March 1, 2022

March 1, 2022

On Tuesday’s Mark Levin Show, Russia is using vacuum bombs and thermobaric cluster bombs against Ukraine, which are prohibited by international law. There are more than 400 Russian mercenaries in Ukraine to assassinate President Zelensky. Many heads of state would flee under these circumstances, but Zelensky remains steadfast in Ukraine with his people. Is it fair for Zelensky to send assassination squads to take out Putin? Then, the New York Times’ Walter Durante supported Stalin over the Ukrainians back in 1941. We are seeing similar from the nationalist and populists that erroneously identify as part of the conservative movement. Later, Joe Biden has nothing to say at the State of the Union address, so he’ll take credit for things he didn’t achieve like shutting down the virus while blaming others for inflation, skyrocketing energy costs, and Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. Afterward, the Special Counsel of Wisconsin has found that Mark Zuckerberg’s election donations violate state laws and are considered bribes. The Wisconsin report adds that the federal Constitution’s equal protection clause was also violated as a result of illegal ballot drop boxes being instituted after offering something of value and putting the boxes inside nursing homes with non-citizens and incapacitated citizens.


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Of course, the State of the Union speech begins when this program ends nine p.m. Eastern Time. I will be on Hannity at some point at the 11:00 p.m. hour Eastern Time on Fox. He’s invited me to comment on it. My admiration for the president of Ukraine, Zelenskyy grows. By the hour. He’s now rallying his people. For the surge, that will be. The bloody, vile attack on the people in Kiev. And there are now reports. That the Russians are using vacuum bombs, I didn’t even know of such things. What are vacuum bombs? Well, vacuum bombs are some kind of a bomb that sucks the air out of your lungs. You ever heard of this, Mr. Producer? That’s what they are, they’re a form of, I would argue, chemical warfare. And USA Today writes that Russian forces have been accused of using the widely banned and dangerous weapons known as vacuum bombs that obliterate their victims. Amnesty International accused Russia of using vacuum bombs or thermobaric weapons to attack a preschool in northeastern Ukraine while civilians took shelter. CNN reported that one of its teams had spotted a Russian thermobaric multiple rocket launcher near the Ukrainian border on Saturday afternoon. Oksana Makarova, Ukraine’s ambassador to the United States, told reporters after meeting with members of Congress on Monday that Russia had used thermobaric weapons, they used the vacuum bomb. Today, he said, after meeting with lawmakers, the devastation that Russia is trying to inflict on Ukraine is large. So this is a bomb aimed at blowing out these people. Psaki said she had seen reports but didn’t have confirmation. So what are these things? The thermobaric weapon, also known as a fuel air explosive, uses a container of fuel and two separate explosive charges. According to Human Rights Watch, Human Rights Watch. Said the weapon is fired or dropped and the first explosive charge spreads the fuel in a cloud that sucks up oxygen. Then flows around objects and into structures as the fuel cloud spreads, the second charge detonates. The explosion creates a blast wave that is most destructive in enclosed spaces, buildings and foxholes. In other words, it sucks the oxygen out of a out of a space, out of an area. And people die almost immediately. It is a weapon that the humanitarian law has international law prohibits the use, it’s inherently indiscriminate weapons such as cluster bombs. The Russians are using cluster bombs and they’re using thermobaric weapons against the people of Ukraine. Russia suspected the use of the weapons in Chechnya. Nineteen ninety nine, the Russian military reportedly used fake bombs against the Dagestani village of Tando, Russia, they have used similar thermobaric bombs in Islamic State group caves and so forth and so on. So. Putin’s up to his his usual tactics coming as close to biological and or chemical weapons as one might. In attacking the civilians. And there’s more. As I pull this up, there’s been an assassination attempt on Zelenskyy. He’s brought in at least 100 hundreds of Russian mercenaries in Kiev with orders to kill Zelenskyy. Is the report. From our friends at The Washington Examiner. More than 400 Russian operatives have been deployed to the Ukrainian capital of Kiev on a mission from the Kremlin to assassinate President Vladimir Zelenskyy as Russia wages war in the country. According to a report, the assassins are part of the Waggner Group, a militia flown into Ukraine from Africa five weeks ago and offered a handsome financial bonus if they succeed, the Times of London reported Monday. They’re very effective because they are hard to pin down. General Sir Richard Barrence, a former commander of the British Joint Forces Command, told the news outlet they can appear from the shadows to very violent things and then disappear again without being obvious who was responsible. They are not directly linked to the Russian government and therefore Kremlin officials will plausibly deny involvement. The U.S. intelligence community is very concerned for Zelenskyy safety. The decision is Zelenskyy, the report claims that the assassins are also after Ukrainian Prime Minister Denis Chmela. Kiev’s mayor and former boxing champion Vitaly Cachaca, along with 21 other targets, the Ukrainian government was informed of the operation Saturday morning, prompting officials in Kiev to enact a 36 hour curfew to search the city for Russian operatives, according to the report. Also, they sent in Chechnyan assassins. To try and take out Zelenskyy here, we have a story from the Jerusalem Post, Ukraine Foyles assassination attempt on Zelenskyy by Chechnyan Special Unit, a unit of Chechnya and Special Forces sent on a mission to assassinate Ukrainian President Zelenskyy was eliminated, head of Ukraine’s National Security and Defense Council Olesky Danilov announced on Ukrainian parliament’s official television station. Ratha TV yesterday, according to Danilov of Ukraine, received intelligence on the assassination attempt from the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation agents. And I can say that we received information from representatives who today have no desire to take part in this bloody war, in other words, leaks from them. The special unit belonged to a Chechnyan paramilitary organization aiding Russian forces in their invasion of Ukraine and the special operation that was to be carried out directly to eliminate our president is fully known to us today, Daniloff said. How many heads of states? Would continue to be heads of states under this scenario, many of them would resign and get flown the hell out of their. Biden offered Zelenskyy passage out of his country, and then that’s when he famously said. I don’t need a car. We need weapons. I don’t need transportation. We need weapons. Quite a remarkable man, don’t you think? So Russia is using vacuum bombs. Russia is using. All kinds of weapons that had been banned in the past, but of course, Putin doesn’t matter. He’s used gas against his own people, killed his own people to create drama and create scenarios. I see The New York Times and their ilk are very concerned that. Conservatives are not backing Ukraine. Now, this is something I was concerned about, too, and I tried to explain this at CPAC and I’ve explained it here behind the microphone. That we’re not really talking about conservatives in the traditional sense, we’re talking about populist nationalists in many respects who don’t even understand what they’re supporting. Again, I tried to make this abundantly clear at CPAC, I’ve made it clear behind this microphone. And it is greatly concerning, but I will notice this. More and more people are concerned about what’s going on in Ukraine, even people who are in broadcasting. Who seem very sympathetic to Russia. And we’re very unconcerned about what was taking place in Ukraine or would take place, seem to have walked that back, haven’t they? Now they’re rooting for the Ukrainians against the Russians, and they’re trying to explain to us how they’ve always been against Russia invading Ukraine. Problem is, the tale of the tape demonstrates something else they weren’t and they aren’t. And a little late, I might add. But as far as The New York Times goes. I’ve pointed out in on freedom of the press that American Marxism that The New York Times. Supported Stalin against the Ukrainians with their propaganda. Walter Durani, who they knew was a liar, and yet he was the Moscow chief correspondent for over a decade, 12 years, he was on Stalin’s payroll. Stalin got him a girlfriend whom he impregnated stylometry, had the best food, stylometry, a car and a driver. As long as he would spew Stalin’s propaganda, which he did happily. And he did it in 1932 33, when Stalin was starving to death Ukrainians and murdering mass, murdering them in a horrific genocide that killed up to five, some say 10 million people. And The New York Times effectively did the same thing when it came to Adolf Hitler as their chief correspondent in Berlin had a sympathetic view of the Third Reich. And they mostly covered up what was taking place. In Europe at the hands of Hitler, so that Stalin and Hitler. And of course, we’ve talked about their support for Castro. But they’re very concerned, you see, about. About the conservative movement, I wouldn’t be when I spoke at CPAC and media got it right for once. And I raised this topic, I wasn’t booed. I wasn’t jeered. I was applauded and cheered. So what Zelenskyy so were the Ukrainians. And when I dissected. The very short period of time we’re given nationalism and populism from Americanism, constitutionalism, individualism and conservatism. Again, the audience was embracing, cheering in support of. So The New York Times and other elements, they they glom on the certain writers, certain radio and TV broadcasters, certain elements. To try and project a viewpoint on you that you don’t have. There’s an excellent piece in The American Thinker by Jack Cashel. The New York Times hasn’t always cared about Ukrainians. The New York Times hasn’t always cared about Ukrainians. It hasn’t always cared about Jews, it hasn’t always cared about. Republicanism and constitutionalism. The New York Times is a disgusting, evil corporate propaganda operation, it is today, as it was yesterday, as it was last century. Same with The Washington Post. And more recently, with the news networks, which are newer than those newspapers and certainly with so much of cable, no question about it. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 2

Hello, we are back. The New York Times Moscow correspondent is Jack Kashrut, the American Thinker points out Walter Durante admitted to being pleased as punch when Stalin announced his five year plan in the fall of 1928. Stalin is directly observed in his well titled book I Write As I Please was the world’s greatest living statesman. A pioneer in the art of fake news, Durante’s saw signs of greatness and Stalin’s plan, quote, to socialize virtually overnight, 100 million of the stubbornest and most ignorant peasants in the world. That would be the Ukrainians. You see, most of these, quote, ignorant peasants, unquote, were small Ukrainian farmers are kulaks that they soon became to be known. Durante was impressed and Stalin could turn these independent souls into cogs in a vast collective, despite a creaky transportation system, a dwindling food supply and psychotic drive to maintain existing production levels. When all these factors are considered, wrote Durante’s, it’s a little short of a miracle that the plan was carried through. Remember, he was writing a news column for The New York Times? With the opening of the Soviet archives, scholars now know how Stalin did carry his plan through during the years. The plan nineteen twenty eight to thirty three. As many as five million Ukrainians and three million others died to show while communism worked. The story that Durante missed or more accurately concealed is no longer a matter of speculation. It’s a matter of fact. And the fact is that no single Western journalist so profoundly misreported a story as Walter Durante of The New York Times no mean feat given the Times Russia coverage of the last five years. The Black Book of Communism notes, quote, Recent research in the newly accessible archives has confirmed that the forced collectivization of the countryside was, in effect, a war declared by the Soviet state or a nation of small landholders. As even recent history suggests, Ukrainians don’t roll over easily. In March 1930 alone, there were more than 600 6500 mass demonstrations centering on Ukraine and expanding outwards. In all of nineteen thirty. Some two and a half million peasants participated in the 14000 revolts or riots that engulfed the countryside. And during a six week period, including March 19 thirty, the Ukrainian GPU, the justice arm of the Soviet state, sentenced more than 20000 people to death. Threats coursed through its courts for resisting collectivization. Many others were executed without judicial niceties. Somehow this all seems to have escaped the attention of Durante’s much worse. It’s shaped him in the years ahead and I would argue seem to escape the attention of The New York Times. The New York Times. January nineteen thirty three, Molotov and Stalin instructed local authorities in the EU to stop the peasants from leaving their farms by all means necessary, including mass execution. They stopped more than 200, 19000 different desperate peasants in their tracks, murdering them, and it goes on and on and on, and The New York Times covered it up. Worse than that, The New York Times propagandists, Durante got full support by the management, the corporatists at The New York Times.

Hour 1 Segment 3

Again, I will be on Hannity tonight at sometime during the 11:00 p.m. Eastern Time hour commenting on the State of the Union. And the problem is, ladies and gentlemen, Joe Biden doesn’t have anything to say to us. He doesn’t take serious questions during these events. At the White House and. Now he’s going to be talking about potentially how he eliminated the virus. All the wonderful things that he’s doing now, we have inflation as a result of this war overseas and we had inflation before the price of fuel was going up, before the shelves were empty before. Let us not forget, Joe Biden is a one man wrecking ball. He’s created enormous chaos here and abroad. And his his incompetence or worse, overseas has provoked a lot of these activities by these evil, genocidal maniacs. Now, I have a very serious question for you. Of China, and you’re looking what Russia is up against now. Does that encourage you to invade Taiwan or discourage you to invade Taiwan? I think he’s going to invade, but. Is he having a little. Concern about what he might face. And if you’re the Taiwanese. Are you encouraged when you look at Ukraine or discouraged when you look at Ukraine now keep a few things in mind? Taiwan is not. On the border with China, Taiwan is an island, it’s Formosa. Now, that doesn’t mean they can’t be invaded and sober, but that’s a much more difficult task. To successfully achieve. Then where you have three sides of a country that you can invade from land. And of course, south from the Black Sea, Taiwan, the invasion has to be air and sea period. So are you. How about you? What do you think? China and Taiwan are thinking. I’ve been mulling this over, I’m going to hold back my opinion so some of you can present yours in the third hour. Meanwhile, we, the EU, the rest of the free world, we’re giving. Russia, almost a billion dollars a day. Because we in particular. Refused to open up our oil spigots. And as I keep saying, day in and day out. Joe Biden has sanctioned our oil industry, our energy industry. While leaving the Russian energy industry. Unmolested. So he molests our energy industry, but leaves their energy industry unmolested. I am telling you, folks, this is why our enemies were so excited to see Joe Biden get elected. Now the Democrats are out there in full propaganda mode, as they always are, talking about how Biden has united US allies, united Europe. He’s following Europe. He’s not united anybody. We hear pronouncements from leaders even of Germany, of Sweden and Poland, of Hungary, leaders in the E.U., NATO leaders, we hear them making pronouncements about what they’re going to do, what they are doing and so forth. And so I don’t have the foggiest idea other than two or three things of what we’re doing. Well, that’s because Biden wants to keep it secret. Now, it’s not. It’s no secret that he refuses to pull the trigger on attacking their oil system. Tonight, he should speak up of the State of the Union address and speak directly to Vladimir Putin and say, among other things, not just stop what you’re doing. Like that’s going to be effective. Like, how about this? You either stop your movement against Kiev and the rest of Ukraine or we are going to destroy your energy industry in twenty four hours by unleashing our energy industry, driving down the price of fuel, not just for customers and consumers throughout the world. But destroying the price of oil for your country, thereby denying you and your military the funds they need. To do what you’re doing. Why can’t he say that? Why won’t he say that he’s such a great leader because the Germans don’t want him to do it? And the truth is, and the media know this and the Democrats know this, he will not act. Unless all these European countries agree with them, he will not act alone. You can do both, you know, folks, the American people would certainly like for him to take off the sanctions against our own industries that haven’t committed any acts of war against anybody. But then he’ll lose the base of his party, the Stalinist base of his party. But the State of the Union in the United States, in a word, sucks. The economy. With inflation. Race relations were critical race theory, what she’s embraced. Crime, the murder rate is at historic levels, the borders are wide open, immigration, we have debt like we’ve never seen in in American history. The question isn’t what’s going wrong, the question is what’s going right? And anything the Biden administration is involved in or the central government, the federal government’s involved, it is going wrong. Anything that’s going right in your life is something that you’re doing. In your own home and your own business, in your own workplace, with your own family. Things that are going right are the things that you are doing. But everything this man and his government touches. Turns to crap. And that’s the truth. His obsession with his legacy, well, he’s going to have a legacy. But here’s a man, Zwolinski, who’s not even thinking about a legacy. Minute to minute, hour to hour, day to day, week to week. This man is leading his country. This man is on an assassination list. And Putin is good at assassinating people, the coward, the punk, the KGB agent. You know, Mr. Producer, my father used to always say. And my wife and my mother in law say it to me now. Please say what you want to say about Putin, but don’t say it in a way where this man might hear about it. You understand their point, Rich? I mean, Steve. They’re concerned about something. Don’t be concerned, I’m not going anywhere. Don’t be concerned. So Putin has committed war crimes. By needs to get up there in front of the stage, make sure his teeth are firmly affixed to his gums and he needs to get up there and say in his cringe, look. That Putin has committed war crimes. Putin has committed war crimes. But the cluster bombs and these vacuum bombs, Putin is now targeting hospitals and schools. Oh, and did I mention he took out a Holocaust memorial? The man who says he’s trying to do not safai Ukraine, who’s trying to take out the Nazi who runs Ukraine, but there is no Nazi who runs Ukraine is Jewish. Oh, yes, so he attacks. A Holocaust memorial, a Holocaust site. Really quite remarkable, is it not? Now, the Republicans will want to be and should be patriotic. With the Democrats and Biden will try to do now is wrap themselves in the flag, the very same flag they have spit upon for over a year. How many times has Biden called this nation racist, systemically racist? How many times that they attacked our history and our founders? How many times? Repeatedly. But now they’re the Patriots, don’t you know? I don’t know, it’s pretty crazy if he asked me, but I don’t want to hear this stuff about Biden uniting and leading when he hasn’t even done anything on energy, that is a lie if he wants to lead. And he ought to do what needs to be done. Crush Russia economically. Ronald Reagan defeated the Soviet Union, which was 100 times stronger than Russia. Alan. And he destroyed them economically. Trump would know how to do this. Reagan knew how to do it. We all know how to do it, but Biden won’t do it. And you should do it. All right, I’ll give you my answer if I’m China and I’m looking at this, I’m concerned. I’m concerned I’m concerned that the Taiwanese are saying what’s going on and if that island is attacked, they’re going to put up one hell of a fight. From China, I’m concerned, as great as I think my military may be, it may not be as great as I think it is because they haven’t really been in a war lately with the sort we’re talking about any more than the Russian army has been since Afghanistan. This is why the American military is the best on the face of the earth, if they would leave it alone. And as I speak, they’re indoctrinating. Our men and women, our brave men and soldiers, women and soldiers, indoctrinating them on racism. Wasting their time. The military is the most integrated entity in the United States, really anywhere. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 4

Let’s step back. Does Ukraine matter to you now? Now, folks, nobody’s proposing sending in troops, all the liars in the static and the disinformation crowd. No, we’re not sending in American troops. Nobody’s proposing that nobody that I’m aware of. No, we’re not using jets and no fly zones, although I wish we would give them more and more ground to air missiles, particularly the mobile ones. But the Russians do not control the air. It’s the tanks, and if Biden had given them more javelin anti-tank missiles the way Trump had, and that’s what they’re begging for, they can slam away at that 40 mile long army parade route there, whatever you want to call it, that’s going after her folk focused on Kiev. I think. So we’re not talking about that, do we now all understand why Ukraine does matter? That NATO does matter, that Taiwan matters, that South Korea matters, that Israel matters. We all understand why Venezuela matters and Cuba matters and all these other places. I think we do. I just think the Pied Piper is of stupidity, the the neo con artists. You know, have many people in a trance. They feel the same way about Iran. Why are we doing whatever none of our business, really. So when Iran gets intercontinental ballistic missiles and puts nuclear warheads on them, it’s too late. I want to talk to Lindsey Graham directly here for a moment. And of all the countries to attack. While the Russians have invaded Ukraine are creating hell their. He chooses Isra. Because he says Israel will not sell arms. To the Ukrainians. Now, this is an amazing statement from him, sell arms to the Ukrainian. I’m not a special pleader for Israel, but let’s think about that for a second. There are certain things we won’t do in the European countries won’t do the European countries agree that especially the older Eastern Europeans, that they would give MiG 29, these older jets, these older Russian jets through Ukrainian Air Force. We talked about this because those fighters are used to using the MiG 29 in the Ukrainian Air Force and then they pulled back. I suspect Biden in our State Department told them to pull back. I really do. I really do. Now in. Israel’s neighborhood, there’s Russia in Syria. Russia allows the Israeli air force on the sly. To use Syrian airspace to attack Iranian forces. Now, Lindsey Graham knows this, and what exactly is it that the Israelis can give the Ukrainians? That Poland, Romania, Hungary, France, Germany and the United States can’t give them and isn’t giving them nothing. Nothing. And apparently at the U.N., either today they did or tomorrow they’re going to condemn Russia. OK, great. But not you find this strange, Mr. Producer. I find it bizarre. That he would call out. Israel, for what reason, for no reason. I’m not sure what Israel can do. Any more than I know what what some of these other countries can do? And I just point that out, ladies and gentlemen, because it’s not exactly a secret, because Lindsey Graham said it, and for all we do know, Israel is providing information on the sly, providing arms on the sly does it all the time, but it may not want to announce it. I think we can make more criticism of the fact that Biden is not leading the world here, that Biden is not turning on our oil spigot. The Biden is punishing the American people that Biden is allowing Russia to get. Now I hear one point five billion dollars a day from its oil sales rather than us flooding the market and driving them economically into bankruptcy. It seems to me that would be a very useful focus. In our own country. I think. Now, there are other things going on, too, but I wanted you to listen to how much time do I have, Mr. Producer? Well, I don’t have time, but when we come back. I want you to listen to Representative Victoria Spartz just a few minutes. She’s a Republican from Indiana. She’s also born in Ukraine, in Ukraine. And she has a very good question, Abidin Biden, not of Israel. Not of South Korea, not in Taiwan, not of Iceland. Mr. Biden, what are you waiting for on these sanctions? Are you waiting for millions of people to die? Let’s take a listen to this together, I’ve only heard about 10 minute excuse me 10 seconds. We’ll be right back.