November 10th, 2022

November 10th, 2022

On Thursday’s Mark Levin Show, the Republican establishment and their media surrogates are in full propaganda mode.  Mitch McConnell didn’t promote any agenda this election cycle for Republicans to run on. There was no coordinated messaging from McConnell.  But he spent tens of millions trashing the conservative Republican in Alaska who was endorsed by the state GOP, he denied funding to Republican candidates in Arizona and New Hampshire, and his candidate in Colorado was crushed.  What would the Republican party of the likes of Chris Christie look like? They would manage the deterioration the Democrats are causing.  Also, the media and Democrats want a fight between Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump. Trump shouldn’t take the bait. He should take DeSantis under his wing, that’s how you build the party.  Then, why do the media not jump up and down when the Biden administration targets their political opponents? Biden basically gave the green light publically to the federal investigation division to go after Elon Musk.  Later, in breaking news, a judge has now ruled President Biden’s student loan relief of trillions of dollars as unlawful and unconstitutional. Finally, Sen Ron Johnson calls in to thank the Levin audience for their support of his Senate campaign.  He also discusses his governing agenda for Senate Republicans.

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Rough transcript of Hour 1

Hour 1 Segment 1

You know, so we get further and further away from this election. My contempt for the Republican establishment and their media their media surrogates. Just grows and grows and grows the way they lie to we, the people, the way they hate the conservative base is on display all day. Everywhere. Everywhere. I see the GOP establishment and their media surrogates are in full propaganda mode. Tell me, America. What exactly was the agenda that Mitch McConnell promoted this election cycle for Republicans to run on? Do you remember how critical it was of him? Because he had no agenda. There was none. What legislation to McConnell say a Republican majority Senate would pass to address public needs and concerns during the course of this election. He offered nothing. What was the coordinated messaging from McConnell? There wasn’t any. He kept collecting. Hundreds of millions of dollars from big donors and special interests in and around Washington, D.C., for a Senate Leadership Fund is a separate fund run by a hack by the name of Stephen Long. And he spent millions trashing the conservative Republican in Alaska who was endorsed by the Alaska Republican Party. That’s not been discussed all day long, as best as I can tell. He denied one penny. Not even a penny. For Blake Masters in Arizona, who’s taking on an incumbent Democrat senator. It’s hard enough to beat an incumbent Democrat senator. But when the Republican leader in the Senate, with his hundreds of millions of dollars, denies our candidate even one penny, he’s sabotaging him. In New Hampshire. A retired general. Taking on another left wing Democrat, incumbent senator, vulnerable. And at the most crucial time where that candidate needs money to get on air and they go after her, he pulls out $5.9 million. The $5.9 million. That was to be targeted for that state. But he spent $9 million in Alaska going after the conservative on behalf of Lisa Murkowski. Meanwhile, his darling Kennedy that was going to prove to the whole country that the Republican establishment there, rhinos, know how to win races. Oh. Day in Colorado. What slaughter? By Michael Bennet, the most monotonous candidate running next to Fetterman. Crushed. Crushed. Now we have three seats that are still out. Arizona, Nevada. And Georgia. Three seats still up. Adam Laxalt. Blake Masters. Herschel Walker. Now. McConnell came in later and endorsed Walker after trashing him in the Republican primary, but then said, okay, we can endorsement. They came in later and they endorsed Adam Laxalt. Okay. I guess we can endorse him. Not a penny for a masters. Now, who’s to say if there was a O’Day type candidate, a rhino running in Nevada that could even be close against an incumbent Democrat? It wouldn’t be. Who’s to say? Then if somebody other than Blake Masters was nominated in Arizona and I back somebody else, who’s to say the attorney general there would be as close as Masters was? We have no idea. Who’s to say if anybody else was nominated other than Herschel Walker and Georgia, that we’d still be in that fight? We have no idea. So why is this constant effort to say, well, you got to pick the best candidate? Who’s to say these weren’t the best candidates? Don’t embrace the assumptions that the Republican establishment is spewing out there. They don’t want to take any responsibility for their failures. None. This is how Mitch McConnell hangs on. Here’s The Wall Street Journal is The New York Post. He’s got Karl Rove, his partner, who’s involved in a lot of this. They’re all out there spewing this stuff. He’s got CNN. MSNBC. They all sound the same, don’t they? All spewing this stuff. They have no evidence to show us anything of the kind, any more than they had evidence when they kept talking about a red wave. You and I weren’t talking about a red way. We didn’t create that impression or that environment. They did. Relying on what? Washington consultants. Washington relying on pollsters. The pollsters, they consultants. There’s going to be a red wave who says. They all have egg on their faces. They accept no responsibility. The Republican establishment sounds like Joe Biden. Meanwhile. From Breitbart. Narrow. Monroe, Republican gained bigger share of Latino and black voters. You think that was due to Mitch McConnell or Chris Christie or Larry Hogan? The populist GOP share of the Latino vote jumped by a third, almost 40% compared to 2018, according to exit polls. The GOP share the black vote also jumped sharply from 2018, but from a very low level of 9 to 13%. Wow. What else happened? The Jewish vote jumped for the Republicans. 40. 41% of the Jewish vote went for Republicans. 45% of the Jewish vote. Went for DeSantis, which is how he won, among other things, Palm Beach and Miami-Dade Dade. So Republicans picked up a bigger percentage of the vote among Jews and blacks and Hispanics. Well, who did that? The Conservatives did that. The establishment doesn’t know how to do this. Trump did it. DeSantis did it. The conservatives did it. Kemp did it. Abbott did it. Not the pollsters and not the. I mean, George Bush under Rove could have prayed for these kinds of numbers, which he would never get. And then how many of these close races? Did George Bush campaign for our candidates? Not one. How many of these close races did Mitt Romney campaign for our candidates? Not one. Not even from Mike Lee wouldn’t even endorse him. We’re being sabotaged by the establishment, and then they blame us. Oh, these extremist candidates, these election denier candidates. Election denier candidates. I thought they were talking about Biden. Maybe Obama’s running again and Hillary Clinton running again. Not for this crap. They pulled the same stunt with Reagan. Reagan’s too extreme. Reagan can’t win. He and Reagan won two massive landslides. They’ll pull this. You think they’re going to embrace the senators, the Republican establishment? How so? Have you seen it? Has Mitch McConnell praised and celebrated Ron DeSantis today? No, they haven’t. But it’s all Donald Trump’s fault. All of it. Now. Does that sound honest to you? Now, you may not want Trump to run. Got it. You may not want him to announce right now. Understand? That’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about. Let’s analyze this. All day long. You’re not Donald Trump. Have a rally for Marco Rubio. In Palm Beach, Florida. The day before the election, Mr. Producer. Did Rubio win or lose America? And by how much? Rubio won by a record setting 15% over Val Demings, who was a Democrat star. It doesn’t sound like Trump hasn’t Rubio. And each candidate she endorsed Masters and some of the others, they’re within a whisker of defeating incumbent Democrat senators. Why is it assumed that they would have easily won that race with establishment Republican rhinos? Why is that assumed? They’re incumbent Democrat senators because they couldn’t be defeated by Mitch McConnell. Karl Rove. Establishment Republican candidates in the first place. I’m just trying to get some honesty on the table here, ladies and gentlemen. How do you explain New York? Where we flip two seats and are likely to flip two more in the house. Where Zelman, a Trump supporter, almost won for the first time in 20 years. To listen to the phony media and to listen to the Republican establishment. You would think everybody voting had Trump in their brain and other Trump projects. Just because the establishment does. Just because the media do. Just because they’re obsessed. And psychotic doesn’t mean the voters are. There is no evidence of a red wave to begin with. I kept explaining, Forget about it, just vote. The GOP establishment takes responsibility for nothing except if it’s favorable. Same thing happened in 2010. I think we want 62 or 63 House seats. They thought they would win more Senate seats and Mitch McConnell attacked. The Tea Party. John Boehner governed against the Tea Party. The Democrats don’t do that to their base. They don’t do that to their base. They’re going to treat DeSantis very similarly. They will trash him, too. And it’s very clear whether it’s Bush or Hogan or Christie or Romney or, you know, the list. They didn’t lift the finger for conservative candidates, not a finger. Now once again, there were 34 seats up this round. 20 were Republican. 14 were Democrat. The Democrats have so far lost one seat. The Republicans so far have lost one seat. Now there’s a battle over three in. Democrat seats. In all three cases, it’s very close. In all three cases, they are Trump supported candidates. That might defeat one, two or three or none. But they’re in the battle. It’s not easy to defeat an incumbent Democrat senator. It almost never happens. It’s very rare. These House seats where we should have picked up more House seats. You telling me people were voting now because of inflation of a natural Trump? Trump. 6 million more Republicans voted this time than last time. In the last midterms, 6 million more. If we allow the Republican establishment and their friends and the Democrat corrupt media to spin this endlessly, we’re never going to be able to fix it. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 2

It’s time for a new Republican leader in the Senate. We’re not going to get one because as the conga line goes on TV, they say they’re going to vote for McConnell because McConnell provides them with a ton of money when they run for re-election. That’s all he’s good for. But I’m telling you now, he’s attacked conservatives in the past. He backed Gerald Ford against Ronald Reagan, as did Rove early on. It’s just it’s very inappropriate that the rhino wing of the Republican Party, much like the media, generally have a lot of access to the airwaves, to the radio waves, whatever waves, not the red waves, but they’re spinning. I’m not a special pleader for anybody, ladies and gentlemen, I haven’t decided who I’m going to support or how I’m going to support them or whether I’m going to support them. I’m a special pleader for the truth. And we’re not going to fix things or understand things or be able to address things if we just knee jerk follow everybody else. We many already did that with the red wave. You think about the radio hosts and TV hosts, they keep telling you there’s going to be a red wave or red tsunami. You need to dismiss them. They’re not independent thinkers. They don’t really they’re not really facing reality. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 3

You know that earlier I was watching Brett Berry question a couple of senators, including Rob Portman of Ohio and Portman’s asked. You know about the election. Of course he dumps on Trump and prepare pushes back a little bit and he says, okay, but some people are critical of McConnell. You know, he pulled money out of New Hampshire at the end. He didn’t put money into Arizona. And then he used millions of dollars to go after the other Republican candidate in Alaska. And Portman said, no, McConnell did the right thing. Exactly the right thing. This is the problem. These Republicans are many of them. They’re like high on something. They’re high on McConnell. It’s it really is like a country club. It truly is. They’ve been there so long and McConnell has been there so long. They don’t even entertain the idea of giving somebody younger, more articulate, more conservative, and more in line with the conservative base, without which there be no Republican Party. What would the Republican Party be? The party of Larry Hogan’s and Chris Christie’s? Well, what the hell would that look like? All they could do is manage the unraveling, a deterioration in the nation under the Democrats. That’s all they want to get along with the Democrats. They don’t want to raise principles and fight on principles. Hogan got elected in a Democrat state. By moving towards the left and you wanted to manage that way. Chris Christie got elected in a Democrat state. He moved toward the left and he wanted to manage that way. Ron DeSantis got elected in a purple state and he didn’t want to manage our way. He wanted to change the state. And he did. Just like Reagan got elected in California, he wanted to change the state, and he did. That’s the difference between leadership. And bureaucracy being bureaucratic governors. That’s the difference. But when I hear guys like Portman and everything saying, Oh, Mitch did exactly the right thing. Romney put out a tweet a few days back trying to spend the whole thing. If we win the Senate, it’s thanks to a match, you know? Of course, if we don’t, that’s. That’s somebody else’s fault. They sound like Biden. But there’s some kind of you know, they talk about the Stockholm syndrome. It is the Washington, D.C. Republican Senate syndrome. Truthfully. It’s crazy. Republicans Breitbart, Joel Pollak have won nearly 6 million more votes nationwide in races for the House of Representatives, but have flipped relatively few seats, suggesting the talk of a red wave may have anticipated the overall mood of the country, but not the final result of the election. According to Cook Political Report, as of Thursday morning, Republicans have won over 50 million votes or 52.3% of the vote. Compared to 44 million votes or 46.2% of the vote. Republicans lead by 6.1%, which is better than their average in generic congressional ballot polls. Remember all that polling which the Republican Party led by two and a half percent in the final Real Clear Politics average before the election. Now, think about that. Republicans lead by 6.1% in the nationwide voting for a House. 6.1%. Who gets the credit for that, Mr. Producer? Is it the same guy that gets the disk credit for everything? So is that due to Trump or not? I’m just curious about the logic, because I think. We’re listening to simpletons. With agendas who project. It’s not due to Trump. It’s not against Trump. Maybe it has nothing to do with Trump. The mismatch between rates. Pollock The risk mismatch between overall votes cast for Republicans and the actual result reflects the polarized nature of the congressional maps and also reflects the fact that Republican losses against many Democrat incumbents were very narrow. I spoke to this yesterday. You have well over 20 seats that were decided by, well, less than 5% of the popular vote. And I gave you two scenarios. One very bleak. One very bright. And I concluded, I’m not sure which it is yet, but we’re going to know in two years. Just the way it is. It’s just the way it is. We will know in two years if the culture rot is so deep that we can’t win under any circumstances. Or if they called the red wave just one cycle too early. That’s what I’m leaning toward, but I’m not going to call it one way or the other. I’m just trying to figure it out like everybody else. But I wouldn’t go on Timmons or Trump. Trump’s the reason we lost or I got 6 million more votes. Well, that’s Trump. Trump got a it. What is the problem? If you have a different sort of approach to certain things, that’s fine. If you have a different opinion, fine. Maybe I share your opinion. There is no question that Donald Trump is hated by the Democrats and the media and the rhinos. It’s a hard burden to overcome. He did it once. And the second time it’s a jump ball, in my view. But he certainly did it once. And then they spent the rest of the four years trying to destroy the man. And then I think when will these same forces be in play if if Iran. DeSantis is nominated? Yes. Trump is controversial as as a politician because he’s provocative. That’s his strength, too. That’s why so many of you love him. That’s why so many of you voted for him. He doesn’t take the crap. That said, our enemies are political enemies both within the Republican Party and outside the Republican Party, the Democrats and their media. Do you think they’d be any different? If Donald Trump were a nice guy all the time, speaking beautifully to everybody. Now. You read American Marxism? Many of you. There’s a movement against us right now. That wants to devour our institutions, that wants to devour our nuclear family, that wants to devour our national. Security that wants to devour our borders, that wants to devour, period. To destroy what is and to replace it with something else. That movement doesn’t care if it’s Trump or DeSantis or if it’s Ted Cruz. They don’t care. They’re pushing an agenda. And they don’t want anybody standing in the way, period. This is the thing. McConnell can’t get through his head. And so many of those on radio and TV who talk like they’re experts. They’re not experts. They don’t even smell what’s going on. Particularly the paid consultants who’ve been around way too long. Whose opinions we don’t give a crap about. We are facing we are facing the obliteration of the American system. By this administration, by this putative president, by the media and all their supporters. You can listen to them every damn day. They tell you what they want to do. They tell you what they want to do. So they get up on TV or radio. You know that Trump he what a want. No, it’s not true. It was Nixon. It was Reagan. Oh, everybody’s so bad. Everybody’s in the way. They love Bush because he didn’t do a hell of a lot, quite frankly. Neither of them. I’m just being honest. Nice guys. They didn’t do a hell of a lot. Can you think of much? Certainly on the domestic front, I can’t. I can’t. When you have strong Republican leaders. They are, by definition, said to be controversial. Provocative because they go against the narrative that it is created by the left in their party. They go against the narrative. So. Joel Pollak points out that in the massive. Red wave. In 2010 with the Tea Party, the Republicans took 63 seats. Their victory over the Democrats nationwide on the House was 6.5%. This time it was 6.1%. And that number kind of. Underscores what I said yesterday about. Where that we were on the precipice. We might be on the precipice of a red wave in two years in Florida. Being the point of the spear. Or not. But it certainly isn’t something to just surrender. You got to think about it. You’ve got to think about it. How come so many Democrat House incumbents. Well over 20, almost lost their seats by less than 10,000 votes, which means 5000 votes switching one way or another. And a huge number of them were able to hold their seats by 1200 votes or 1800 votes. It was that close. Now almost is not an answer on anything. I got it. But it is. If you’re thinking about, okay, how do you adjust? How do you fix? How do you reform? How do you how do you manage what took place for the next election cycle? Nine. Well, we just got to get Trump out of the way. Then we’ll be okay. No, we won’t. Even if he were decide tomorrow. I’m not interested in this. That doesn’t fix it. That doesn’t fix it. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 4

So let’s play cut 5, Jen Psaki on MSNBC. And by the way. This is par for the course. Here she is a Democrat mouthpiece. Now she’s working at MSNBC. Par for the course. She’s on the morning show. Show cut five go. But I will tell you, Joe, you know, he used to talk when I was in the White House about how after the election in 2020, the country was. So the nerves were frayed over. Nerves were frayed. Right. He didn’t get to enjoy. There was no big inauguration. Right. He had to dive into dealing with not just the crises, but all of the crap that Trump had left behind. And it really coming out of the other night, not just that he was the most successful president in a midterm election. And there were a lot of, oh, it’s the most successful president in a midterm election because he lost less seats. While the Senate. They shouldn’t have lost any seats because of the way the math is. And of course, they won’t tell you that on MSNBC. Neither will Psaki the propagandist. They only to defend 14 seats. Go ahead. But also his agenda that he fought like hell for. Right. That he worked with Democrats on to do something on climate change, to lower costs for the American public, to to build bridges across the country to fight for abortion rights. That’s an agenda people liked and they didn’t like extremism. And have you noticed, ladies and gentlemen, that Democrats can never be extremists? Democrats can never be extremists. Only Republicans. Only Republicans can be extremists. I will say this thing is an observation, just as Democrats are all out throughout the media. Bush’s. Are all throughout. The media to. They’re the ones who theoretically represent your point of view. So I’m not buying that. We have a long tweed here from president trump. I will look at it during the break. I am. I don’t know what it says yet, but I was given a heads up that I should look at it. So I will look at it. I will comment on it after the top of the hour. A governing agenda for Senate Republicans. So here is a Senate Republican who just won reelection, Ron Johnson in a purple state. It’s his third time. And McConnell wasn’t in Wisconsin. Campaigning for him. Bush wasn’t in Wisconsin. Chris Christie wasn’t in Wisconsin. Larry Hogan and he won. Unify the Republican Party behind him. All elements of it. Ron Johnson. And Ron Johnson contacted us a few hours ago and did something no other Republican candidate has done. Not one. He asked to come on the program to thank the live in audience. I think that’s a first, isn’t it, Mr. Producer? We’re not 100% sure, but we think so. Because, as you know, we try and get behind a number of these candidates. So Ron Johnson will be here in our three and he wants to thank you in this audience. But he wrote this piece in The Wall Street Journal governing agenda for Senate Republicans. If the GOP gains, the majority of the American people won’t settle for business as usual. This should be coming from a mitch McConnell. Not from a. Iran Johnson. A member of the Republican caucus said should be coming from the head of the caucus and this should have come in before the election. Vote for us. This would be our mandate. And he says, I was first elected to the U.S. Senate 2010. I’d been elected for a third term. The dysfunction I witnessed over the past 12 years may be reluctant to run again. But I pledged to myself that should I win re-election, I would do everything I could to return, function and fiscal sanity to Washington. Unfortunately, the red wave Republicans hoped for didn’t materialize. It makes you wonder how bad things have to get before voters reject the Democratic policies responsible for so much destruction. So how come Ron won? And other candidates lost. Had nothing to do with Trump either way. Massive out of control deficit spending sparked 40 year high inflation. The war on fossil fuels has produced record prices and so forth. Republicans campaigned against these failed policies and vowed to reverse them. Were Biden still in the White House? The Senate controls still in doubt. Accomplishing that will be difficult. So what does he say? We need an agenda. We need an agenda. Rank and file members should vote only for leaders who commit to passing a budget that drives a fiscally conservative appropriation process. That is a direct shot at Mitch McConnell, in my view.