November 23, 2021

November 23, 2021

On Tuesday’s Mark Levin Show, no news is good news when it comes to the elite American media machine, which is similar to state-run media pushing the propaganda of the communist Chinese government on CCTV says Habi Zhang. Then, according to the Tennessee Star, Delaware County, Pennsylvania, election records were destroyed faster than the state law requires. Multiple videos show officials flippantly getting rid of election information. This reinforces an email from Christina Iacono read by this program in November of 2020 highlighting votes that could not be counted and ballots that had chain of custody issues. These issues were ignored by the U.S Attorney of Pennsylvania and the Attorney General’s Office, yet Bill Barr claimed that no such issues were raised or brought to the Department of Justice. So why didn’t the DOJ conduct an investigation? Later, in a massive ruse, NYC moves allow non-citizens to vote. This will eventually open the door for non-citizens to vote in state and federal elections as well. With the democrats pushing for same-day registration and lowering the voting age to 16, Democrats will be unstoppable. Afterward, President Biden has taken 50M barrels of oil from the country’s strategic petroleum reserve. The rising cost of gas is because Biden stopped drilling on federal land, stopped fracking, and closed pipelines, a problem he says is a myth. Fossil fuel is necessary to produce almost everything. Finally, former Watergate Counsel and White House fellow Geoff Shepard joins the show to discuss his new book “The Nixon Conspiracy: Watergate and the Plot to Remove the President.” He reveals that a cabal of anti-Nixon prosecutors and judges created the falsehood that Nixon was part of a Watergate cover-up, however, this wasn’t known for 45 years. Shepard has filed charges against the attorney for their misconduct.


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Rough transcript of Hour 1

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All my wonderful listeners and fans out there, Jimmy Kimmel apparently among them, but I’ll get to him later. Trust me. There’s a peace I’ve been meaning to get to the last couple of days by Hobie’s young, you don’t know how to be young, I didn’t know how to be young either. He’s a doctoral student in political science. She holds a master of public policy from Pepperdine University. And so I wanted to read something to you because it relates to what I’ve been saying about the racist. Propaganda, CATV, media, CATV, CRT media. And in the American mind, part of the Claremont site where no news is good news. So she writes, The elite American media apparatus is disturbingly similar to the Chinese propaganda machine in China where I grew up, news is known to the people as propaganda, and it’s neutral, if not positive sense, since all news agencies are run by the state. So-called news is whatever events and opinions the propaganda department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party permits or manufactures growing up in a household of illiterate parents. I never saw newspapers as a child. My first dose of propaganda was a 30 minute TV program, CCTV Network News, broadcast in the early evening via our local stations that I occasionally watched as relatives and relatives homes. Sounds and images rather than words work better with uneducated or indifferent masses. Since 1978, this daily news program remains a textbook success of the Soviet style of propaganda, a refined manipulation, warping concepts, language and history aimed at convincing the Chinese people of the benevolence of the party and the superiority of socialism. Many years later, when I read Orwell’s 1984, the depiction of the two minutes of the two minutes hate ritual reminded me of the 30 minute Jwan Landow program. There is never news, but only fantasy in China state control of mass communications is one of the most striking features of totalitarian dictatorship, modern mass communication media under competitive conditions, otherwise thought to be the essential component of large scale democracy. As Walter Lippmann argued in his influential 1922 book, Public Opinion, the democratic citizenry needs to be properly informed to deliberate leaders, need knowledge of the public to lead and serve in an honest and fair journalism is the midwife. American journalism is one that’s been trusted and extolled as the Fourth Estate a government until now. I first heard this term Fourth Estate when by chance I came across a book in my hometown at the age of 16 chatting about America has a short chapter devoted to journalism. I read in wonderment that in America, journalists were commissioned to discover facts, pursue the truth and safeguard a public sphere where an unfettered flow of information, ideas and debate were permitted. As an institution, they guaranteed an informed public discourse. Journalism thus monitored the state on behalf of the civil society. All that is foreign to the Chinese totalitarian state, where an absolutist government tells the people what to believe via the propaganda apparatus that speaks the language of authority, not truth. Nearly 20 years later, I moved to America only to find that the meet broad sense does not resemble anything I write in that book. I was flabbergasted to see CNN or The New York Times unabashedly lie to the national audiences about political candidate and later President Donald Trump. The overt partisanship of CNN is widely known, yet academics consider the network to be an unbiased media outlet when political scientists study the effect of media on public opinion. I was admonished in class last fall for challenging mainstream media falsehoods and asked the state that it was only my opinion. How do we ever establish truth and a court authority promulgates lies? I felt as important as I always felt in China. I used to think journalists in America were like the Socratic gadflies. I am befuddled to see that media elites constitute part of the country’s ruling class. That cable news for years preached the Russia collusion hoax with no basis, in fact, reminds me of Chinese communist TV propaganda. Increasingly, what I see resemble what I see resemble excuse me, increasingly, I see resemblance between China and the U.S. on many fronts, especially the leftist media syndicate. It has become the mouthpiece of the Democratic Party. The relationship of CNN or MSNBC to the Democratic Party is no different from the communist central television CCTV to the Communist Party. They all feed their audiences comforting lies. What troubles me is why the American people seem to have changed. Truth is no longer the highest value. Some of them become more like the Chinese is unpublished memoir about the golden age of newspapers. Peter Arcon, the longtime publisher, The Wall Street Journal, writes that his, quote, New colleagues at the Journal were lively, irreverent and very often negative, even cynical, unquote, while his conservative editorial page colleagues were, quote, more principled and cerebral, unquote. But his favorite colleagues were those in the advertising department who were invariably loyal, positive and good natured. Well, the first group strike me as modern liberals who have since ascended to the cultural and intellectual elite, dictating to the unwashed their guardians of the self-proclaimed philosopher king, President Obama and his disciple Joe Biden. The second group embody virtues that ought to be the basic aspiration of the professorial rank, most of whom have become progressive activists. But social justice causes over academic integrity in the last represent what I call good old Americans, such as the ones I met on Parent Avenue in Lafayette, Indiana Christ Church in Moscow, Idaho. I must believe that there also are many of them in other parts of the country, as I would like to find a home in a land where the people are mostly principled, decent and charitable in spite of its ruling class. Hubris, condescension and callousness are not working for the media elites when so many Americans assume that officially constructed reality is a lie. While self-evident truth is labeled conspiracy and short, most of the people now see the through the media. But how long can a nation last in this schizophrenic state? Yes, very much like the communist Chinese state media have the American media become. And I want to touch on this in a specific instance, very, very specific instance, when we return, I want to tell you about what took place and is taking place in a in a big county, one of the biggest counties in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Delaware County. And I want to tell you about the then U.S. attorney in Philadelphia. How his office handled it and the then United States attorney’s office under Bill Barkhouse, his office handled it. Stay with me, I’ll be right back.

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How do I know if somebody told me that somebody on. Should they call Rittenhouse can’t win in case because calling him a white supremacist is opinion. Bill Buckley won a case a long, long time ago against Gore Vidal Gore because he called him a fascist. Now he he wanted de minimus amount of money. But if you call somebody a white supremacist and they have no connection to white supremacy whatsoever and there’s no effort by the individual, you know, speaking the slander, of course, you can win the case. It’s not opinion that everything is opinion, you had a host, I forget her last name, Tiffany. What is her last name on MSNBC Cross who called him? I said something to the effect of a little murdering white supremacist. Little murder, white supremacist. That’s a perfect case to bring, the bar is very high for public officials, that is the individuals who you’re suing, but it’s not beyond reach. And as for Biden, as I said on Hannity last night, he was not present at the time. There is absolutely no immunity for him. All right. What’s this case in Delaware County, Pennsylvania? It’s a very significant case because there’s video, there’s actual video, the Tennessee star explained a lawsuit alleging multiple violations of federal and state election laws. Now, some people, their eyes are rolling over, particularly in the press, particularly in corporate America, particularly Chris Christie, except when it comes to him like a massive sperm whale on the beach during remember the hurricane, Mr. Producer? Remember, they caught him on the beach. You don’t remember that, do you? There was with his family a lawsuit alleging multiple violations of federal and state election laws, as well as Pennsylvania. Right to no statute was filed in Delaware County of Pennsylvania, according to sources familiar with the litigation. The suit was brought by plaintiffs Gregory Stenstrom. Leah Hoopes, Ruth Muran Stenstrom, May 2020 Republican poll watcher, has been outspoken in recent months regarding alleged irregularities in ballot harpe canvassing in Delaware County defendants include election officials Marilyn Heider and James Zagel HUFFER, as well as Delaware County, the County Board of Elections and the County Board of Elections. In early twenty twenty one, a whistleblower working for the Delaware County Board of Elections began inquiring why it was apparent to her that multiple documents pertaining to the November three 2020 elections were being destroyed in southeastern Pennsylvania. In that county, Delaware County, the name of the whistleblower has not yet been made public. And May, a third party attorney, filed a request via Pennsylvania’s Public Transparency Law FOI request asking for election data and records for last November’s elections. In particular, the requests asked for return sheets, the official documents on which election results are recorded, as well as voting machine tapes showing the in-person vote totals for each precinct to the videos and the sources regarding the lawsuit. Many such records were actually destroyed because Delaware County officials violated numerous election laws are needed to hide evidence of their violation. The alleged destruction of records was, the sources say, done to ensure the records eventually provided actual actually match. The election results are reported in November 2020. Pennsylvania law requires the records be preserved for 11 months after an election. Federal law demands that such records be preserved for 22 months after election. Pennsylvania law requires the voting records to be preserved for 11 months and so forth. Records in Delaware County were also required to be preserved a prior lawsuit in which Stenstrom alleged election irregularities. One of the videos provided by the more recent lawsuit sources shows Tom Gallagher, a lawyer and election official in Delaware County, destroying elongated pieces of paper, allegedly the voting machine tapes. Election officials are required to preserve. In that recording, the whistleblower asked Gallagher off camera while tearing up the documents. Gallagher replies this point, I don’t want anyone to pick it up and think that we threw stuff away. Another election official, James Ziga Seehofer, identified in the video as Zigi, then says, we’re going to have a little campfire going. What I don’t understand and this makes honesty and makes me nervous is why tapes were being thrown away. The whistleblowers shown asking zigi in a second video, Zigi began to protest that no tapes were in. The whistleblower interjected that Ziggy and other election officials were throwing away tapes and she again asked why they did so. He replied, They’re all unidentifiable now after the whistle blower pointed out that all election records have to be preserved for 22 months, Zygi said, Well, let’s put it this way. Yes, there are tapes that are being tossed, but they are of no audit value. One source involved in the litigation said that they know what advice he means the numbers contain on the tapes will not match election results publicized last autumn. That video goes on display onto display. Still shots of voting machine tapes in a garbage bin, a box labeled miscellaneous scanner tapes not attached to return sheets. November three, 2020, a return sheet with a handwritten note reading 11, 14, 20, 20, more than 300 blank ballots reserved excuse me, received and ballot return envelopes torn up inside a garbage bin. A final still shot shows a handwritten note stating, quote, There’s a there’s a discrepancy in total ballots received because ballot box or return sheets indicate 300 B.C., but 330 blank ballots returned. Eleven, fourteen, twenty twenty eight started recording captures a conversation between county voting machine warehouse supervisor and Jim Savage and director of election operations James Zounds about disposing of, quote, pads and second scanners, unquote. After Allen mentions those materials, Savage replies, We can’t talk about it anymore when Alaska’s why Savage says it’s a felony. This is all on video. A short video shows Gallagher speaking to the whistleblower off camera, saying that another county official handed him a box of election records and told them it was missing the drives from at least the communities of Chester Haverford and Foxcroft. He drives electronically contained information tabulated by the voting machines. The whistleblower inquired of Gallagher why those vote drives are missing. A gallery responds, I have no idea. That’s the story, that’s the summary in the Tennessee Star by Bradley Resealing. Now, I have additional information to add to this, additional information to add to their. That’s not in the story when we return.

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I still have information on this that is more important than what I’ve just told you. More important than what I just told you back in November, in November of 2012. Hold on a sec. Let me make sure I have it right. November of 2020, shortly after the election, I was sent an email. It was forwarded to me. And I read it to you on the air related to Delaware County. Luckily, we have the videos like in Kenosha and so forth, because otherwise. This would be pooh poohed, but I think things like this were taking place all over the country subject urgent, Delaware County Board of Elections, missing precinct data action required from judges of election. And this was sent on November 12, 20, 20 at 10, 59 p.m to all Delaware County poll workers, all Delaware County poll workers. Dear Delaware County poll worker. From Christina Iacono, thank you very much for your service on Election Day. We know that it was a long day and that things may have been missing during the closing procedures at the end of the night. Unfortunately, due to missing data, election results from your precinct cannot be confirmed and approved for final tabulation until the missing data is reconciled in order to ensure that all votes cast will be counted. We need at least one member of your election team to come to the machine warehouse ASAP to help complete forms. If you were the minority inspector and were providing an envelope at the close of the polls, please bring the envelope with you to ensure the county has as much data as possible to correct issues in the precinct. The missing data may be any of the following bullet missing yellow numbered list of voters, bullet incorrect numbers and the yellow book numbers that do not match the scanner tabulation bullet missing ballot reconciliation forms. This impacts the ballot chain of custody bullet missing information on the clothes of night return sheets, bullet missing returns. She sounds like they were missing an awful lot. Mr. Producer. The Machine Warehouse is located at 403 East 24th Street in Chester, Pennsylvania, will be opened Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday from eight thirty a.m. to 3:00 p.m.. We appreciate your commitment to serve the voters on Election Day and appreciate the time and effort spent helping the county in this endeavor. Kindest regards. Christina Iacono, Delaware County poll worker coordinator. Delaware County is one of the biggest counties in Pennsylvania, it’s right outside of Philadelphia. Here’s the kicker, you ready, my wife, Julie. Was working on the Pennsylvania constitutional litigation. With several other attorneys who had volunteered for the most part. This is the litigation that involves the federal and state constitutions, not machines, not ballots and that sort of thing, the heavy lifting, the briefs she participated in, they went to the Supreme Court of the United States, where at least two or three justices wanted to hear the cases. That aside, she was contacted by one of the top individuals, perhaps, I believe, one of these plaintiffs with this information. That they had a significant problem here and one of the biggest counties in Pennsylvania, and they asked her to contact the office of the attorney general of the United States. And they asked her to contact the office of the United States attorney in Philadelphia by the name of McSwain, who now wants to be the governor of Pennsylvania. Julie forwarded this email after making a call to a top senior official who worked for Attorney General Barr, she forwarded this email after speaking to that individual on the phone. The purpose was, of course, to get the attention of the Department of Justice with respect to election issues in Pennsylvania, and these election issues affect, of course, the federal constitution. And this email was more than a sufficient basis to get the attention of the Department of Justice and Bill Barr. You know what happened after she sent the email, Mr. Producer? Nothing. She heard absolutely nothing back from the senior official or anybody else at the Department of Justice or the attorney general, Bill Barr’s office, nothing. Not knowing people in the U.S. attorney’s office in Philadelphia, she contacted the U.S. attorney’s office in Philadelphia. And advise them of what had been taking place in Delaware County, the U.S. attorney is a guy by the name of McSwain. McSwain seeks to be the Republican nominee for governor of Pennsylvania. After all, he was president. Trump’s U.S. attorney in Philadelphia has an excellent reputation. He goes on TV a lot to trash the outrageous saurus district attorney. Good for him. So she gives the information to the U.S. attorney’s office, McSweeney’s office in Philadelphia. You know. You know what they did with it, Mr. Producer? Nothing. She never heard back. And so Bill Barr made the pronouncement, which has been used by every Left-Wing journalist and critic. And Republicans like Chris Christie Asmus. When he says not any information, a fraud of any kind has been brought to the attention of the Department of Justice or as U.S. attorneys, that’s not correct. That’s not correct. I personally know that that’s not correct. I just read you from an actual an email. About the complete anarchy that was taking place in Delaware County, this lawsuit that was brought has numerous videos that have been attached. They cannot be ignored, people saying actual things clearly, clearly enough information not even close to the line, enough information to have warranted a federal and state criminal investigation. I won’t name the individual who was contacted, the Department of Justice, because I don’t know if that individual was the one squelching it or dropping the ball or not, so I won’t do that. But if I mentioned the individual, you know who it is. And so that’s the information I wanted to provide. This is not what they brought another lawsuit. Oh my God, will they ever stop? The question is, why didn’t the Department of Justice and why didn’t the U.S. attorney’s office under McSwain do anything about it? Why didn’t they conduct an investigation? Well, it wouldn’t have affected the outcome of the first of all. When you have one murder case, it doesn’t affect the statistical outcome of the number of murders you’re going to have in a country every year, does it? You take one case at a time, don’t you? Yes, you do. You don’t let people off because it may not affect the ultimate outcome of an election or whatever, that has nothing to do with this. If you have election fraud or some kind of election irregularities that raise serious legal questions. You you pursue them. And you don’t issue a blanket statement that you’re not aware of any fraud that occurred in the election, particularly when my wife was trying to reach and did reach the senior levels of the Department of Justice, one of the attorney general staffers, and forwarded this email to her. Now, maybe that that staffer to the attorney general sent it to the criminal division, maybe that staffer sent it to the U.S. attorney’s office, maybe that staffer sent it to the criminal division. I don’t know. But the staffer never got back. Silence. The U.S. attorney’s office never got back Siletz. Nothing. Nothing, and so we are brave people now who brought this lawsuit on their own, brave people with videos, a whistleblower. This email, I suppose, other documentary information, the fact that information was destroyed within the 22 federally mandated month period. I’m sure there won’t be any congressional investigation of anything. While the Democrats control the House and the Senate, there won’t be much media interest outside of Delaware County except on this show. Other shows, perhaps clearly not on TV right now. But perhaps if the Republicans take the House, they’ll take a look. They’ll take a look, this isn’t a lie. This isn’t supposition. This isn’t speculation. This is a fact. This is a fact, that’s what it is. And of course, the questions raised, if it can happen in a huge county in Pennsylvania, did it happen in other counties in Pennsylvania? I don’t know. I don’t have subpoena power. I’m not a criminal investigator with the government or anything of the sort. But it’s simply not true, but the attorney general said and it’s simply outrageous that the U.S. attorney who now wants to be the governor of Pennsylvania, his office, did nothing. Didn’t even return a call, didn’t even look at. We’ll be right back.

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Now, whether or not took place in Delaware County would change the course of history is beside the point. Is that going to be fixed for the next election and the election after that? How about the violations of the federal constitution in Pennsylvania with a state legislature, not the state Supreme Court or the corrupt governor or the the resigned secretary of state or any of the rest get to make those changes? The Constitution is as clear as possible on that point. Those violate. What about some of these other states that have serious issues, too, are they going to be fixed? Why do you think Joe Biden was so angry calling them Jim Crow? Jim Crow? Because they’re trying to fix what the Democrats did because they won elections where the outcome was known and where they are going to win come hell or high water. I’ll be right back.