this case, they took no notes. They took no notes. I said they took no notes. We don’t know who went into Biden’s home. The FBI took no notes. The FBI never did a search. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 3

The Daily Wire. Biden attorney interviewed by Feds Personal attorney to Joe Biden. But they didn’t use a form to summarize the interview. Cover up tell you. Patrick Moore, the attorney, identified as the one who initially found classified materials while packing up Biden’s former think tank information carry the same. That’s excuse me. A source briefed on the matter said more. I gave non-classified personal documents to the National Archives that included speeches and reference materials sent from the Biden. He Penn Biden’s center to the attorneys law office in Boston. Attorney General Merrick Garland announced last week he appointed. Yeah, I know all this. We know all this. The documents, some of which have top secret materials, date back to Biden’s time as vice president. Anyway, this is what’s happened. There’s more. So they didn’t use the 302 form that the FBI uses because they didn’t want it discovered. And the Hill. The National Archives says it must consult with the Department of Justice before sharing information related to Biden documents with Congress. National Archives told the House Republicans are must first consult with the DOJ. The archives has to determine whether sharing the details with lawmakers would compromise the criminal probe into the matter, wrote acting archivist Deborah Steidle Wall in a letter to House Oversight and Accountability Committee Chairman James Colmer. And so what basically the National Archives are saying now is, sorry, but you can’t do oversight. Because it transparency, because we’re so responsive. House where we’re so committed to getting to the truth. They can’t comment without DOJ input. DOJ has put an iron curtain around this. DOJ covered this up for exactly 63 days before it was leaked. To CBS News. DOJ covered it up while they were appointing a special counsel to go after Trump. DOJ covered it up. DOJ covered it up. Through the midterm election and DOJ stopped covering it up. Right now. You see how they have all their corners covered. So the National Archives, which couldn’t wait to comment on Donald Trump, Hey, why don’t we go again? Well, he protected all Alabama soccer, except, of course, for the ones that we didn’t. But there’s an ongoing investigation. Why are you speaking? Because it’s a trap and we’re going to speak out, and we want to try and silence us. Well, now they want to do oversight about. Sorry, we. We have to check with the Department of Justice on this one. So No. 302. The archives is covering up no FBI independent search for documents at any of the Biden facilities. Think about this. No subpoena, let alone warrant. No SWAT team, no search. Nothing. This is not a made. And then we’re told it’s transparent. If there’s six years of this very transparent, that’s the difference, you know, Trump committed. Yes. Genocide and covering up these documents was the most unbelievable thing. And Joe, while Joe Johns transcends, you know, lunch bucket Joe. The Democrats. Well support anyone and support anything as long as the Democrats. No matter how preposterous and imbecilic and insane they sound and are. It’s the truth. They know as well as you do that Joe Biden isn’t all there. They don’t care. They know as well as you do that Kamala Harris is a moron. They know it, but they don’t care. They know as well as you do that the spokes idiot for the idiot is an idiot. But they don’t care. They don’t care. Republicans have been riled by the discovery of Biden’s classified documents and called Democrats hypocritical for not exhibiting the same outrage they should over Trump’s document dilemma. They’ve also accused the archives and other government agencies of bias in their responses to the two scandals. They’re right. This wall responded to the GOP concerns in their letter, specifically homing in on commerce, allegations that the Archives conducted its work with a political bias by publicly addressing Trump’s violations and not doing the same for Biden. While said the archives treats all communications with DOJ and with former and current presidents as presumptively confidential, though they don’t. They’ve politicized everything, even the National Archives. Only when those topics were subsequently reported publicly in the press. Did NARA begin to respond to queries? And only then in a manner that would not harm the integrity of the DOJ investigations, she said. That’s a lie. They jumped into the Obama thing. Nobody queried them. And just because they’re queried doesn’t mean they have to answer the questions. But a congressional oversight committee. So you see you see the plan. The plan is to delay, obstruct. Counterattack. That’s the plan across the board with the Biden administration while at the same time. They’re morons like Van Hollen. I’ll go out and tell you the opposite of what’s taking place. They responded immediately, and they’re transparent, unlike Trump, you know? They’re very cooperative. While in the letter, Tacoma emphasized, While the archives is the repository for presidential materials, the archives does not keep track of records be further handed over for safekeeping. Well, that’s interesting, since they put out a statement defending Obama and said they had all of his millions of documents, clearly they hadn’t checked. They’re liars. Cover up their liars. Cover up. Then we have this as I pull this all together. From just the news. Obama Ethics Chief Slams Biden’s Inexcusable Neglect of the most basic Security protocols. Shocking, I know, but at least somebody’s trying to keep his or her reputation. It’s nothing like Trump’s deliberate refusal to return classified records demanded by the National Archives. But Biden’s own retention of classified records reflects an inexcusable neglect of the most basic security protocols. Says the Obama Obama annoyed. No, it’s nothing like Trump, because Trump was the one who was transparent. The FBI came in, they looked around, they said put another padlock on their negotiating. But they felt it would be long or not belong to the government. And I might add that Jim Trusty told us Sunday on life, Liberty and Livin that they wouldn’t even give President Trump a skiff. Which is where you put these sorts of materials because former presidents have a right to have access to them. So they’re right about that. And they knew where they were. They were in one place, not 27 places. Now after the break. There’s been a lot of talk about whether a president, a vice president, has the power to classify and declassify. USA Today put out a piece. Citing a leftist national security organization, so-called. And they in turn cite an Obama 2009 executive order, which is quite long zero. Now we know where Jake TAPPER carries information from probably this left wing organization. Well, of course, Joe Biden had classified declassified. There’s an executive order that says he can now keep one thing in mind before I get to that, after the break. There’s no question the president does. The Supreme Court has ruled that way, the way separation of powers is set up. The president has plenary executive power. He is the executive. The vice president is not the executive. Unless the president dies or unless the president is incapable of governing. Sort of like this president, but this president gets a pass. But you get my point. So there are no real exigent circumstances here. I don’t believe Obama had those issues. So it’s one thing to say that if you classified a document, you have the authority to declassify it, or if you follow statutory procedures over there at the CIA or the national. The Security Council or the NSA or the FBI or wherever. Here are the procedures put in place, so forth, to apply to subordinates. But that is separate and apart. From the power a president has as a result of being the head of the executive branch to classify or declassify at will, at will. Perfect example would be, let’s say you have a fairly senior executive at the State Department who has classified information and then provides that classified information, perhaps by mistake in a discussion with another foreign diplomat. That’s a violation. A federal law. Let’s say the president has is having the same discussion with that foreign diplomat and he reveals classified information that is not a violation of federal law. Got it. Let’s say the vice president. Is having a discussion with that same diplomat and he reveals classified information that is a violation of federal law because the vice president does not have the power that the president has as the head of the executive branch separation of powers. He does not have the power. To disclose that information. You understand what I’m saying, Mr. Producer? There are certain powers a president cannot delegate. For instance, the president cannot delegate and say, you know what? I really don’t think I can handle this. Commander in chief. You know, Kamala, I’m delegating the authority for you. They had all my commander in chief responsibilities. He can’t do that. You know, Kamala, my rating has gotten very poor. I can’t read these briefings on these different candidates. I’ll tell you what. You nominate the people to the Supreme Court. I can’t really do that anymore. My I say, you know, he can’t do that. You know what, Kamala? I don’t want to give the State of the Union address. Why? Because reruns of Lost in Space are on. And I want to watch that. It’s a Biden tradition. She can’t just give the State of the Union address because the president chooses not to. And the vice president can’t. Declassifying classified information on his own. Only the president can. So USA Today. Get your stupid, corrupt journalistic act together. And Jake TAPPER. That’ll never happen for you. You’re just a fake. That’s the way it is. Now, hopefully Jonathan Turley or one of the others will repeat this on Fox and then they might repeat it on the five Mr. Produce, because it’s very important. It’s a very important point. I’ll be right back.

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We do things differently here. That’s why we’ve been here 20 years. We don’t follow the leader. We are the leader. No offense. Harmeet Dhillon, who is running for the RNC chair, she will be on the program later this evening as well. How much time do I have? Well, that’s not going to work. Well, ladies and gentlemen, I only have 30 seconds left. There’s a lot more to get to, although we’re not going to leave this subject completely. Where is the special counsel investigating the Biden crime family? And why is the so-called special counsel still investigating January 6th? We have a killer. Killer? Life, liberty and love in this Sunday. I know it’s only Wednesday. Stephen Smith and Secretary of State. Former Mike Pompeo and my opening statement, it is going to be killer. 8 p.m. Eastern on Sunday. And by the way, we were number one the entire night, Saturday, Sunday.